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									                                                           ADPR 5990
                                           International and Cross-Cultural Advertising
                                                                      Fall 2008

-   Professor: Jooyoung Kim (Office: Journalism 253, Phone: 542-1190; E-mail:

-   Course introduction & objectives

    This special course focuses on the present and the future of advertising and marketing communication: global competition and worldwide
    markets; and brand management in very different cultural, regulatory and competitive conditions. With marketers scouring the globe for new
    target markets, advertising and communication professionals must consider a wide range of differing cultures and values when designing
    campaigns. Challenges in this developing global marketplace include finding enough information about competitors, consumers, media
    audiences and the local culture and customs to make crucial communications decisions. Potential employers in this demanding global
    marketplace hunger for employees who are bi- or even tri-lingual, work effectively in diverse teams, know how to build on commonalities,
    and deal effectively with cross-cultural differences. The future demands that communications professionals/researchers think strategically in a
    global environment.

    By the end of this course, students will know the major concepts of international advertising and their importance to global marketing
    activities around the world; know the history and current state of international and cross-cultural advertising practice; know the potential
    influence of cultural factors on international and cross-cultural advertising practices.

-   Text book
    Marieke de Mooij, Global Marketing and Advertising: Understanding Cultural Paradoxes, 2nd edition

-   Grading
    Class discussion participation: 20%
    Attendance: 20%
    Group Presentations: 30% (= Group Score  SOC)
    Take-home Exam: 10%
    Professional Report: 20% (= (Presentation 10% + Report 10%)  SOC)
        * SOC = Share of Credit

-     Schedule

Date      Topics+                                          Readings & Other Important Remarks
    8/19 Course introduction
         International Advertising: Terms & Trends;
         Environmental factors
    8/26 Environmental factors (cont'd)
    8/28 Market entry strategies
     9/2 Seminar: Globalization vs. Localization          The globalization of markets                                           G1
                                                          The myth of global strategy                                            G2
         The     Paradoxes     in    Global     Marketing Ch1
         The Global-Local Paradox                         Ch2
         Seminar: History and Trends of International     Review of a 40-year debate in international advertising                G3
         Culture                                          Ch. 3
    9/11 Culture (cont'd)
    9/16 Dimensions of Culture                            Ch. 4
    9/18 Seminar                                          Cultural Influence on Proneness to Brand Loyalty                       G4
                                                          On Toyota's Misstep in Advertising Its Land Cruiser SUV in Beijing     G1
    9/23 Values and Marketing                             Ch5
    9/25 Values and Marketing (cont'd)
 9/30 Seminar; Group Project Announced                     Cross-Cultural Differences of Price-Perceived Quality Relationships   G2
      McDonald’s in Moscow Video (& Take-home
 10/7 Culture and Consumer Behavior                        Ch6; Take-home exam due
      Culture and Consumer Behavior (cont'd);              Seminar article: Interactivity on Japanese versus American Corporate
 10/9                                                                                                                           G3
      Seminar                                              Websites
      Advertising and Media; Seminar                       Ch7; Seminar article: Exploring Factors Affecting Consumer
10/14                                                      Intention to Use Mobile Advertising in Taiwan                        G4

        Value Paradoxes in Advertising Appeals             Ch8; Group project decision due (send to Dr. Kim's WebCT email,
                                                           by 1:45 PM)
        Seminar; Executional Style and Culture (Ch. 9)     Seminar article: Advertising appeals and cultural values in television G1
10/21                                                      commercials: a comparison of Hong Kong and Korea
10/23 Executional Style and Culture (cont'd)               Ch9
                                                           The effectiveness of comparative advertising in Korea and the United G2
10/28 Seminar
      Group meetings (G1: 12:30-12:45; G2: 12:50-
10/30 1:05; G3: 1:10-1:25; G4: 1:30-1:45)
      Consumer Identity in a Multicultural Society -
 11/4                                                                                                                            G3
      African American
      Seminar                                        Fast Food Marketing and the African American Consumers                      G4
      Consumer Identity in a Multicultural Society -
 11/6                                                                                                                            G1
      Seminar                                        Acculturation and Discrimination in the Global Market Place                 G2
      Consumer Identity in a Multicultural Society -
                                                     (1) Stories, symbols, and straight talk: a comparative analysis of          (1): G3, (2):
      Seminar (two group presentations)              French, Taiwanese, and US TV commercials; (2) Exploring                     G4
                                                     Crowding Effects on Collectivists' Emotions and Purchase Intention
11/13 Criticisms on Hofstede’s 5-D Model
      Group meetings (G1: 12:30 - 1:05; G2: 1:10 -
      Group meetings (G3: 12:30 - 1:05; G4: 1:10 -
11/25 Thanksgiving
11/27 Thanksgiving
 12/2 Presentation (G1: 12:30 - 12:50; G2: 1:00 - 1:20)
      Presentation (G3: 12:30 - 12:50; G4: 1:00 - 1:20),
      End of Class


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