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                            VIVIENNE ANDREA PARODI, DSN, RN

                                         3130 Duke of York ST.
                                           Suffolk, VA 23434

               Doctor of Science in Nursing, University of Alabama at Birmingham Graduate School
               Areas of specialization: Health Policy Analysis and Higher Educational Leadership
               Dissertation: “A Neuman Based Analysis of Women’s Health Needs
               Aboard a US Navy Ship: Can Nursing Make a Difference?” (1997)

               Doctoral Residency in health policy analysis in the office of Senator Daniel K. Inouye, D -
               HI, United States Senate (1995)

               Course work completed for the Ed.D in Higher Education Leadership at Peabody College
               of Education and Human Development, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN (1989)

               Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
               Vanderbilt University Graduate School of Nursing, Nashville, TN
               Areas of specialization: Medical-Surgical and Critical Care Nursing (1979)

               BA in Psychology with minors in Sociology, Theology, and Philosophy
               College of Mount Saint Vincent on the Hudson, Riverdale, NY (1973)

               Associate of Arts and Science in Nursing, Bergen County Community College,
               Paramus, N.J. (1974)

               Graduate and Undergraduate Special Education and Public Relations
               University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, Texas (1971)


March 10, 2011 – Associate Research Professor. Lead for Medical and Healthcare Research at
               Virginia Modeling, Analysis, & Simulation Center, Suffolk, VA (a research lab
               of Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.

1989-2011        US Navy Nurse Corps officer – honorably retired as a Commander on 01 March 2011.
1985-1989        US Navy Nurse Corps officer – Reserves

1980-1989        Assistant Professor of Nursing, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN


Licensure: Virginia license is current and active
AQD – Expeditionary (Shipboard) Medical Department Sea Service 2009
Strategic Medical Readiness and Contingency Course (SMRCC) Dec 2001
Security Clearance: Secret (good through 2015)


Naval Hospital Pensacola – Charge Nurse ICU
Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay Cuba - Charge Nurse Inpatient Hospital Ward and Head Staff Education
and Training
University of Alabama, Birmingham Alabama – Duty Under Instruction for doctoral degree in Nursing
Naval Medical Center San Diego – Educator for Critical Care Services; Command Nurse Researcher
Naval Health Research Center, San Diego – Program Manager, Navy/Marine Corps Field Medical
Technologies; Research Scientist – Modeling and Simulation
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth - Head, Nursing Research and Consultation Services; Head, Team
Resource Center for the Department of Defense


Naval Regional Medical Center, Bethesda, MD
Health Science and Education Training Command, Bethesda, MD
Naval Hospital, Cherry Point, NC
Naval Hospital, Charleston, SC
Fleet Hospital 500, Camp Pendleton, CA
Navy Sub Base, Holy Loch, Scotland/ Royal Navy Medical Command Petrievy Castle, Scotland


2010-11        Grant application submitted for a collaborative wound care training and practice project
               with the Naval Medical Centers at San Diego, Bethesda/Walter Reed Wound and Limb
               Salvage Center and Portsmouth, VA. Training medium is an avatar based laptop
               computer program for basic to traumatic wound management. Compiled for the submitted
               multi-site (Bethesda, San Diego, and Portsmouth Naval Medical Centers) training efficacy
               study, we will seek clinical and economic feasibility outcomes that support deployment
               needs of all providers from prevention to intervention and ultimately patient self-care.
               Status- being reviewed for more than $2.5 million dollars for the three MTFs combined.

              Shipboard Isolation and Quarantine Joint Requirements Limited Operational
              Experiment Project. Requested by the Commanding Officer of Naval Health Research
              Center, San Diego to serve as Subject Matter Expert (SME) representing Naval Health
              Research Center work to assist the Third Fleet Surgeon and the Joint Office for Program
              Requirements (Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, and Radiologic Defense) on the evaluation
              of the need for the development and use of capabilities to manage shipboard isolation
              and quarantine of crew from the effects of chemical and biologic contaminants. Using a
              foundation of work conducted as the Principal Investigator (PI) and Program Manager for
              Field Medical Technologies (NHRC), I then guided the research process and
              development for this program in 2006. Using this background, completed final Joint
              Program Office review for requirements in Jan, 2011.

               Research support for the “Team Effectiveness Accelerator” developed and tested by
               NAVAIR and funded by TMA. This is a software program that assists with documenting
               the components of observed team training based on the concepts and techniques of crew
               resource management driven scenarios during TeamSTEPPS training courses.

