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                                                           Shuttle Bus from KGH to CUPE Elections
             Newsletter Highlights
                                                           We will again be running a shuttle bus going from
                                                           KGH. to the CUPE elections on Saturday morning
     Spread the word!                                     March 29th 2008. It will be up to you to arrange the
                                                           time off with your manager. The local will contact
     Shuttle Service on Election Day                      the Hospital to have them contact all departments
                                                           to encourage managers to be as flexible as
     Campaign Letters                                     possible. At this time we believe the location will be
                                                           the same as the last elections two years ago the
                                                           Lions Hall 216 Elliot Avenue. Confirmation of the
                                                           details will be posted on the bulletin boards closer
                                                           to Election Day March 29th 2008.

Spread the word!                                           President Campaign Letter # 1
                                                           I want to take this opportunity to express my
Attn: CUPE Local 1974 Members, Brothers and                intention of running for re-election in March for the
Sisters                                                    position of President. It has been an honour to
                                                           serve in this capacity for the past term. As you
Saturday, March 29th 2008 is Election Day and I            know, I have had the privilege of serving on the
hope that you will join me and nearly 1400 of your         executive board for quite a few years, gaining
CUPE Local 1974 members this day in voting for             experience and knowledge along the way. I want
our representation for the next 2 years!                   to continue to put this to good use by serving as
                                                           your President.
I think we all want to be represented by the best          I’d like to thank the members of the executive for
possible President, Vice-President, Chief Steward,         their support over this last term. Especially, I want
Committees ect, who will work hard and represent           to thank Ken Bethune (Vice-President) for allowing
us fairly as they have in the past. To do this, we         me the opportunity to participate in representing
have to get out and VOTE. Let’s support the best           our local at many labour events, at OCHU (Ontario
possible candidates by voting for them and                 Council of Hospital Unions, CUPE OD (Ontario
showing your support. Together, we can make a              Division), CUPE National and as a representative
difference this election day.                              on the HOOPP (Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan)
                                                           Board. It reflects well on our Local to be able to
Don't stay home this year, we need YOUR vote.              have a direct influence as our reputation for
Every vote counts. I will be at the polls and I hope       fighting for workers spreads. We are fortunate in
to see you there too!                                      that while I am occasionally away, Ken is able to
                                                           cover duties here in our office, keeping in regular
Thank you,                                                 contact with me. Our Local only incurs the
Charlene Godfrey                                           expense of one booked off as the other labour
Newsletter Committee                                       organizations cover expenses for me. This means
                                                           that our local can have the extra person to attend
Please visit for full election          to union business at no cost to the Local and we
campaign coverage. If you would like to run for any        can have more of an impact at conferences and
CUPE Local 1974 position please submit your                conventions. I am still available for any question or
campaign letter to                decision remember I am only a phone call away.
and it will be posted on the website.                      My prime focus is to look after the interests of our

