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									                                                                Terrific Tails
                                                                                                                                    Fall 2008 Newsletter

New students, New                                                                We Get New Pups, They
challenges                                                                       Get New Names
Seven Special Ed students from Santa Fe Capital High                             People frequently ask: where do the puppies come from
School are doing something fun and exciting this fall.                           and how do they get their names, these new recruits
They are the newest Student Trainers working with                                to ADW? Puppies enter our program on a cyclical
Assistance Dogs of the West. The group, along with                               schedule. When senior dogs are near to placement, their
teacher Debbie LaRouche, takes the bus to the ADW office                         “re”placements are always “in the pens” so to speak. New
on Wednesday mornings for a 90 minute class.                                     pups constantly join the ADW team.

AT ADW, we work with all student trainers to build success,                      Since ADW dogs must meet rigorous temperament and
and instructor/trainers give regular feedback on student                         health requirements for their future job assignments,
progress. Our overall goal in educational and vocational                         not just any puppy can join the team. Some ADW dogs
classes is to make the activity valuable for all student                         are purchased from other service dogs agencies with
trainers and dogs. We look at ADW “program output” as                            breeding programs; some from breeders with whom
twofold: 1) great assistance dogs for our clients and 2)                         ADW has successful relationships; some are donated by
successful student trainers developed.                                           great supporters; a rare few are rescued from shelters (see
                                                                                 Rescue Dog Project article); and occasionally ADW breeds
Student trainers with developmental disabilities must                            a litter. So, new pups are between four and twelve weeks
meet “abilities criteria” in order to enroll or should                           old when they start their training.
demonstrate acceptable levels within 90 days to continue
in the program:
     •	 Wheelchair/walker/mobility equipment ability
        (90% accuracy) with one month trial period to
    •	 Body awareness
    •	 Mental acuity/cognitive ability acceptable to work
        with dogs successfully
    •	 Sense of timing
    •	 Visual ability
    •	 Awareness of environment
    •	 Ability to receive/process feedback
    •	 Self concept/social skills/ability to work with
                                       Continued on page 10

                                                                                 Popeye practices agility (or secretly works on steps for Dancing with the Stars).

                                                                                 When the pups arrive, they usually need new names. This
                                                                                 process is an art and a science. Names need to encourage
                                                                                 positive response from the pups and be easy for all ADW
                                                                                 clients and student trainers to say; one and two syllable
                                                                                 names work best. Staff, student trainers, Board members
                                                                                 and donors often make recommendations and a short list
                                                                                 of names is created for each pup to see which name is
                                                                                 the best fit.

                                                                                 The name might be in honor of a person (AJ in memory
                                                                                 of Derek Saunders’ mother or Seymour for a generous
                                                                                 donor), be a name everyone likes (Lily and Zumi) or
                                                                                 be some kind of descriptor for the pup’s appearance
                                                                                 (Popeye). Sometimes, the first name chosen evolves
                                                                                 (Seymour to “Morrie”, Naomi to “Mimi”.) Ultimately, the
                                                                                 dog picks the name it likes best, responds and moves on
Students at Santa Fe Capital High School prepare to learn grooming techniques.   to learn the next 89 commands on the list.

                                                                                                                                 Fall 2008 Terrific Tails
 From     the    Director               MPDfaD                                       just laid there, snoring softly. This is a
                                                                                     classic symptom of MPDFAD.
                                                                                     Howie also likes to roll on the floor
 School is back in session; 15          I am sad to report that my assistance        snorting like a pig, more evidence of
 different classes are training         dog, who goes by the name of                 his disorder. He often uses the living
 more dogs; staff, student trainers,    Howie, has been diagnosed with a             room floor as his napkin after eating
 clients, Board, volunteers and         rare neurological disorder known             each night; rubbing his face with
 everyone associated with ADW           as MPDFAD (multiple personality              both paws in a scrubbing motion
 are really working hard.               disorder for assistance dogs).               and then wiping all remaining food
                                                                                     particles on the carpet emulating the
 With the upcoming national             Howie regularly acts like a dog,             human behavior of cleanliness. Wait,
 election, the unsettled economy        assistance dog, pig, human, and              what’s that Howie…? Oh, Howie says
 and the change in season, we           a comatose speed bump Golden                 that he is not “emulating” human
 are all challenged to conduct          retriever. Yeah, that’s right; I said        behavior because he is a human, not
 “business as usual”. Dogs help         Comatose Speed Bump Golden                   a service dog.
 keep us focused; they vote every       Retriever. You may ask yourself, “How
 day to live fully. Student trainers    can a Golden Retriever be comatose           The final symptom that makes me
 from middle and high schools, at       if he’s so playful?” I know this sounds      positive Howie suffers from MPDFAD
 Boys & Girls’ Clubs, with programs     contradictory, but I totally swear it’s      is his love of amusement park rides.
 for people with developmental          the truth; I spend 24 hours a day            A couple months ago, my family
 disabilities and in juvenile           with Howie.                                  and I (Howie, too) went on vacation
 detention learn to focus on the                                                     to SeaWorld. Howie insisted that
 task at hand. That is what builds      When he accompanies me through               he go on the rides and when I told
 our success and is one of the many     the University of New Mexico, Howie          him dogs couldn’t go on rides, he
 gifts given by ADW.                    is a respectable, distinguished              reminded me he wasn’t a dog. So
                                        assistance dog, but once I have him          what could I do — I took him on the
 Clients persevere in hunting           go under a desk in a classroom, that         Pin Wheel (a type of Ferris Wheel) and
 for the resource a well trained        MPFAD kicks in. He immediately goes          Rio Loco (a water ride).
 assistance dog will provide,           into his comatose speed bump phase.
 despite social context. When                                                        What “normal” Golden Retriever goes
 confronted with the opportunity        The best example of this is when             on amusement park rides? I don’t
 to access improved quality of          construction was going on outside            know any others, that’s for sure. The
 life, more independence and self       my classroom and workers were                only logical explanation for such
 reliance, and a non-judgmental         jack hammering through concrete.             behavior is MPDFAD. Howie is a
 best friend, government and the        The floor of the classroom began to          great success as my assistance dog,
 economy are certainly obstacles,       vibrate and the noise was deafening,         despite this little problem. If you
 but fall much lower on the list.       but Howie remained a comatose                would like more information about
                                        speed bump throughout. As the floor          this condition though, please contact
 ADW continues to do hard work          vibrated, Howie’s whole body began           Assistance Dogs of the West.
 that is good work, driven by           to vibrate as well, but he didn’t move;
 our core value of quality in all       his eyes were closed tight and he                      ~ Michelle McMaster, Howie’s person
 relationships. We count on each
 and every one of you, our essential
 supporters, to help us continue to
 do this work. Your contributions of
 volunteer time, financial resources,
 in-kind products, services, new
 contacts and collaborations are
 critical to our ongoing success.

