Art directed the entire 2000 Combined Federal Campaign CFC for DIA by 39Y4e4


									                                     Harriette Clark
                                     418 Wolfe Street
                               Alexandria, Virginia 22314
                                 703.683.0234 (Evening)
                                  202.231.2940 (Day)

                Qualifying Credentials:
 Translating information into results

 ART DIRECTION (Graphics and Web Sites)
  Conceptualized and executed security posters/calendars throughout Agency increasing
      security awareness
  Created numerous visuals (posters, flyers, and slide shows) for visiting dignitaries and
  Created graphics as links for our Internal Communications Division on the official DIA web
  Designed logos for the Mentoring program, Women’s Council logo, various certificates of
      accomplishment, and Women’s Executive Leadership Program logo (T-shirt) along with
      donning the logo T-shirt for a presentation to our entire class
  Art directed the entire 2000 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) for DIA. Received an award
      for “Best Motivational Poster.” These graphics prompted greater contributions, and the
      Agency’s financial goal was exceeded
  Planned and executed General Counsel web site, Ethics web site, Joint Intelligence Virtual
      Architecture web site, Voter Assistance web site making it possible for armed services
      men and women to vote from anywhere in the world. Developed logos for the investment
      division of DIA and helped design and implement the web site. Created the Classified
      Library web site making the site look and feel "digital" for remote access by analysts
  Edited and posted to Stone Ghost on a regular basis approximating 50 briefings per month
      according to Foreign Disclosure Officer's specifications
  Developed, documented, and maintained templates and provided high-end graphics and
      software technical support to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the White House, and the Unified
  Day-to-day work included HTML development, web site operations and maintenance , PDF
      development/editing, optimizing images for the web, familiarity with fonts and font
      management, images, clipart, and photos, and web site QA and testing
  Maintained expertise in common web publishing and graphics software such as Photoshop,
      Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, AfterEffects, Javascript, Illustrator, and MS Word
  Assisted in the systematic review and upkeep of DIA classified web pages with the goal of
      ensuring that DIA vacancies have no broken links on a weekly basis
  Acquired knowledge of digital production tool IPE to provide graphics for purposes of
      electronic dissemination of XML content
  Took personal responsibility in solving customer problems ensuring they are directed to the
      right resources whenever possible coordinating efforts with customer service
  Reported critical issues to management where intervention or external assistance was
      required or has been delayed
  Acquired training in Siebel software suite to monitor incoming jobs and requirements to
      route to appropriate staff for action
   Provided regular updates on all completed and significant jobs with the goal of providing at
       least one report for submission to be published monthly
    Dedicated to accomplishing the Agency mission, supported all Agency goals, and used
       common processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the Agency

Defense Intelligence Agency (April 1985 - Present)
February 2000 – Present, Visual Information Specialist
Web Design/Development (40 hours)
February 1999 – February 2000, Visual Information Specialist
Creative Services (Project Management - art direction) (40 hours)
April 1985 - February 1999
Visual Information Specialist, 1084
(Graphics) (40 hours)

Combined Federal Campaign “Best Motivational Poster”       2000
Special Act/Service                                        1999, 1996, and 1995
Women’s Executive Leadership Program                       1998-1999
Letter of Appreciation                                     2002 (Security Calendar)
Time Off Award                                             2004, 2000, 1999
Member, AIGA, Wash, DC

Women’s Executive Leadership Program (interviewed one SES at CIA and two GG15s to
complete requirements for this course)
Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria Campus
Teaching Certificate
Major: Certificate for teaching Art in public schools
GPA: 3.0
Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia
Teaching Certificate
 Major: Certificate for teaching Art in public schools
GPA: 3.2
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia
Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA)
Major: Communication Arts (Commercial Art) GPA: 3.0

Recent Software Applications/Classes
Java Script February 2005
Dreamweaver II in December 2004
HTML classes 2004
Photoshop cs, April 2004
Designing Web Pages 2003
Fireworks, May 2002
Dreamweaver I, February 2001
Web Design/Development Wash DC May 2000
Instructional Design for Multimedia 1999
Recent Conferences
Designing the User Interface, Seattle, March 2001
The Art of Typography with Martin Solomon, Wash DC April 2000

Teaching Certificate (Art)
Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria, Virginia
Teaching Certificate (Art)
Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia

Top Secret (Special Compartmented Information), Date of SBI: 07-29-02

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