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					IAN stuArt


            Designer of The Year 2004/2005/2006/2007
          ouTsTanDing conTribuTion To The inDusTrY 2008
      ianstuart-bride. com • +44 (0)20 8761 6302
                                                                                                Ian Stuart is known for his beautiful and dramatic
                                                                                                designs and inimitable style. Loved by celebrities
                                                                                                and It girls alike, he is a shining light in the bridal

                                                                                                industry, having won Bridal Designer of the Year
                                                     the pArAMOuNt cOLLectION
                                                                                                for four years running and was the bridal star of
                                                     ian Stuart introduces his collection of
                                                                                                2007’s Apprentice as Sir Alan’s team chose him
                                                     bridal gowns for 2010 evoking the golden
                                                     era of couture.                            as the designer they would most like to sell at
                                                               the National Wedding Show. Which is why
                                                                                                I’m so excited to exclusively bring you the Ian
                                                                                                Stuart 2010 brochure, in association with
                                                                                                Brides. Showcasing everything from his latest
                                                                                                international catwalk shows to his newest and
                                                                                                most beautiful collections, this brochure has been
                                                                                                created to inspire and help you decide on the
                                                                                                most important fashion purchase of you life - your
                                                                                                wedding dress. Ian’s fabulously flamoyant dresses
                                                                                                offer you the chance to wear a unique, show-
                                                                                                stopping design perfect for your aisle entrance.
                                                                                                And don’t forget your Mother and the Mother-of-
                                                                                                the-groom! This year Ian has launched a fabulous
                      ruNwAy: MILANO
    the latest collections were showcased
                                                     30                                         new Special Occasion wear collection full of
                                                                                                elegant choices for your Mum from sophisicated
       at the milan bridal couture show to
                                                                                                two-piece suits and jackets to racy dresses. With
                       great critical acclaim.
                                                                                                stockists thoughout the UK, as well as around
                                                                                                the world, his dresses are easily accessible and
                                                                                                most surprisingly, within a reasonable price
                                                                                                range, ensuring there is a dress to suit every bride
                                                                                                whether you’re having a low-key intimate wedding
                                                                                                or a huge extravaganza that needs a dress to match.

                                                                                                What are you waiting for...?

                                                                                                Deborah Joseph
                                                                                                Editor, Brides magazine

                                        42           specIAL OccAsIONs
                                                     alluring and sophisticated, ian Stuart’s
                                                     stunning range of daytime-to-evening-
                                                     wear is designed for women of all ages
                                                     who like to make an entrance.

                                        39           DesIgNer tIps & trIcks
                                                     ian Stuart shares his expert knowledge

brOcHure deSign: andrée wilson & Peter tague. Print PrOductiOn: Francis bekers.                                                                           5

    multi award-winning bridal designer ian Stuart has achieved international
    renown for his sumptuous gowns, which combine the glamour and
    sophistication reminiscent of the golden era of couture with a
    contemporary twist. Having begun his training at one of london’s finest
    couture houses, ian has gone on to dress women all over the world on
    their wedding day in his own exquisite creations, including many
    celebrated stars from the television and film world.

    ian’s passion for fashion, art, music and theatre are the driving force         ian Stuart, a tireless experimenter in love with
                                                                                    theatre and drama, rose from a small atelier to
    behind his designs and he is proud to present The Paramount Collection          an internationally renowned label.

    for 2010. Paying homage to some of the iconic movies produced by
    Paramount Pictures, such as Roman Holiday, Sabrina and Breakfast at
    Tiffany’s, the collection evokes the glamour and sophistication of stars like
    Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren, who epitomize the grace and beauty
    that every bride-to-be deserves on her wedding day.

    View The Paramount Collection at

 Award winning
 designer Ian Stuart
 showcased his
 new collection
 for 2010 on the
 catwalk in London,
 introducing the
 latest silhouettes,
 fabrics and colours
 that will adorn the
 most stylish brides
 around the world…

Trends                 13

                                                                   jOSePHina   bijOu

Always on the cutting-edge of bridal fashion,
Ian Stuart believes that colour is key to achieving
the perfect look and his gowns are created in a
beautiful pallet of bold and pastels in addition
to traditional white and ivory.
                                                      maSquerade   PaciFica    unFOrgettable

Ruffles, frills and elaborate
folds of fabric have been used                 Plume         calyPSO
for centuries to great decorative
effect. Ian Stuart’s sumptuous
gowns incorporate eye-catching
frills and flounces with a
modern twist, creating a look
that is both sexy and demure.

                                    belleVue   San lOrenzO   muSe
Redolent of joy and
beauty, flowers are an
essential element of every
wedding. Ian Stuart
incorporates fanciful
floral decorations into
his designs to ensure that
every bride feels pure,
romantic and utterly

                                          dOminica       camille

                             ValdiSaire   FOntainbleau   SeVille

                                          cHa cHa cHa   FOx trOt

Whether it is to be a simple civil
ceremony or an exotic wedding on
a far-flung beach, every bride deserves
a stunning dress. Ian Stuart has
created designs to suit every style of
wedding and his collections always
include unconventional gowns without
a train and short, chic dresses.
                                          bambOlina     jet Set

Ian Stuart’s love of antique               ParamOunt   mariPOSa

clothing, embroidery, lace
and appliqué work from
around the world provides
the inspiration for many of
his gowns. These traditional
techniques and decorative
details are reinterpreted
for today’s bride creating a
look that is timeless.

