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									                          SAMPLE TEACHER PACKET – EDIT AS NEEDED

Information for Teachers
Mathnasium of _________, your neighborhood math learning center is excited to host on Saturday,
May 14, 2011 the first annual Mathnasium TriMathlon. We want to give kids in early grades a fun and
positive experience with math. Starting on National Pi Day, March 14, 2011, registration for the
TriMathlon will be free and open to all students in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades attending
public, private, or home school.

National TriMathlon winners will be chosen from the top three scores from all participating Mathnasium
locations; a total of 12 winners will be selected and recognized nationally. Along with medals for 1st, 2nd,
and 3rd place local winners at each participating center, all students will receive a certificate of
achievement for their involvement. National winners will receive honors and more than $10,000 in cash

The TriMathlon event focuses on the foundations of the Mathnasium Method and Number Sense:

      Counting
      Wholes and Parts
      Proportional Thinking

                                           A person can be said to have number sense when he or
                                           she can:
                                               Count from any number, to any number, by any
                                               Split any number in half, in fourths, in thirds,
                                               Compare any two numbers by subtraction and
                                                  division, and
                                               Use the idea that “the whole is equal to the sum of
                                                  its parts” in problem-solving activities

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