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									                                                Microsoft Technology Centers
                                                Customer Solution Case Study

                                                Financial Software Provider Achieves Breakthrough
                                                Performance in Benchmark Testing

Overview                                        “The level of performance we [achieved] was the
Country or Region: France
Industry: High tech and electronics
                                                result of 12 months of ongoing effort and
manufacturing                                   engagement. The MTC provided the infrastructure and
Customer Profile
                                                the people necessary to meet and exceed our target.”
Founded in 1990, and with more than             Michel Morel, Chief Technology Officer, Cartesis
1,300 corporate customers, Cartesis is a
world leader in finance and business
performance management software. It has
600 employees and is based in Paris,            Cartesis, an internationally recognized leader in finance and
France.                                         business performance management software, wanted to prove to
Business Situation                              its customers the power and scalability of its Cartesis Finance
Cartesis wanted to provide its customers        software. It worked with the Microsoft® Technology Center (MTC) in
with performance benchmark test results
to prove the power and scalability of its       Paris, France, which provided the technology infrastructure and
Cartesis Finance software.                      planning necessary to simulate an enterprise-scale real-life system
Solution                                        usage scenario at a fraction of the cost and time it would have
Cartesis worked with the Microsoft®             required otherwise. Cartesis achieved breakthrough performance
Technology Center (MTC) in Paris, France,
to test the capabilities of Cartesis Finance.   benchmark test results and proved that its Microsoft technology–
The test results achieved by Cartesis           based application can support more than 1,500 concurrent users.
exceeded the company’s expectations.
                                                These results were 50 percent higher than expected, due to the
Benefits                                        improvements Cartesis was able to make to its software based on
 Practical, reality-based benchmark test
  results                                       information discovered during the testing. Cartesis used these
 Performance increase of 50 percent            results as evidence in a high-profile product marketing campaign.
 Evidence-backed marketing campaign
 Increased customer confidence
Situation                                         potential Cartesis enterprise customer with
Cartesis, based in Paris, France, is a            thousands of users. To do this in-house the
Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner. The            company would have had to make a
company develops and markets finance and          significant investment in computer hardware,
business performance management software          software, and IT planning. “We don’t have
to many of the world’s largest multinational      those kinds of resources,” says Michel Morel,
corporations, such as Air France KLM, Cargill,    Chief Technology Officer at Cartesis. “The
Danone, Diageo, Nissan, Société Générale,         time and costs required to build this
and Standard Life. In fact, one in four of the    infrastructure in-house was prohibitive. The
Fortune Global 100 companies rely on              planning alone, just to acquire the hardware,
Cartesis products. With a customer roster of      would have taken months. We could have
this magnitude, Cartesis places a high            easily spent several million dollars on this
emphasis on the development of software           kind of infrastructure.”
that can scale to support thousands of users.
Its Cartesis Finance software helps               Cartesis also wanted to support a major
companies complete financial consolidation        marketing campaign with these test results.
and reporting cycles faster, and provides full    “We needed a proof point behind the
process control and data transparency             campaign—one that demonstrated the value
throughout.                                       that Cartesis can deliver to its customers,”
                                                  says Fisher.
“Our customers’ businesses are growing, and
consequently, so is the amount of data they       Solution
are processing. The need for a fast close is      To accomplish the testing that would
more important than ever,” says James             simulate the use of Cartesis Finance in an
Fisher, Director of Product Marketing at          enterprise setting, the company worked with
Cartesis. The “fast close” concept refers to a    the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in
company’s ability to complete its accounting      Paris, France. “It was much more than a
cycles and close its books quickly. Achieving     matter of getting the highest number of
a fast close can be a challenge due to the        concurrent users out of the product. We
increased complexity of global regulations        worked together to make the tests reflect
and insufficient performance from many            real-life usage situations so that we would
consolidation applications. Nonetheless,          emerge from the testing with real, usable,
companies who can close their books quickly       practical data,” says Fisher.
benefit from faster access to financial and
business information that in turn makes           The goal of the testing was to demonstrate
possible faster reporting and better-informed     that Cartesis Finance can support 1,000
decision making.                                  concurrent users at a high level of
                                                  performance. Cartesis developers prepared
Cartesis wanted to prove to its customers         for the MTC engagement by developing a test
that Cartesis Finance can support a high          script to use for benchmarking the
number of users with speed and accuracy,          application’s performance. During the initial
functionality essential to help companies         engagement with the MTC, which lasted two
achieve a fast close. But to conduct              weeks in November 2005, Cartesis and the
performance benchmark testing of its              team from the MTC simulated usage
software, Cartesis needed to simulate the         scenarios and user profiles that reflected a
use of its product in a true-to-life enterprise   true enterprise environment. The team
operating environment, one that resembled a       conducted the equivalent of six months of
“Our customers are                             actual financial reporting cycles. These tests      Support 1,500 active concurrent users
                                               involved more than 14,000 data submissions          while performing consolidation functions
looking for a business                         and 160,000 input schedules. The tests were         with high performance.
performance                                    conducted on Microsoft SQL Server™ 2005            Support 12 simultaneous consolidations
                                               database software and with HP Integrity             running with up to 500 active users in one
management                                     server computers. Cartesis Finance takes            application.
application that can                           advantage of SQL Server 2005 to consolidate        Achieve average response times, on 100
                                               financial data. To simulate an enterprise-level     user actions, of fewer than 3 seconds.
perform under stress….                         load of users, the team used QALoad                Scale to accommodate new users while

