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									               A.I. Blotter

                                                                        The Academic Integrity Office participated in the Fall 2009 University Services Speed
                                                                        Dating Style event called Need for Speed. During the one hour event, students moved
                                                                        from station to station in a “speed dating format” to hear short informal talk about
                                                                        services offered by the University as well as providing an opportunity for students to
                                                                        ask questions.

                                                                        The Academic Integrity Office theme was based on the 2009 poster campaign entitled
                                                                        “Courage – Find the inner strength to climb your own mountain.”

                                                                        Maureen Friest, Assistant to Danielle Istl, Academic Integrity Officer, represented the
                                                                        AIO office. Several informational handouts were offered to the students:
                                                                        • Policy S6: Student Code of Conduct
                                                                        • Academic Integrity Challenges You May Face – “What Should I Do If …?”
                                                                        • Academic Integrity Office brochure

If you would like to receive helpful reading material, please contact
the AIO office at ext. 3929 or by email at mfriest@uwindsor.ca

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