City of Pitt Meadows April 2010 Community Energy and GHG Emissions

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					                                    City of Pitt Meadows
Energy and GHG Emissions

                                          April 2010

 Brodie Noga
 Hyla Environmental Services Ltd.

      1    • Introduction, Objectives, & Bill 27

      2    • Community Plans – Scope, Plan Structure, & Target Setting

           • City’s Community Plan & Planning Process, Inventory, Forecast,
      3      Reduction Target, Open House, & Community Survey

      4    • Summary

Presentation Objectives

•   Review Climate Action Plan
     –   Review scope and plan structure

•   Present the planning process for the community plan
     –   Internal Process (Staff/Council)
     –   Community Process

•   Review two different strategies for GHG Target Setting

•   Present the community emissions inventory, forecast, and target

•   Present the results of the Community Climate Action Survey
Local Government GHG Programs

1. Bill 27 – Local Government (Green Communities)
   Statutes Amendment Act (Statutory Obligation)

2. Climate Action Charter (Non-binding Agreement)

3. Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Partners for
   Climate Protection (Voluntary Commitment)
 Local Government GHG Programs

Bill 27 – Local Government (Green Communities)
    Statutes Amendment Act (Statutory Obligation)
   – Requirement
      • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets in OCP by May 31,
   – Benefit
      • Energy efficient, GHG-friendly community
Scope of Community Plan

  Community Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
     •   Residential Buildings
     •   Commercial Buildings
     •   Industrial Buildings
     •   On-Road Transportation (no rail, water, air transport)
     •   Solid Waste
     •   No agriculture and no sequestration from trees, etc.
Reduction Targets

Two approaches:

  1. Top Down | Visionary
     • Select a target
     • Propose how to meet the target

  2. Bottom Up | Pragmatic
     • Propose practical reduction initiatives
     • Summarize GHG reduction estimates
     • Calculate reduction target
Community Plan Structure

• Executive Summary, Introduction, Community Context
• Energy and GHG Inventory
   – 2007 Inventory Year
• Forecast
   – Business as usual scenario
   – Legislated change
• Reduction Initiatives
   – Indicators (Statistics Canada data by dissemination area)
   – Implementation schedule with coarse costs for community
• Conclusion, Appendices
                           ✔                                      ✔
• Draft Discussion Paper:              • Attend Council to            • Attend Council to
  • GHG Inventory and                    present content                present draft Climate
    Forecast                                                            Action Plan and targets
  • Proposed reduction                 • Direct Mailer -
    initiatives                          Invitation/Survey to all     • Prepare final Climate
                                         residents and                  Action Plan
• Draft reduction target                 businesses
  • Bottom Up (Pragmatic)                                             • Report to Council for
  • Top Down (Visionary)
                                       • Open Houses                    plan endorsement
                                                                          • Reduction target
                                       • Resulting target to be             endorsed to be
                                         considered for OCP                 incorporated into OCP
                                         • Bill 27 requirement              (Bill 27 requirement)

                                       • Includes web survey

                         Community Climate Action Plan Process
Pitt Meadows’ 2007 Community Inventory

•   Community GHG Emissions
    –   95,154 tonnes CO2e (2007)
Pitt Meadows’ 2007 Community Inventory

Per Capita Emissions
                             Community Per Capita GHGs (tonnes CO2e)

       Port Moody

      Maple Ridge

     Pitt Meadows

       Langley City

  Langley Township

                      0.00     1.00   2.00   3.00   4.00   5.00   6.00   7.00   8.00
Community Forecast 2007 - 2017

Theoretical Buildout           Transportation Forecast        Legislated Reductions

      • Potential growth in          • Based on per                 • Tailpipe standard
        community                      household vehicle            • Carbon neutral
        buildings under                ownership                      provincial public
        existing OCP to year           multiplied by                  service
        2017                           expected residential           organizations
                                       housing units in the           • i.e. Schools and
                                       year 2017                        Hospitals
                                                                    • Net zero GHGs from
                                                                    • Renewable fuel
Community Forecast 2007 - 2017

•   Emissions growth of less than one percent over ten years.
     –   Growth in emissions is moderated by legislated senior government reduction initiatives
Open House

• Held March 25th at the Family Recreation Centre
   –   26 attendees

• Asked residents and business owners for feedback
   – Energy efficiency, greenhouse gases, and climate change
   – 112 Responses as of April 12th 2010
Questionnaire Responses

If you drive to work, how far is your residence from your place
    of work?

• Average one way commute distance: 15 km
Questionnaire Responses

Please rate your level of concern for each of the following
   environmental issues:
Survey Comments Overview

  Public Transit Options

  • Local B-line service to SkyTrain.
  • Increased West Coast Express service.

  Recycling & Composting Services

  • Provide compost kits for residents.
  • Garden waste pick up.

  Land Use

  • Preservation of farmland.
  • Pedestrian friendly developments.
Reduction Initiatives

Major responsibility lies with senior government.

       City Programs with
        External Funding

                                                Federal Legislation

                            Senior Government

        City Policy and
Sample of Proposed Reduction Initiatives

Community Action on Energy and Emissions: New Buildings Program Targets
Sample of Proposed Reduction Initiatives

Increase West Coast Express Ridership
Transit Ridership
Reduction Target Statement

The City of Pitt Meadows Should Adopt a Community
  Emissions Reduction Target to Reduce GHG
  Emissions by Thirteen Percent Below 2007 Levels
  by 2017.

  A. Implement the City of Pitt Meadows Community Energy and
     Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan
      •    Target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 13% below 2007
           levels by 2017
   B. Raise awareness of climate change and greenhouse gas
      emissions reduction initiatives
      •    Leadership and community sustainability programs
   C. Adopt development permit guidelines that specify the scope of
      development conditions that contribute to GHG and energy
      reductions. Apply them to the appropriate development permit
   D. Incorporate climate change, its potential impact, and mitigation
      measures when reviewing new development applications and
      undertaking long-term planning projects and initiatives.

• Existing Buildings
   – e.g., encouraging energy saving measures.
• New Buildings
   – e.g., encouraging standards that reduce energy consumption
     and promote alternative energy sources.
• Transportation Reductions
   – e.g., encouraging senior government to set standards that
     reduce emissions, encouraging active forms of transportation
     and enhancement of pedestrian and transit facilities; anti-idling,
     trip planning and ride sharing.

1.   The City of Pitt Meadows is developing a Community Climate Action

1.   The Community Plan has undergone both internal consultation with staff
     as well as public consultation.

2.   A target of reducing community GHG emissions thirteen percent below
     2007 levels is recommended for adoption for the required Bill 27 OCP

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