November 2007                                 CUPE Causeway                                         Page 1 of 6
                                                CUPE Local 1974
Local and to be there for all of you.                       1974 Executive Board. This year I am campaigning
During this past term we have met many                      to be President of our local union.
challenges and gained opportunities.                        These last two years during which time I have filled
We continue to grow in membership, which only               the role of Chief Steward, has been rewarding in
adds to our solidarity and strength. It is good news        many ways. I have felt that it has been a positive
that due to our efficiencies we were able to lower          experience not only for me but also for those
our Union dues from 2% down to 1.65%. As well,              members for whom I have had reason to offer
we worked hard at re-instating our RPN¹s and I am           assistance to. As well, for those members who
proud to report that gains have been made. The              have not required my assistance but to whom I
hospital is increasing the RPN compliment in                have had a connection with just simply to discuss
certain areas and we continue to pressure the               our every day work related issues that we face on
hospital for more. An issue regarding our Benefit           an ongoing basis. I feel I can serve the members
Package was identified during the last term and we          more effectively as President of our local union.
noticed that we did not have a lot of input or              I have been an employee of the Kingston General
knowledge of how this process worked. When I                Hospital since 1974. I have seen many changes
brought our concerns to OCHU and other locals it            within the operation of the hospital as well as in the
resulted in a Benefits conference held during the           representation of the Executive Board for CUPE
OCHU Convention We hope to have more to report              1974. Not until I experienced some problems of
soon. Another important issue dealt with the                my own in the workplace did I even know or
hospitals budget shortfall. I am pleased to report          understand what a collective agreement is or what
that for the first time we successfully partnered with      it even meant within the workforce. It was during
the hospital in fighting for a more fair system in          this period in my life at KGH that I embraced the
funding. We all gain from this and hopefully                concept of what the collective agreement, human
funding for hospitals will improve. Remember our            rights and the labor force movement meant for all
work is important. Last but not least, I am pleased         of us. And of course in order to live by these
to say that our Local had a direct positive impact          concepts of fair and equal treatment within the
on the annual workplace United Way campaign,                workplace I had to learn how to become an activist
raising more than our goal and more than previous           with the help of the membership, some who at the
years. Thanks go out to all those that participated         time were already activists and encouraged my
in this campaign and know that our whole                    participation. Thus I became a steward and a year
community benefits.                                         later ran for the secretary treasurer’s position and
In closing, I sincerely thank all of you for choosing       was successful. During my term as steward I took
me as your President. I hope that you will choose           the basic and advanced training as well as utilizing
me again. I want to keep on working for Local               face-to-face communication and other available
1974 at all levels and to bring to our members the          training. As the secretary treasurer I continued to
best representation as possible. We can and do              handle grievances and I have sat on the Fiscal
have an influence.                                          Advisory Committee (FAC) and the Bargaining
Please lend me your support once again and I will           Committee. I’ve also attended Conventions and
try my hardest to make                                      Conferences whereby I was exposed to what I call
Local 1974 an important labour force in protecting          the in-behind-the-scenes areas of the labor force
our rights, an important community partner and a            where the bargaining, brainstorming and decisions
proud supporter of improving our Health Care                are made collectively.
system.                                                     During my term as the Chief Steward I have had to
                                                            organize training for the stewards as well as be the
Yours in solidarity,                                        home base when their need to discuss concerns
                                                            and issues arose in order for them to try and help
Louis Rodrigues                                             the members whom they see on a daily basis and
                                                            who need assistance or simply an ear or advice. I
                                                            am also an alternate on the Joint Job Evaluation
                                                            Committee. I am one of four who sit on a fairly new
PRESIDENT CAMPAIGN LETTER #2                                committee around our benefits plan and I also sit
                                                            on the Bargaining Committee.
Brothers and Sisters                                        Now that these two years have quickly gone by
We are nearing that time to make another decision           and I have reflected on everything that has
on who we want to represent us on the CUPE                  happened I would like to run for another position
                                                            on the Executive Board. My decision to run for