                               braSillia   Fiji        Sable
The 2010 Paramount Collection
made its debut in London…                                                          …let’s party!

                                ParamOunt cOllectiOn: Photography Sheila rock. Styling jenny Swire (Fashion director, Wedding).
                                catwalk PHOtOgraPHy: timothy griffiths, richard miles.

 24                                                                                                                               25

            ian Stuart is an
            renowned couture
            bridal designer

              and his recent
            catwalk show in

            milan was a runaway
            success, receiving
            the highest accolades
            from press and
            buyers from around
            the globe.

                                                            water lily
                   jet Set



        Santa Fe

cHa cHa cH




                                      ian stuart’s

                    trIckS  the Paramount collection includes gowns to suit every bride’s personal style,
                            venue and wedding theme, made from gorgeous italian silks and taffetas, which
                            drape the body beautifully and flatter every shape. embroidery and beading are
                            also used to create the unique textures and details that help form ian Stuart’s
                            signature style – playful, theatrical and unashamedly romantic. colour plays an
                            important role too with subtle shades of stone, lilac, citrine, powder blue, and pale
                            gold sitting alongside classic white and ivory – beautiful shades to enhance every
skin tone. Having helped so many women achieve the look they’ve dreamed of on their wedding day, ian
shares his expert tips on how to find the perfect dress.

ADvIce remember that it is your wedding. take advice             specIAL requests if you fall in love with one of our
from family and friends but don’t be overly influenced by        gowns but would prefer a different neckline, straps or
them. Having too many conflicting opinions can leave you         even fabric, don’t be afraid to ask. we have a very flexible
feeling unsure about what you really want.                       approach and offer an additional service that enables
                                                                 brides-to-be to mix and match designs to create a truly
prepArAtION choose a bridal salon with a good                    bespoke look.
reputation for quality and customer service and go armed
with ideas and a scrapbook of favourite images torn              AccessOrIes Once you have chosen your dream
from magazines. begin with an open mind and don’t be             gown, think carefully about how you will accessorize it. if
afraid to try on every style of gown, from the simple and        you decide on a pair of statement earings, you probably
understated to the most extravagant of creations. then           don’t need a necklace, particularly if the neckline of the
you can begin to eliminate shapes that don’t work for you.       dress incorporates a lot of decorative detailing. a pretty
but above all remember to have fun!                              bracelet will complete the look. rather than a traditional
                                                                 veil or tiara, consider wearing something more striking
theMes it’s a good idea to start by choosing a colour            and contemporary. i have designed a range of beautiful
theme for your wedding so that table decorations and             bridal hats to compliment the gowns in the paramount
flowers can be based around that. we offer a service             collection.
where you can order extra fabric to be made into cravats
and handkerchiefs for the groom, best man and ushers to          guests think about how you would like other members
create a harmonious look throughout the bridal party.            of your bridal party to look, particularly your mother.
                                                                 my special Occasion collection (page 42) includes
cLIMAte consider the time of year that you will be getting       gorgeous silk dresses and jackets in a range of colours
married and the climate at the location as this will influence   that perfectly compliment the subtle pastel tones of the
the type of fabric and design you choose.                        bridal range. it has enabled many brides and their mothers
                                                                 to enjoy this unique shopping experience together and
cOLOur if you are dark-skinned or tanned, opt for cooler         achieve a coordinated look that carries all the hallmarks of
shades, including opaque white, pale ivory, ice blue and         an ian Stuart design.
blush pink. warmer hues such as rich ivories, pale gold,
rose and spicier tones suit fairer skins.                                                                                       39

         iSl089                                      iSl086

                  evoking the same glamour as The Paramount Bridal Collection,
                  the ian Stuart special Occasion collection uses similar
                  techniques and detailing to create a very wearable daytime-to-
                  evening-wear range. now every woman can experience the
                  magic of wearing an ian Stuart creation, be it to attend a day at
                  the races, a garden party, a wedding or a bar mitzvah.

iSl047                                        iSl074

         Playful, fun, sophisticated and sexy, the collection is aimed at
         women of all ages who like to make an entrance and includes
         dresses and jackets with bows and floral decorations applied in
         typical ian Stuart style. crushed taffetas, silk, chiffon and
         brocade are used to create stylish shapes that will enhance any

              iSl087                                        iSl088

                       with a beautiful colour palette that includes blue, rose, grey
                       pearl, aubergine, plantinum, and a two-tone lilac gold, the
                       collection is very versatile and suitable for any special occasion.
                       to complete the look, a range of hats, flower corsages and
                       other accessories is available.

                       For further information, visit
iSl075                                                           iSl076

         SPecial OccaSiOnS: Photography Peter Pedonomou. Styling Peta Hunt (Fashion director, you & your wedding).             49
iSl085                                                              iSl058

                                                   u.k. heAD OffIce
                                                 tel: +44 (0)20 8761 6302

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specIAL OccAsIONs : MAke AN eNtrANce!

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