 Thank you.

 Carolyn Clark Beedle
 Executive Director

 Thank You
 Thank you to the Grand Prix de
 Santa Fe and the Buckaroo Ball
 for including Assistance Dogs of
 the West as a participant in your
 spectacular events
                                                                      Howie goes to SeaWorld with Michelle and family.

Terrific Tails Fall 2008                                   2
aJ Joins Team                                                                   Triple Duty Dog
                                                                                Good thing Schubert is a great big Bernese Mountain Dog. He
                                                                                does more work than almost any person you know, joyfully
                                                                                and professionally. Schubert works 24/7 as an assistance
                                                                                (service) dog with Del Wilkinson in Santa Fe, and Shubert
                                                                                and Del together work as a therapy dog team at St. Vincent’s
                                                                                Hospital visiting with patients and as a facility dog team at
                                                                                local schools explaining what assistance dogs do. Shubert
                                                                                and Del were trained by ADW in the Self-Training course,
                                                                                have been working successfully for years, and they look a lot
                                                                                different (and much bigger) than many service dog teams.

                                                                                ED Carolyn Clark Beedle and staff do regular educational
                                                                                outreach presentations to local business and government
                                                                                entities, explaining the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
                                                                                service animal access laws. Because teams look different
                                                                                and needs keep changing, this is an area of unfortunate
                                                                                misunderstanding and miscommunication. Service animals
                                                                                (guide dogs for the visually impaired, hearing dogs for
                                                                                hearing impaired and assistance animals for people with
                                                                                varied disabilities) are trained working animals and have full
                                                                                public access rights. Therapy and facility animals (trained to
                                                                                work with many people but not to public access) are invited
                                                                                in by the agencies they visit. Companion animals or purely
                                                                                emotional support animals are considered pets and do not
Board Member Derek Saunders generated $15,000 in                                have any public access rights.
donations for an ADW dog and asked that it be named in
honor of his late mother. AJ joined the team in January 2008.                   For more information or to schedule an outreach
                                                                                presentation, please call the ADW office.
Major Donor Thanks
Long time Santa Fe resident Ann Rutledge heard about
Assistance Dogs of the West and was impressed with the
work done by and for dogs in the community. Ann has
owned and showed beautiful standard poodles and has a
great appreciation for the indescribable gifts that dogs can
brings to their humans.

After reading news stories about last year’s ADW graduation,
Ann had some research done into ADW financials and
operations. Pleased with what she learned, Ann made a gift
to ADW of $35,000 “dog tagged” for Santa Fe program activity.
We are so grateful for Ann’s vote of confidence in ADW and her
gift to all of Santa Fe. More SF student trainers will get to work
with and develop great relationships with dogs and quality                      Assistance Dog, Schubert, with Del Wilkinson.
ADW programs will run that much more smoothly.

The Santa Fe Summer Program took a field trip to Museum Hill in Santa Fe.

                                                                            3                                                   Fall 2008 Terrific Tails
Program News
Staff In-Service Training and
Development sessions have included
Infectious Disease Information
and Management, Resolving Dog
Aggression, Dealing with Difficult
Conversations, Effective Service Dog
Temperament Testing and Clicker
Training with Dani Weinberg.