This is an increasingly                        software from Compuware. QALoad mimics              maintaining high performance levels.
                                               realistic business usage to validate system
important buying                               and application performance.                      “We accomplished a series of focused
criterion, and the MTC                                                                           benchmark tests, really pushing the
                                               After the initial engagement, Cartesis            capabilities of Cartesis Finance to its limits.
helped us satisfy this.”                       developers fine-tuned the Cartesis Finance        Our customers are looking for a business
James Fisher, Director of Product Marketing,   application based on the results from the first   performance management application that
Cartesis                                       round of testing. The company then returned       can perform under stress and scale as
                                               two more times to the MTC in a 12-month           necessary. This is an increasingly important
                                               period. After each visit, the developers again    buying criterion, and the MTC helped us
                                               used the test results to inform further           satisfy this,” says Fisher.
                                               modifications to the application, each time
                                               improving its performance—until the               Performance Increase of 50 Percent
                                               application surpassed the original goal of        From the time of its first visit to the MTC,
                                               1,000 concurrent users.                           Cartesis improved the performance of its
                                                                                                 software by 50 percent. Although the goal
                                               Benefits                                          was to prove that Cartesis Finance can
                                               As a result of its engagement with the MTC,       support 1,000 simultaneous users, with the
                                               Cartesis has a well-documented set of             help of the MTC, Cartesis tested the
                                               benchmark performance and scalability test        performance of the application up to 1,500
                                               results that it can use to support a high-        concurrent users. “The level of performance
                                               profile marketing campaign. These test            we were able to achieve, 1,500 concurrent
                                               results, evidence of the company’s dedication     users, was the result of 12 months of ongoing
                                               to helping other companies improve business       effort and engagement. The MTC provided
                                               performance management, has greatly               the infrastructure and the people necessary
                                               increased customer confidence in Cartesis         to meet and exceed our target. The result of
                                               products.                                         supporting 1,500 concurrent users on a
                                                                                                 hardware platform that was sized to support
                                               Practical, Reality-Based Benchmark Test           1,000 concurrent users was well above our
                                               Results                                           expectations,” says Morel.
                                               The series of demanding performance
                                               benchmarks, based on Compuware tools,             The test results also helped to demonstrate
                                               which Cartesis completed at the MTC               to Cartesis customers the scalability of SQL
                                               resulted in the following proof points for        Server 2005 and the HP Integrity platform.
                                               Cartesis Finance. The application can:            “We’re now seeing very large deployments on
                                                                                                 SQL Server 2005,” says Morel. “These tests
                                                                                                 provide additional proof of the suitability of
“These test results are                   SQL Server 2005 for the largest enterprise
dramatically increasing
the confidence of both                    Evidence-Backed Marketing Campaign
                                          The benchmark test results from the Cartesis
prospective and current                   engagement with the MTC are used to
customers.”                               support the company’s Fast Close marketing
                                          campaign. The test results now appear in a
Michel Morel, Chief Technology Officer,   series of white papers written by Cartesis that
Cartesis                                  discuss how businesses can speed business
                                          performance management and close their
                                          books faster. The white papers contain
                                          practical advice for selecting business
                                          performance management applications,
                                          including a framework that outlines the types
                                          of performance benchmarks to look for.
                                          Morel says the company can now provide
                                          “tangible evidence” for current and potential
                                          Cartesis customers in their evaluation of
                                          Cartesis products.

                                          Increased Customer Confidence
                                          “These test results are dramatically
                                          increasing the confidence of both prospective
                                          and current customers,” says Morel. In
                                          reference to the results the company has
                                          seen from its Fast Close campaign, an
                                          integral part of which are these performance
                                          benchmarks test results, Fisher says,
                                          “Because we’ve been able to underpin the
                                          Fast Close campaign with a solid set of proof
                                          points and capabilities, this campaign has
                                          been one of the most significant and
                                          successful campaigns we’ve undertaken in
                                          the last 12 months. It’s raised a great deal of
                                          awareness for Cartesis and moved the
                                          discussion of business performance
                                          management forward.”
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Document published July 2007

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