March 2008                                        Causeway                                           Page 2 of 6
                                                 CUPE Local 1974
President was made with a lot of consideration. As           to last and we are confident that our membership
much as I have already learned, I have no doubt              will deal with those issues as we have in the past
that there is much more for me to learn. I am not a          swiftly, and efficiently.
person to make false promises that I can change               As well, more recently the re-introduction of the
everything because it is not something that a local          RPN’s back into the main hospital setting. This is
President can do alone. But I can say that I will do         something our local has been pursuing since they
my very best to deal with our local issues and               were for the most part eliminated from the main
enforce the language of our collective agreement             hospital in 1996. Information sessions were held
to the best of my ability. I will also try to prepare        on Friday February 8th in the Burr gym addressing
myself through networking and education for                  the RPN bridging program being run in conjunction
changes we are surely going to be facing in the not          with Saint Lawrence College for certificate RPN’s
too distant future.                                          to become Diploma RPN’s which will be the
We all know that the hospital is suffering financially       requirement to qualify for the vacancies to be
and we have heard about the LHINS, privatization             posted in the spring in the main hospital. This is
and the amalgamation of services. What this                  great news for our local and the RPN’s.
means to us in OUR workplace is still unknown.                At this time I would like to once again declare that
These are times whereby we must face these                   I will be a candidate for the Vice-President of our
challenges as they come to the forefront. Through            Local for the upcoming term I have held that
the affiliation we have with OCHU, the Ontario               position for sixteen years, as well prior to that I
Division and CUPE National we have to count on               was a Union Steward I have had the opportunity of
the solidarity of the labor force to bring us the tools      serving you the members in almost every capacity
we need to deal with the uncertainties we face.              some of which are W.S.I.B.
I ask for your support in the upcoming elections             Modified work, redeployment committee,
and if I am the successful candidate to be elected           accommodation, prepare and attend all step two
into the President’s position, my goal, is to guide          grievance hearings, arbitration referrals, as well as
the membership through our local level issues,               work with our lawyer to prepare for and attend all
making this my first priority.                               Arbitrations, and have had the opportunity from
                                                             time to time to be the acting President in Louis’s
In Solidarity                                                absence as well I am the Chair Person for the
Suzan Cleary                                                 provincial maintenance and trades committee .May
                                                             I say what amazes me most is the way our
                                                             membership has elected members of our executive
CAMPAIGN LETTER: VICE-PRESIDENT                              who have been able to work for the most part
                                                             together from a team concept perspective which is
                                                             hugely unique and unprecedented through out this
Dear Brothers, and Sisters:
While it hardly seems possible two years have
gone by already and our CUPE 1974 Elections are               At this time I would like to thank Louis
fast approaching (March 29th 2008).At this time I            Rodrigues the President of the local for the
                                                             opportunity to work with him over the past term
would like to formally thank our membership for
                                                             what an extraordinary leader. Louis is extremely
giving me the opportunity to represent you as your
                                                             well known as a local leader, he is also the Area
Vice President over the past two year term.
                                                             five Vice –President, first Vice-President of
 As you know it has been an extremely busy term
again dealing with the impact of the LHIN receiving          O.C.H.U. where he is the area’s representative on
                                                             central bargaining ,as well Louis is extremely well
their power, prior to that Local 1974 secured
                                                             known and respected both Provincially and
direction from our membership to take what ever
                                                             Nationally by the entire Union movement his work
action was necessary to protect the job security
                                                             assignments while he is away from our local acting
provisions of our Collective Agreements
anticipating the power the LHIN legislation gave             in his many different capacities may be from a
the government to do so and we were successful.              broader perspective his local roots have always
                                                             been his priority and therefore we are often the first
The Provincial Liberals were re-elected last fall
                                                             to know any results flowing from those important
with a majority government that will make it that
                                                             issues first hand. But he still is most proud of being
much easier for them to implement their agenda in
                                                             the President of local 1974 what a credit to our
the future which may be areas of concern for us.
But since the Provincial election things have been           local, thanks again Louis and I certainly support
relatively quiet but we certainly don’t anticipate that      him in his bid for the President of our Local this
                                                             upcoming term.

March 2008                                         Causeway                                           Page 3 of 6
                                                  CUPE Local 1974
 As well I’d like to thank John Stanford for the          To All members of CUPE Local 1974
opportunity to work with him John was elected into        As you all know, elections for our Local executive
the position of Recording Secretary this term, last       are coming up in March and I want to let you know
term John served as the Chief Steward, and before         that I am seeking re-election in the position of
that John was the Secretary Treasurer he also             Treasurer.
stepped in this past summer to do the Secretary           It has been a privilege for me to have served on
Treasurer position while Joan was off sick and did        the CUPE Local 1974 executive board for the past
a great job. As you can see John has a wealth of          term as your Treasurer. I can report that our
knowledge has worked extremely well as a                  finances are in good shape and we can continue to
member of the executive team and has always               do the work necessary to make our local strong
been there for whatever needs our membership              and able to meet the challenges ahead.
has had. Thanks John, and I certainly support him         As most of you also know, I have served the local
in his bid for re-election.                               in many positions, on the executive board and
 Joan Buchanan has been our Secretary Treasurer           committees. I feel that I have gained a lot of
for a long time and has done an incredible job for        knowledge and expertise as your Treasurer and
years maintaining the finances of the local. She          hope to put all of this to good work for the next
goes about her duties very quietly but extremely          term.
efficiently and is always available to do anything        I want to thank the executive board members for
asked of her in the interests of our membership.          their support and encouragement. We all do work
She as well has established herself as a very             extremely well together and a strong team is
important member of our executive team. At this           important. I can express concerns and issues
time I would like to thank her as well in having the      knowing that at the end of the day consensus will
opportunity to work with her, in hopes that she will      be reached and the local served well.
be successful again this upcoming term in her             I ask for your support once again and hope to see
pursuit of re-election.                                   as many of you as possible at our meetings.
 It is my understanding Kevin Welch is running for
the Chief Stewards position as you are all well           Yours in solidarity,
aware Kevin was the President of local 2996 the           Joan Buchanan
Cancer Clinic local for years prior to integration
with the main hospital . He also served our
membership subsequent to integration as a Vice
President of our local .Kevin brings with him a           CAMPAIGN LETTER: SECRETARY TREASURER #2
wealth of experience and has certainly established
himself as a valuable member of our executive in
                                                          Dear Brothers and Sisters
the past. It certainly is nice to know that after a
                                                          I am writing this letter to inform the membership of
very short absence he is pursuing the opportunity
                                                          my intentions to run for treasurer.
of once again representing our members as a               I have been a member of good standing for 17
member of our executive.                                  years. I was a union steward in the past. I am
 In summation I would like to once again thank you
                                                          also an alternate on the Joint Job Evaluation
the membership for the opportunity to represent
                                                          Committee. I have been involved as an activist
you over the last term as your Vice-President and
                                                          attending rallies and bus trips in support of other
ask you for your support again on Election Day
                                                          locals experiencing difficulties. I was the
(Saturday March 29th 2008) for that same position         secretary-treasurer for the Ontario East Transplant
of Vice-President of our local. But most of all
                                                          Support Group – Kingston for one year as well I
please come out and vote for the candidates of
                                                          have done ledgers in the past.
your choice.
                                                          I feel the membership needs a change, as many of
                                                          us approach retirement the need to educate
Yours in Solidarity                                       members to step into executive level positions is
Ken Bethune                                               important. I am ready and willing to take on this
                                                          new challenge and look forward to your support at
CUPE Local 1974
                                                          the upcoming elections.