Capital High School Special Education
students are the newest student trainer
class at ADW. (See article. )

The continuing Santa Maria El
Mirador program is graduating some
developmentally challenged student
trainers and adding new members.
These trainers’ hard work results in their       Kazumi Uchikoshi, ADW Student Intern, on bench with ADW friends.
advancing skill building and vocational
goals. “Graduates” are celebrated as         Santa Fe Boys & Girls Club and                       at Kid Power are for “mixed abilities”
they leave the class armed with new          Chimayo Boys & Girls Club students                   student trainers from 8 to 18 focused
tools for new adventures.                    are excited to continue fall after school            on assistance dog training and some
                                             programs. Chimayo Club Program                       occupational therapy. The third
Santa Fe In School programs at Desert        Coordinator Dana Abrums sent ADW                     class is hosted by the ABQ Jewish
Academy and La Mariposa Montessori           a thank you note for the amazing gifts               Community Center. We are grateful
School are full of returning and new         her students have received. “It has been             for this new community partner.
students. Santa Fe After School open         a real pleasure watching the children in
enrollment programs (Mon, Wed and            the ADW program learn to love caring                 The ADW Juvenile Detention Center
Thurs) are revved up for Fall. There are     for the dogs and also begin to question              assistance dog training program has
many first time student trainers starting    some of the ways they see dogs being                 been spending that $100,000 grant
this fall, and seasoned ADW student          treated in our community. Although they              from the Annenberg Foundation
Teaching Assistants share their expertise.   may not be able to control the choices               on the four-day per week program at
                                             adults make around them, your program                the ABQ Boys Re-integration Center.
Three clients are currently enrolled in      is showing these children that it is okay            Seven to eight student trainers have
ADW Self Training Classes working            to have empathy and love towards                     been learning behavioral and life skills
with their own dogs; golden retrievers       an animal and maybe even voice the                   along with assistance dog training.
are big this year. The minimum 40 hours      concerns they have about the way an
of training goes by quickly when Sue         animal is being treated. I also know that            The 30 ADW dogs in training continue
Barns, Instructor/Trainer is at the          if a child is able to show empathy for an            the cycle through our programs. Four to
head of the class.                           animal, they are much more likely to be              five will be placed this fall and another
                                             able to do this for a person as well.”               four to five are targeted for Spring 09
                                                                                                  placements. Those client applications
                                             Client Placement Training (CPT) is held              continue to roll in at average of five
                                             a number of times each year when two                 per month, so the ADW dog training/
                                             to four clients participate in two-week              client interviewing/student teaching
                                             workshops to learn how to work with                  plates are full to bursting.
                                             their dogs, and individual sessions are
                                             also offered as needed. The Cathedral                The first ADW Student Internship with
                                             Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi                    Kazumi Uchikoshi was so successful
                                             Peace and Social Justice Committee                   this past summer; ADW has taken on
                                             awarded $3,000 in scholarship funds to               a second intern this fall. Anna Wilder,
                                             support 2008-09 ADW clients.                         also a student from the Assistance
                                                                                                  Dog Institute, will intern two days a
                                             Another group of Santa Fe Prep TAP                   week this fall in all program activities.
                                             community service program students start             Kazumi will return to ADW for two
                                             again this September. They are focused on            more months this fall. Through these
                                             learning the value of community service              internships, ADW is adding strength
                                             through engaging as active participants in           to the industry through arming well
                                             assistance dog training.                             educated students with practical
                                                                                                  experience. To support the Student
                                             Albuquerque After School Programs                    Intern Program or for more info, call or
Chimayo Boys & Girls Club Class.             run three times weekly. Two classes                  email ADW.

Terrific Tails         Fall 2008                                    4
Wishes come                                             emergency                                    Three other dogs were hospitalized,
                                                                                                     one for an extended period of time. The
                                                                                                     cost to ADW is estimated to be $25,000;
True                                                    Veterinary fund                              but more essential than money is the
                                                                                                     loss of a great dog. Some client will
In early 2006, breeder and ADW                          In December of 2007 the Assistance           have to wait longer before receiving a
Advisory council member Linda                           Dogs of the West Youth Board was             service dog, and our entire ADW family
Berkeley in Massachusetts generously                    created. The Youth Board and its six         is devastated.
donated a lab puppy to ADW and                          initial members took on two major
$15,000 to scholarship his entire                       tasks. First we want to increase
training. Linda heard about ADW from                    awareness and interest in ADW among
the TODAY Show segment about ADW                        our peers and second to raise funds
developmentally disabled student                        for the program. We chose to tackle
trainers. Her gift, Berkeley, is being                  raising $45,000 for an Emergency
placed this fall with Livia, a little girl              Veterinary Fund. The primary goal of
with autism in Dallas, Texas.                           the Emergency Veterinary Fund (EVF)
                                                        is to provide ADW with relief from
Livia’s family found ADW through                        the unexpected financial burden of
the North Texas chapter of Make A                       veterinary emergencies.
Wish Foundation. Since ADW is one
of the few agencies in the U.S. that                    We plan to raise this financial support                                      Parker
places service dogs with children with                  through grant proposals, individual
autism, we get calls and applications                   donations, and merchandise sales. Youth
from across the country. Make A Wish                    Board members have set up community          Parker had been living with me since
Foundation staff was diligent in their                  information tables, asked for individual     he was 8 weeks old and though this is
search for the right resource for Livia                 donations, and in October an ADW 2009        incredibly sad, I am so thankful for the
and her family, and ADW had the                         Calendar designed by the Youth Board         time we had together. He loved his job,
perfect answer to her request.                          will be available to purchase.               but more importantly Parker simply
                                                                                                     loved life. He also brightened the lives
When Berkeley officially “graduates”                    The need for an EVF became a reality         of everyone who knew him. Whether
next May on stage with his student                      in the summer of 2007 when two 5             chasing his tail, sticking his entire head
trainers, his proud breeder Linda will                  week old ADW puppies sustained               in the water bucket, or learning a new
also be there to celebrate his success                  rattle snake bites. Thanks to student        command, Parker always found a way
and the phenomenal “wish come                           trainer Victoria Weiner both puppies         to make everyone laugh. He will be
true” Berkeley will bring to Livia. We                  miraculously survived, but the incident      missed horribly, but we are determined
want to recognize Linda Berkeley for                    was emotionally and monetarily costly.       something good will come from this.
her invaluable help in making this                      Although we take every precaution to         The need for an Emergency Vet Fund
magic happen.                                           keep dogs safe as possible, accidents can    has never been more apparent and the
                                                        still happen. In August of 2008 ADW was      Youth Board is going to make it happen.
                                                        hit with a terrible epidemic of kennel
                                                        cough. Tragically the mutant strain killed        ~ Rebekah Reyes, Youth Board President
                                                        one of our 14 month old dogs, Parker.                       In memory of Parker (“Park”)

