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									                       Laurier Brantford Divisional Council Minutes
                                Monday, November 30, 2009
                                         2:30 p.m.
                                         GRH 207
Bruce Arai                           Kris Gerhardt                        Suzanne Rintoul
Sarah Amato                          Rebecca Godderis                     Andrew Robinson
Katherine Bell                       Stacey Hannem                        Jason Robinson
Tarah Brookfield                     David Haskell                        Kate Rossiter
Kari Brozowski                       Susan Hill                           Maija Saari
James Cairns                         Melissa Huszco                       Edward Shizha
Kofi Campbell                        Raymond Izarali                      Catherine Stewart
Holly Cox                            Robert Kristofferson                 Irene Tencinger
Mark Davidson                        James LeClair                        Gary Warrick
Ken Dowler                           Ian MacRae                           Andrew Welsh
Judy Eaton                           David Morris                         Kenneth Werbin
Peter Farrugia                       Jenna Olender                        Lisa Wood
Robert Feagan                        David Olivier
Tim Gawley

Guests:                            Regrets:                           Secretary:
Heather Bouillon                   Robert Ame                         Nancy Lambert
Sharon Brown                       Tony Araujo
Craig Chipps                       Maria Cantalini-Williams
Ruth Cole                          Ray Darling
Grant Fraser                       Sue Ferguson
Kevin Klein                        Sybil Geldart
Deborah MacLatchy                  Debra Langan
Christina Michener                 Rosemary McGowan
Lisa Neziol                        Brenda Murphy
Sara Neiol                         Dave Prang

1. Approval of the Agenda
   Item 4, will be moved to item 5
   The agenda was approved by consensus.

2. Approval of the Minutes of the November 2, 2009 meeting.
   Moved by David Morris; Seconded by Kofi Campbell:
   THAT the minutes of the November 2, 2009 meeting be accepted.
    Carried unanimously

3. Business Arising from Minutes

4. Sharon Brown – University Librarian - Library Services and Space at Brantford
      A) Our present situation:
    1900 students, plus faculty and staff; one academic librarian; insufficient dedicated space in BPL
      for students or resources; no more space for BPL to give us
    Mayor of Brantford said a few months ago that with Mohawk moving downtown, he expects there
      will be as many as 6,000 PSE students in Brantford’s core within three years: no mention about
      the impact this will have on library services and space
Laurier Brantford Divisional Council November 30, 2009                                                           2

       BPL knows that we have to accommodate a growing student population, and that they are not
        able to do that for much longer. We are contractually obliged to give BPL a year’s notice if we are
        going to withdraw from the agreement , but we have to have a viable alternative before doing that
       KIP monies for Brantford’s new academic building were at a level that precluded library space
        being a part of the building at this time; space that has looked promising in other buildings over
        the years has consistently fallen through
       The government is pushing universities and colleges towards greater collaboration on all fronts:
        from the president’s perspective, that includes library services; from our perspective, working
        with like institutions, such as Nipissing, would result in the best services for our constituency, but
        we will need to work with Mohawk too

        2) Moving forward:
       Permission has been granted by Laurier and Nipissing’s VPAs to hire a 12-month LTA librarian to
        work half-time for Laurier and half-time for Nipissing; delays mean that person won’t be in place
        until February. There is greater potential for making this a permanent position once it exists,
       The president and I had a two-hour meeting on September 30 about library issues at Waterloo
        and Brantford: he advised that I should meet with Dr. MacLatchy and VP and Principle: Brantford,
        Dr. Leo Groarke, before going further afield: our various absences mean that we are only holding
        that meeting December 4, 2009
       Your suggestions for the meeting with Dr. MacLatchy and Dr. Groarke are most welcome. Results
        will take awhile to materialize, but I believe we will have an opportunity to put Brantford on the
        map by virtue of the way it presents its academic library services

        3) Really positive facts, of crucial importance:
       Brantford faculty has always been very supportive of better library services for Laurier Brantford
        students, staff and faculty: I cannot stress sufficiently how important this is, and how much it is
       Another positive aspect of our situation is that the amount we are paying BPL is sufficient to
        support the salaries and benefits of one junior librarian (in addition to the librarian we now have)
        and one support staff. If Nipissing could manage a librarian or a support staff person, we could
        run a library
       That said, my goal for Laurier Brantford is not “just a library”, but a “learning commons”. If we
        could build something along the lines of Glasgow Caledonian’s Saltire Centre (see Designing Spaces for Effective Learning), we would
        be putting Laurier Brantford on the cutting edge of academic services (writing, advising, learning
        skills, media resources, study space, library services) to students and faculty. It doesn’t have to
        be expensive or grandiose to be superbly effective.

5. Deborah MacLatchy
          Take the mission vision process and bring it into the academic plan
          WLU currently has a century plan
          DAC feels that this plan fits well with Laurier Brantford
          DAC felt that there was appropriate consultation and support the academic plan

6. Dean’s Update
           Ruth Cole, new Administrative Assistant in Dean’s Office
           Leo hosting internationalization at Brantford meeting tomorrow, Dec. 1,
           Internationalization - Kevin Flynn, MP from Burlington will be visiting the Brantford
             Campus with a guest from Africa because of LB’s commitment to Africa
           Moody’s building design going forward – a User group is being formed
           Meeting with SBE - toured the new CIBC building, working on new business programs to
Laurier Brantford Divisional Council November 30, 2009                                                     3

                bring to Brantford
               No new information on Principal/Vice President for LB

7. Motions to create Laurier Brantford Coordinating Committees

        Motion #1, Kofi Campbell requested that the decision to create LB Coordinating Committee for
        the LB English Program be deferred until the next meeting of Divisional Council.

        Motion #2, Rob Kristofferson requested that the decision to create LB Coordinating Committee for
        the LB History Program be deferred until the next meeting of Divisional Council.

        Moved by Judy Eaton; Seconded by Ken Dowler:
        THAT Divisional Council adopt the following bylaws for the Laurier Brantford Psychology Program
        Coordinating Committee.
        Carried, one opposed, one abstention

    8. Disaggregation Update
           Comments from Faculty and DAC have been received
           Letter to Faculty in process

    9. Report from the Curriculum Committee
       Moved by Andrew Robinson; Seconded by Peter Farrugia:
       THAT the minor curriculum proposals be accepted as presented.

        IGRM Proposal – tabled from a previous meeting. All issues have been resolved. Tim Gawley
        was asked to act as temporary Chair for this motion to enable Bruce Arai to make a presentation.

               Niagara is no longer partnering with Laurier for this program
               Too many optional courses as opposed to required, this has been substantially revised
               This is not a program to train golfers
               Environmental issues considered
               Grant Fraser, President of GMIC (Golf Management Institute of Canada)
                    o Partner with Niagara College; University of Guelph
                    o Not for profit organization
                    o Unique proposal
                    o Would like to partner with Methodist University and Laurier Brantford. This is to
                         allow students to go to the Methodist University for an MBA
                    o 6 credits offered by GMIC can be compared with transfer credits

        Moved by Robert Kristofferson; Seconded by Gary Warrick:
        THAT this motion be tabled to allow more time for discussion.
        Three Abstentions

    10. Nipissing Update – deferred until the next meeting of Divisional Council

    11. Other Business
            There is a vacant position on Senate – please contact Sue Ferguson or Bruce Arai if
            Lisa Wood announced that Dr. Charles Pascal, Early Learning Advisor to the Premier of
               Ontario will be speaking at the Sanderson Centre
            Rebecca Godderis made an announcement regarding the Laurier Brantford Rainbow
               Alliance (

12. Meeting adjourned

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