                                                          Thank you.
CAMPAIGN LETTER: SECRETARY TREASURER #1                   Yours in solidarity
                                                          Susan Kemp

March 2008                                      Causeway                                          Page 4 of 6
                                               CUPE Local 1974

To the membership of CUPE Local 1974                        Brothers and Sisters
It has been my privilege to be involved at the              First off I would like to introduce myself to those
executive level of our local for the past 8 years. I        members who do not know me, my name is Ernie
have served as Chief Steward, Recording                     McConnell and I am running for the position of
Secretary, and also pitched hit for Joan Buchanan,          Chief Steward.
assuming the duties of Secretary Treasurer during           Let me tell you a bit of my background. I have
her time on sick-leave.                                     been working for KGH almost 10 years. My first
Presently, I hold the position of Recording                 position with the Hospital was with the Security
Secretary for our local and I would like to continue        Department. I very much enjoyed working in
into the next term as your representative on the            Security and became familiar with the Hospital and
executive, continue my role as Recording                    as well I developed many acquaintances with the
Secretary.                                                  staff. From there I moved on to Environmental
As many of you may know, I was involved in our              Services, and shortly after that I became a steward
local activities since my first year at KGH in 1984. I      with CUPE 1974 and I have continued as a
served as a trustee and then as a steward, and              steward for more than eight years.
then assuming the role of Secretary Treasurer. I            Further to my being an active steward I
have fond memories as well, of being trained by             volunteered for the Joint Occupational Health and
our union and the Ontario Federation of Labour, as          Safety Committee. As part of sitting on the JOHSC
an Instructor, teaching fellow employees to                 it was required that I become certified in order to
upgrade their English reading and writing skills.           investigate safety issues that could potentially
This was probably one of my most fulfilling roles as        harm hospital employees. I also sit on the
a union activist, helping fellow employees to move          Negotiating Committee and have sat on this
forward.                                                    Committee over the last two rounds of negotiations
I did leave KGH for a period of seven years and             for our collective agreement.
was thrilled to again find employment there                 Due to my involvement as a steward and sitting on
because of the representation that employees                the above mentioned Committees I have had the
have with Local 1974. Of course, I could not stay           opportunity to educate myself and I believe very
uninvolved, so I was encouraged by Louis to again           strongly that this has been a positive experience
take an active role.                                        as well as an asset and I feel that I would benefit
I have seen such change for the good over the last          this local as your Chief Steward and look forward
20 years; unbelievably we came from being a small           to your support.
local to one of the leading locals if not the leading
in OCHU. I have always tried to help anyone who             In solidarity
has sought my help, opinions, counsel ect. I have
lived true to our equality statement, and I will            Ernie McConnell
continue to try to the best of my ability to help and
further the cause of our local and the rights and
freedoms of all our members.
I respectfully ask for your support in the upcoming         CAMPAIGN LETTER: CHIEF STEWARD #2
elections, and I promise that I will do my best to
preserve our collective agreement as it stands with
                                                            Brother and Sisters,
improvements in the future.                                 My name is Kevan Welch and I have been an
                                                            employee of the Cancer Centre for 24 years. I
In Solidarity,
                                                            have served as a member of the executive of Local
John Stanford
                                                            2296 prior to amalgamation with KGH. During that
Enquiries 613-542-2503
                                                            transition I served as a Vice President of this Local.
E-mail:                                     During that time I witnessed first hand what a well
KGH x 4022                                                  respected Local we belong to. The leadership and
Cheers!!                                                    representation we enjoy is second to none in this
                                                            Province. It would be a pleasure to work with the
                                                            next Executive in the capacity of Chief Steward.