“Listen. Is that our flight?” Zumi and Seymour coming
to ADW from breeder/donor in Bangor, Maine.                  Puppies practice “Find It.”

                                                                                 5                                  Fall 2008 Terrific Tails
         Thank You from assistance Dogs of the West
            We want to take this opportunity to recognize our generous donors and supporters who helped us
                                        from April 1, 2008 - September 13, 2008.
               Major Donors* contribute over $1000 and/or substantial in-kind services, time or effort.

Corporate & In Kind Donors              Tullivers Pet Food Emporium                  Carolyn Clark Beedle
Albertsons LLC                          Vetmed Consultants, Inc*                     Frank Clark
BGK*                                    Video Stop                                   Sally Cleaver
Naomi Burtnick/NM Veterinary Referral   Betsy Walker                                 Connie Coates
Center                                  Wells Fargo Bank*                            Ken and Ruth Coleman
Century Bank*                           Zia Diner                                    Jill Connor
Chocolate Maven                         Zoe & Guido’s                                Basia and Johnny Cruz
John Corey*                                                                          Nancy Dahl
Ron Cowles, State Farm Agency           Foundation Grants                            Deborah Dant*
Kathryn David                                                                        Nancy David
Del Sol Shopping Center Associates*     $1 -999                                      Dick and Ann Donnelly
Desert Academy                          The Arcadia Fund                             Alex Downen
Dr. Larry and Barbara Dossey            S.A. and R.W. Colgate Trust                  Marilyn Farquhar
Economos Works of Art*                  Santa Fe Downtown Kiwanis                    Pat and Walter Farr
Lyssa Elder                             Foundation                                   Sydele Feldman
Emerald Earth                                                                        Gail Felice
Dr. Ted Eudy and Dwight Holden*         $1,000 – 9,999                               Maureen and William Field
Fast Ink                                Bettina Baruch Foundation                    Kelley Fletcher
Jill Felice                             Cathedral Basilica of St Francis of Assisi   Marilyn Forbes
Will Ferguson Associates                Peace and Social Justice Committee           Susan Frame
First Community Bank                    Clothes Helping Kids, Inc.                   Christa and David Franklin
First National Bank of Santa Fe*        Elinor Patterson Baker Foundation            Carl Gable
Frontier Frames                         Foundation for Educational                   Michael Ginsberg
Robert Hearst                           Enhancement                                  David Godwin
Judi and Geoff Hendricks                Las Campanas Community Endowment             Joan Gould
Tracy Hogg, Get Easy Advertising        Stillpoint Fund                              Kristanya Griffin
Judy Illes*                                                                          Robert and Margaret Griffith
Insurance del Norte                     $10,000 – 24,999                             Dave Grusin and Nan Newton*
JINJA, Doug Lanham                      Helen Brach Foundation                       Dawna Prahl Haley
Renee Kostermans                        Laura J. Niles Foundation                    Kim Hamann
La Mariposa Montessori*                                                              Suki and Stanley Harada
Carole LaRoche Gallery                  $24,999 - $50, 000                           Cynthia Harrod
Lensic Performing Arts Center*          The Annenberg Foundation                     Matthew Hecht
Lockheed Martin, Sandia Corporation                                                  Henry and Anne Hodde
Los Alamos Stable Owners                Individual Donors                            Jennifer Hubbard
Marcia Owen Associates                  Anonymous                                    Mary Jane Hunt
Tom Martin, Edward Jones                Vanessa Abramson                             Carol and Janet Iafonaro
Master Tech Auto Repair                 Margherita Allardice                         Jane and Doug Jeffords
McDowell Construction Company*          Charmay Allred                               Diane Jergins*
Dr. Bruce Merchant, M.D.                Roeliff Annon*                               Helen and Curtis Johnson
New Mexico Bank & Trust*                Burch and Florence Ault                      Larry Johnson
Pop Gallery of Santa Fe*                Kitty and Andy Ault                          Janet and Edward Kelly
Santa Fe Animal Hospital*               Jack and Diane Bacastow                      Mark Kerr
Santa Fe County Firefighters            Katherine Becker-Sheets                      David King
Santa Fe Community Foundation           Julie and Scott Bennett                      Peter and Marcia Krebs
Santa Fe Dog Obedience Club*            Karen and Steve Bershad                      Carol Lachenmeyer
Santa Fe Preparatory School             Les and Elizabeth Bischoff                   Bill and Yvonne Laughlin
School Heart, Inc.                      Deborah Borkovitz                            Marcia Leary
Ruth Schulte                            Eleanor Brenner                              Deirdre LeBoutillier
Stuart Soll*                            Bob and Connie Bright                        Kathleen and Bob Leistikow
Teca Tu, Inc.                           Leslie Brodsky                               Donna Long*
The Critters and Me                     Bill and Annie Brown                         Lynne Loshbaugh
Things Finer                            Martha Burns                                 Linda and Stephen Love
Dr. Larry Tilley, DVM                   Kathryn Campbell                             Gregg and Diana Lowe
Todos Santos Chocolates and             Anna and Erick Carlgren                      Ali MacGraw*
Confections                             Amelia Jane Carson                           Gregory and Summer Manoff
Robbie Tubb                             Michele Centrella                            Anthony and Kay Marks

Terrific Tails   Fall 2008                                           6
Daniel Marks                            John and Carol Wheeler                Reese Ellen Taylor
Tom and Pamela Matthews                 Del Wilkinson                         Eugene and Sandra Tomlinson
Donese Mayfield                         Agnes Williams                        Percy and G.H. Valentine
Balene McCormick                        Karen and Martin Wiskoff              Barbara Warwick
Peggy and Doug McDowell                 Lena Wockenfuss                       G.H. and R.G. Wenzel
Susan McGreeby                          Spencer Wright*                       Cheryl and William White
Dan and Paula McTigue                   Jim Zanios                            Mary Annette Williams
Ellon and M.R. Mellon                   Ellen Zieselman                       Christine Wismer
Robert and Allene Meyer
Michelle Michaels and Leonard Becker*   Client Scholarship Fund               Emergency Vet Fund
Hank and Merrin Milam                   Anonymous                             Jenson Carlgren
Drs. Karen and Philip Milstein          Janet Bailey                          CJ Felton
Steve Milter                            Steve and Adrienne Bing               Alex Johansen
Charlie Miner                           Sarah Broderick                       Kaila Matthews
Sherry Montero                          Peggy Browning                        Rebekah Reyes
Jennifer Moore                          David Campbell and Misty Braswell     Taylor Thorne
Barbara Nau                             Marylin Ann Carty
Christi Newhall                         Mary Alice Cooper                     Student Scholarship Donors
Judith Newman                           Sheila Cowing                         Carol Cuffee
Judith and Phillipe Newton*             Devon Dalzell                         Bill and Deborah Howell
Cathy and Ray Nogar                     Marcie Davis
Margaret Norton                         Jeanne Donaldson                      Volunteers
Helen Oates                             Ann Douglas                           Leo Abordo
Max Olivas                              Paula Dransfield                      Julie Allen
Michelle Olsen                          Dorothy Drum                          Roeliff Annon*
Stephen Orr                             Carol and Andre Dumont                Betsy & Natalie Armstrong
Dr. Michael and Sharon Palestine        Stephen and Anne Farber               Kitty and Andy Ault*
Ron Parisien                            Suzanne Fuqua Accounting              Sue Barns and Steve Koch*
Libby and Wyckliffe Pattishall*         Josephine Geran                       Anna Carlgren
Susan Paturzo                           Carrie Heldman                        Jensen Carlgren
William and Barbara Plauth              Tom and Alison Henry                  Anne Caudell
Judith Polich                           Terry Goldman                         Marilyn Coon*
Jenniver Pruett                         Doreen Hurtig                         John Corey*
Bill and Candace Raborr                 Kathy Jackson                         Ellen Dickens*
Katherine Reed                          Mike Janicke                          Porter Dillon
Nancy Reynolds                          Anne Kramer                           CJ Felton*
Bryant Rice                             Georgia Larson                        Isaac Green*
Paul and Valerie Richard                James and Mary Leatherberry           Ingrid Hendrix
Ethelinda Robbins                       Ingela Lemperg*                       Emily and Don Hnath*
Shelley Robinson and Tom Buscher*       Donald Levering                       Alex Johansen*
Joan and R.N. Rogers                    Norah Levine                          Ed Keller
John and Darlene Romero                 Ron and Joy Mandelbaum                Mary Lattimore
Nina Rosenberg                          Nancy McHale                          Pat J. Lewis
Janet Rosenzwog                         Linda Milanesi                        Tony Mark
Walter and Elizabeth Ross               Jeanne Milholland                     Kaila Matthews
Karin and Richard Roth                  Animal Wellness Center, Dr. Joan      Peggy McDowell
Susan Rothenberg                        Moreau                                Emily Medvec
Ann Rutledge*                           Julie Moss                            Linda Milanesi*
Derek Saunders*                         Yoko Murao                            Dani, Tony, and Matt Miller
Harold Saunders                         Barbara Murphy                        Nancy Perlman
Julie Schwartz                          New Mexico Governor’s Commission on   The Reyes Family
Tom and Susan Simons                    Disability                            Rebekah Reyes*
Susan and Richard Snyders               Teresa and Larry Ostrem               Shelley Robinson and Rosemary
Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Sory                Patricia Owens-Marko                  Buscher
Heidi Steffan                           Kristin Robertson                     Dr. John Romero
Carole and John Edd Stepp               Sally Rodgers                         Derek Saunders
Kathi and Steve Stork                   Jan Romer                             Dr. Elizabeth Stirling
Howard Sutton                           Ernie and Theresa Romero              Ed and Taylor Thorne
Linda and John Sutton                   Apphia Page Schley                    Larry Tilley, DVM
Elissa Thompson                         Linda Schneider                       Patricia Waggoner
Ed and Melanie Thorne*                  Carol Ann Shriver                     Betsy Walker
Don Tishman*                            John and Mary Ann Slattery            Melissa Weiner*
Walter and Carolyn Trela                Valerie Stocking                      Ron and Melissa Winkle*
Kyle and Mike Wheeler                   Benjamin Swan                         Spencer Wright*