March 2008                                        Causeway                                           Page 5 of 6
                                                 CUPE Local 1974
Please take this opportunity to support your Union
and vote for the candidates of your choice.                Yours in solidarity,
                                                           Sheryl Toop
In Solidarity,

Kevan Welch
                                                           CAMPAIGN LETTER: NEGOTIATING COMMITTEE

CAMPAIGN LETTER: SERGEANT-AT-ARMS                          Brothers and Sisters

On Election Day, I, Norma Richards, will be                I would like to run for the full time Negotiating
running for the position of Sergeant-At-Arms for           Committee.
CUPE 1974. I currently am a medical secretary in           I have worked at KGH in Environmental Services
the Cancer Centre. Since 1998, I have been a               for 15 years. During that time I have served as a
union member and have been employed in various             steward for Local 1974 for 6 years. It has been a
roles at KGH. I attend our local’s meetings on a           challenging and yet rewarding time for me.
regular basis and would very much like the                 Whether it is filing grievances or simply lending an
opportunity to serve my fellow union members by            ear to someone who needs to discuss work related
fulfilling the duties of Sergeant-At-Arms. Please          issues these last six years have given me
come out and vote on Election Day.                         opportunity to meet many different members as
                                                           well as branch out into other areas. As the loan
Norma Richards, CMS                                        representative for CUPE 1974 I was involved in the
Medical Secretary                                          running of the United Way Campaign for 2 years
Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario                      back to back. Working with the United Way has
Ext.4505                                                   been a totally different challenge and as well very
                                                           rewarding. During the first year we raised
                                                           $28,000.00 and in 2007 I had an additional 4
                                                           weeks to raise monies and we raised $39,000
CAMPAIGN LETTER: TRUSTEE                                   beating 2006 amount by $11,000.00. I would like
                                                           to thank KGH and CUPE for giving me this
I am fairly new to KGH, but not new to CUPE.
Over the course of my career I have worked in
                                                           I believe I would work well with the members of the
social housing, public health, child welfare, nursing
                                                           Negotiating Committee as I have developed the
and medical associations. Currently I’m employed
as a medical secretary in Ob/Gyn and am very               skills to work as a team player fulfilling my roles
proud once again to be a CUPE member.                      mentioned above which of course is a key factor
                                                           within a Union environment. I look forward to your
Past CUPE experience includes Local 543
                                                           support at the upcoming elections and wish
(Windsor-Essex County Health Unit) Negotiations
                                                           everyone who is running for a position the best of
Team and Steward representing administrative and
technical staff. I’ve also served on joint labour-
management committees in Ontario and British
Columbia.                                                  In solidarity
I would like to offer my experience to serve
                                                           Bill Hossack
members of Local 1974. What I don’t know, I will
learn but what I have to offer cannot be taught….
CUPE Education Representatives have been
contacted and provided me with resources needed            Please visit for full
for the job of Local Trustee. When elected I               election campaign coverage.
promise TRANSPARENCY and                                   If you would like to run for any CUPE Local
ACCOUNTABILITY– if you pay for it then you own             1974 position please submit your campaign
it.                                                        letter to
Thanks very much in advance for your support on            It will be posted on the website.
Saturday, March 29, 2008.

March 2008                                       Causeway                                         Page 6 of 6
                                                CUPE Local 1974

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