                                                          7                                 Fall 2008 Terrific Tails
shelter/rescue Dog                                                              Proud aDW Board
Project                                                                         Member–larry P Tilley,
It takes a very special dog to be a service dog. The job
description includes calmly being with the client in
all environments, 24/7. Those clusters of pigeons, the
                                                                                DVM, Diplomate, acViM
enticing smells of food or other animals, distracting
noises and appealing activities…well, all service                               Who Am I: Born in Creston, a small Iowa farm community,
dogs are asked most often to rise above normal dog                              undergraduate at Iowa State University, 1969 graduate
reactions while working. They must present clean                                of Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine. Internship
bills of health, good family health histories, as well as                       in NYC at the Animal Medical Center “the Mayo Clinic of
minimal emotional issues. A service dog will work with                          Veterinary Medicine”, Board Certified in veterinary internal
the client successfully for a long time (hopefully 6-8                          medicine. Written and published over 12 textbooks, 3
years,) and all training agencies look for candidates                           last year. Honored with a number of awards including
most likely to succeed.                                                         1989 AAHA US Veterinarian of the Year and 1999 Waltham
                                                                                International Recognized Veterinarian of the Year.
Shelter/rescue dogs are unknown entities when it
comes to the list of qualifications, and time and effort                        I found ADW through my son. Kyle was a fortunate ADW
to train an assistance dog are limited resources. ADW                           student trainer for five years, during which he formed
unfortunately can’t afford to spend $15,000 and 18-24                           amazing relationships while gaining understanding about
months on a dog that probably can’t successfully                                challenges faced by people with disabilities. Kyle helped
graduate…unless we can increase the probability of                              train three dogs who are now serving grateful ADW
success. So building on some specific experience, client                        clients. I joined the Board three years ago, and also provide
and seasoned seizure dog handler/trainer Sebastian                              whatever veterinary consulting needed.
is working with ADW staff to identify high potential
“seizure dog” candidates from local shelters.                                   What appeals to me most in my continuing education
                                                                                work is being able to help people and pets. The pet is so
Seizure dogs have the need for increased focus on their                         precious in this world, especially when there is an illness
client match; to hopefully develop the ability to alert                         or disability. I cannot describe how exciting it is to be
to seizure onset. Sebastian and ADW chose his current                           associated with ADW — to be able to pursue my desire
dog Billy from the SF Animal Shelter and we know                                and be on that path of helping both working pet and the
other shelter dogs might have that ability. ADW and                             person with a disability is a true gift.
Sebastian evaluate pups for that human focus along
with the other temperament qualities required to make                           I have always been “carried away with life” and am allowed
a successful service dog. The Thaw Charitable Trust and                         to attain that objective in my association with ADW.
Laura J. Niles Foundation have awarded ADW grants                               Assistance Dogs of the West helps to demonstrate the
in support of this project, giving shelter/rescue dogs                          beautiful relationship of the healing interaction between
the opportunity for new lives, new work and enhanced                            humans and their pets — need I say more? I learned a
public awareness of their abilities.                                            long time ago that as a doctor, treating a patient without
                                                                                exhausting every possibility is unimaginable — ADW
                                                                                allows me to attain that purpose.
                                                                                                                                 ~Larry Tilley

ABQ Student Teaching Assistant Francie Bustamante and ADW dog in training
Maisey, during Airport/Flight Access Training.                                  Tribute to Black Lab Eddie by Student Trainer Rosemary Buscher, age 11

Terrific Tails Fall 2008                                                    8
aDW News Barks                                                                   Health Fair, the Buckaroo Ball, Pojoaque Pueblo Public
                                                                                 Library, the NM Governor’s Commission on Disability, Santa
                                                                                 Fe Trails Transportation drivers, NM Conference on Aging,
The ADW Open House gave great ADW Volunteers and                                 NM State Humane Conference, St Vincent’s Hospital Health &
friends the opportunity to see the new office, meet Staff,                       Safety Extravaganza and the NM ADA Council.
Board and Youth Board members, and new pups while eating
yummy food and drink donated by JINJA Bistro, Todos                              Thank you to Advisory Council member Katrina Holder
Santos Chocolates and Coca Cola Bottling of SF.                                  and her La Mariposa Montessori School for including
                                                                                 ADW as a beneficiary from the FABULOUS FANDANGO
A recent Coffee with Mayor Coss in Santa Fe resulted in the                      fundraiser. ADW Board and Staff ate and danced along
potential for filming a public service announcement about                        with other revelers to South By Southwest band in August
Service Dog Access for NM.                                                       and attendees contributed $1,700 to ADW.
Congratulations to Youth Board President Rebekah                                 New Puppy Raiser classes have commenced in Santa Fe
Reyes; nominated for the 2008 New Mexico Youth in                                on Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 pm. Experienced Puppy
Philanthropy award.                                                              Raiser meetings continue in Santa Fe on Thursdays from
                                                                                 5:45-6:45 pm.
The Assistance Dogs International Conference in London
this June had agencies from across the world in attendance.
Animal behavior education, organizational best practices,
service dog access advocacy and new breeding program                             feed Me Walk Me love Me
learning were among the many topics shared.                                      October 24-26 the third annual Art in the Honor of Animals
                                                                                 event takes place; this year’s theme is Feed Me Walk Me Love
The ADW Youth Board is active: planning a Leadership                             Me. Show opening night: Friday, October 24 from 5-7:30 pm
Training Workshop at the Santa Fe Mountain Center,                               at Galerie Züger, 120 W San Francisco St, downtown Santa Fe.
presenting grant proposals to local foundations, hosting                         Silent auction bidding continues all weekend with a closing
community info booths and presentations and designing an                         party from 3-5 pm on Sunday, October 26.
ADW 2009 Calendar to help raise $ for the ADW Emergency
Veterinary Fund (see article).                                                   In 2006 there were 50-60 artists, last year 90 artists donated
                                                                                 and 2008 has 125 artists on the donor list…we’ll see just
Thank you to Sharla Throckmorton McDowell and Michael                            how big this creative community event can get. Many
McDowell of POP Gallery who hosted their annual Silent                           participating artists encourage their friends to contribute,
Auction Fund Raiser for ADW in June. Staff, Board, Youth                         and art comes from all over the country though the majority
Board members and dogs mixed with art collectors and                             is from NM. Amazing and diverse talents like Carol Anthony,
visitors to Santa Fe at a lively afternoon event.                                Bruce Nauman, Susan Rothenberg, John Fincher, Darren
                                                                                 Vigil Gray, Pat Oliphant, Kristin Lora, Susan Contreras,
Thank you to Board President Kitty Ault who ran the 16                           Bunny Tobias, Lynne Loshbaugh, Erika Wanenmacher and
mile Imogene Pass Run in Colorado again this September,                          many, many others are generous donors.
challenging ADW donors to support her race through
contributions.                                                                   Stellar Event Committee members Melissa Weiner, Shelley
                                                                                 Robinson, Betsy Armstrong, Porter Dillon, Ed Keller
ADW Program and Service Dog Access Presentations                                 and CCB coordinate a great celebration. Galerie Züger will
and demonstrations done by staff and student trainers for                        graciously host the exhibit, with locally sponsored food, drinks
Animal Alliance Day in SF, Grand Prix de Santa Fe, El Dorado                     and music for our Sunday closing party. The entire event is
                                                                                 a twist on your standard Santa Fe art opening as dogs and
                                                                                 student trainers and clients are in attendance. Mark your
                                                                                 calendars now.

Carolyn Clark Beedle, Vicky Wiener and Tilley conduct a Service Dog Access
Presentation for Santa Fe Trails Drivers.

                                                                             9                                         Fall 2008 Terrific Tails
    Trainer’s Tip                                                             him a bit of cookie, praise him, then
                                                                              take him in and put him back in his
                                                                                                                                                        New students...
                                                                              crate. No food, no play, and no bed-                                      continued from page 1
    Puppy Housetraining                                                       cuddling.
                                                                                                                                                        Actual Disability Program Student
     You will need: a properly sized crate;                                   First thing in the morning, take him                                      Trainer skills learned:
     a collar and leash; treats; poop bags;                                   out on leash and repeat the ritual. If                                        •	 Dog training/teaching
     time and patience.                                                       you consistently go out with him, on                                          •	 Dog grooming and care
                                                                              leash, you will teach him to use the                                               giving
     Acclimate your puppy to his crate                                        designated spot for his bathroom.                                             •	 Dog management
     on his first day in your home, off                                       Immediately after he is done eating                                           •	 Responsibility for dog/other
     and on all day. While you do this,                                       each meal, take him out again, repeat                                         •	 Love/relationship building
     take him outside on his leash to his                                     your cue when he does his thing, and                                          •	 Elementary math/money
     designated potty spot every hour.                                        treat and praise when he is done. Also                                             management
     When he obliges you with a pile or                                       take him out upon the completion                                              •	 List making and
     a puddle, tell him “Yes!” in a happy                                     of any exuberant play sessions, and                                                accomplishing list completion
     tone of voice (or Click! your clicker)                                   whenever he wakes up from a nap. For                                          •	 Personal health/value of
     and feed him a piece of cookie.                                          the rest of the day, take him out every                                            exercise awareness
                                                                              hour on the hour for his potty ritual.                                        •	 Presentation skills/working
     When he cries in the night, you                                                                                                                             with the public more
     must get up (quickly we’re sorry to                                      The remainder of the time he must be                                               confidently
     say), put him on his leash and take                                      under your direct supervision, or on                                          •	 Communications
     him out to his potty spot. Stand                                         a leash or tether, in his pen or in his
     and wait. When he starts to go, say                                      crate, every second of the day.
     “better go now!” As soon as your
     pup has toileted, tell him “Yes!” in                                     With supervision, consistency, and
     that happy tone of voice and feed                                        patience, housetraining is a snap!

 How You canused to help with the following needs and
 Your tax-exempt gifts can be
 for students
 Single After School Session.............................................................................................................. $30          Students in Santa Fe Capital High School Program
 After School Student Scholarship ...............................................................................................$250                   practice grooming techniques.
 School Program Student-Trainer Sponsor .......................................................................... $2,500
 After School Program Sponsor ...............................................................................................$15,000
 Annual School Program Sponsor ..........................................................................................$35,000

 for Dogs
 Dog Food Monthly Sponsor ........................................................................................................... $50
 Equipment/Supply Sponsor (Dog Harness) ............................................................................$500
 Buy a New Dog................................................................................................................................ $1,500
 Annual Vet Care Sponsor ............................................................................................................ $1,500
 Dog Training Sponsor (Name the Dog) ..............................................................................$15,000
 Emergency Vet Fund .......................................................................................................any amount

 for clients
 Client Placement Training (CPT) Sponsor ........................................................................... $3,500
 Any contribution to CPT can help our clients
 administrative Needs
 Office Color Copier Sponsor ................................................................................................ $500/mo
 Program Vehicle Sponsor (donate an SUV or truck and get a tax write off) ...... $25,000
 Instructor/Trainer Salary Sponsor..........................................................................................$28,000
 Operations Manager Salary Sponsor ...................................................................................$35,000
 ADW Training Facility Sponsors ........................................................................ $3.5M Total Need
 ADW Training Facility Single Room Sponsors ......................................................$50,000 each
 (Room Names in Memory of)

 any amount is Truly appreciated!
 Assistance Dogs of the West is a 501(c) 3 tax exempt charity.
 All contributions are 100% tax deductible.
                                                                                                                                                        Summer Program Student Trainer Mira Engel
                                                                                                                                                        drawing in thanks for what she learned.

Terrific Tails Fall 2008                                                                                         10
Dogs can Paint                                                              students say
ADW clients pay a one time fee of $3,500 for the two week                   Hi, my name is C.J. Felton. I am a senior in high school and
Client Placement Training workshop they attend once they                    have been working with Assistance Dogs of the West for
are matched with their assistance dog. This fee can present                 over two years. I would just like to state why I love working
a big financial challenge to many people with disabilities,                 with Assistance Dogs of the West and what I get out of it.
though all agree the learning experience is actually
priceless. We offer all clients fund raising packages with                  I like working with ADW because the people there care
suggestions of sources they might tap and ideas about                       about me and are all really nice people. I came to ADW in
how to find this money. ADW also writes grant proposals                     the first place just to hang out with the dogs and then I got
and encourages individual donors to support our Client                      the feeling that I could help a person other than myself.
Placement Training Fund which can offer partial                             After doing the student trainer program for a while, I have
scholarships to clients in need. The Cathedral Basilica of                  learned a lot of new things like how to work with little kids
St. Francis of Assisi Peace and Social Justice Committee                    and parents and random people. I’ve also been working
just awarded $3,000 towards CPT Scholarships.                               on being more assertive with the dogs and have learned
                                                                            the difference between what I thought the meaning of
Some clients are extremely creative when it comes to                        assertiveness is and what the real meaning is.
new ways to raise the “tuition”. ADW service dog “Griz”
Lawrence in Albuquerque left flyers in every vet’s office                   I really enjoy doing the community service and I think it
explaining he was going to retire and needed help with                      is a good way to spend time. It gives me a good feeling
his replacement. One SF Client and some friends came up                     and it also helps others. The ADW Youth Board is also a
with a really unusual fund raiser: Dogs Can Paint. Along                    great thing I’m involved in. It helps me be and feel more
with Santa Fe Dog Dancing Club and local pet boutique                       responsible and like I’m part of something bigger than the
Zoe and Guido’s, a fun evening of paw and tail painting                     average teen. It is also an awesome way to give back to
was had by remarkably talented dog artists. The painting                    Assistance Dogs of the West.
event and exhibition of finished work raised $2,000 helped
by PR from Ben Swan of the New Mexican paper. You can                       My time with ADW has helped me to find a career for my
contribute to the Client Placement Training Fund at any                     life; in the near future I would like to go to college to get
time to keep those scholarships available.                                  a degree in dog training and experience in professional
                                                                            dog and pet grooming. Once I do that, I want to start
                                                                            my own business. I would like to invite my sister to join
                                                                            the business with me, which would make it a “one stop
                                                                            shop”. She sells dog and cat food at Tullivers, a local pet
                                                                            food emporium. At our place, animals could be trained,
                                                                            groomed, and fed all at one time and in one place.

                                                                            Thanks for reading my story. I hope you have a wonderful day.

                                                                                         ~C.J. Felton, ADW Student Teaching Assistant and
                                                                                                                    Youth Board Member

                                                                                                                                         Photo credit: K.T. Helene-Glick

ADW Service Dog, Mimi, puts her best feet forward for a great cause.

                                                                               ASSISTANCE DOGS OF THE WEST

                                                                            You can support the ADW Emergency Vet Fund through purchase of the $20
ADW Summer Program at Albuquerque Academy.                                  ADW 2009 Calendar created by the Youth Board.

                                                                       11                                              Fall 2008 Terrific Tails
                                                                                         Fall 2008     Terrific Tails
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 Leonore Abordo, Contract Instructor
 Julie Allen, Contract Instructor
 Dani Miller, Contract Instructor
 Linda Milanesi, Volunteer Instructor
 Jody Wood, Program Assistant
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 Tony Mark
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