              NMCP IRB approved study # 2010.0015 “TeamSTEPPS Training Program
              Assessment Tool Revision and Validation” has been completed. Manuscript is in
              process. During the study, significant observations were made and program modifications
              are altered. Based on this work, additional funding was awarded to this PI totaling
              approximately $492,000 in services and direct support over the two and a half years since
              the initiation of the TRC. This funding provided direct NMCP Command benefits to the
              Simulation Center and Video Graphics Department as well as the Nursing Research
              Department. Indirectly, the whole Command benefitted from the TeamSTEPPS support
              services, education and training of DOD medical personnel.

       2009   NMCP IRB approval obtained for 2010.0015 “TeamSTEPPS Training Program
              Assessment Tool Revision and Validation.” This study tests the revisions made in
              TeamSTEPPS knowledge and attitude surveys. STATUS- Completed.

              TriService Nursing Research Program (TSNRP) a grant proposal submission for a
              3 year study of “Commitment-Focused Behavioral Change related to Infection
              Control Procedures.” This work is a collaboration with faculty from the School of Health
              Sciences, Education and the Virginia Modeling Analysis and Simulation Center, School of
              Community and Environmental Health. $500,000 has been requested. STATUS :

              Directs the acquisition and analysis of data related to the Command adoption of
              TeamSTEPPS, a DOD initiative to improve health team communication skills and
              patient safety. Consults with Old Dominion University’s VMASC (Virginia Modeling,
              Analysis and Simulation Center) team members on curriculum integration of
              TeamSTEPPs using modeling and simulation methodologies. Consults and coordinates
              with Eastern Virginia Medical School’s (EVMS) Modeling and Simulation Center team
              related to the use of the standardized patients from EVMS.

              TMA (Tricare Management Activity) awarded a grant to the Nursing Research
              Department of Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP) to become a Team Resource
              Center (TRC) for the Department of Defense. This center has been funded to conduct 3
              multi-day train the trainer courses for TeamSTEPPS. Attended by students based
              internationally, this program’s mission is to generate research experimentation on the
              integration of modeling and simulation based training curricula and the impact on learner
              behavior and ultimately patient outcomes.

 2008         Completed the historical research, scripting and direction of a video documentary
              commemorating the 100 Anniversary of the founding of the US Navy Nurse Corps.
              This video has become part of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville’s Library
              Collection on the history of nursing in Virginia.

              Deployed aboard KEARSARGE (LHD 3) for a humanitarian and disaster (multiple
              hurricanes hit Haiti) response evolution as the mission Director for Preventive Medicine
              and Healthcare/Medical education. This position required ongoing data collection, clinical
              and programmatic over-site, as well as major logistic team coordination from helo and
              boat landings and extractions, to RON (remain overnight) health and safety assessments
              and coordination with force protection, security both in the field, and with our host nation

              Grant proposal submitted to Tricare Management Activity for the establishment of a
              Team Resource Center for TeamSTEPPS.

2007          Establishing Baseline Neurocognitive Functioning in a Healthy Military Population
              using IMPACT® Neurocognitive Assessment Tool

               Principal Investigator - This study was a collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh
              Medical Center’s Innovative Medical and Information Technologies Center (IMITS
              CENTER) and their Sports Medicine Division. This study established normative baseline
              IMPACT® scores for a military population. ONR funded. DTIC technical report.
              Completed 03/07

              Mentored and participated in formulating the NMCP multidisciplinary team in the
              establishment of the Evidenced Based Practice (EBP) process for “Falls Prevention”
              For In-Patient and Out-Patient Areas”. Command protocol established.

              COMNAVAIRFOR Primary Care Optimization Follow-on Study
              Principal Investigator – Follow-on from an earlier process improvement assessment of
              nurse-focused patient concerns (ex: wait times, privacy, confidentiality) from users of
              aircraft carrier based health care. Patient/provider satisfaction surveys reflected concerns
              with wait time as a component of care avoidance. Completed 02/07. This study was
              funded by COMNAVAIRFOR.

2006          Assessment of Shipboard Isolation and Quarantine Capabilities
              Project Coordinator and first author of tech report - A multi-tiered collaborative
              assessment of capability to provide effective patient care and observation during isolation
              and quarantine for severe respiratory transmitted diseases, such as SARS. Both ship’s
              inherent capabilities and augmentation with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products
              were subjected to limited field tests aboard the USS REAGAN. DTIC report.

2005-2006     Micronutrient Supplementation of Marines and the Effect on Oxidative Stress
              Collaborator – Using established biomarkers, oxidative stress measures were
              analyzed in a group of US Marines receiving micronutrient supplementation compared
              to Marines not receiving supplementation. Principal Investigator: CDR Caron Shake,
              MSC, USN. Congressional funding.

2003 – 2006   Shipboard Surgical System (SSS)
              Principal Investigator. Led subject matter experts (SMEs) in developing CONOPS and
              AMMAL for PACFLT Shipboard Surgical System (SSS). Also charged with building and
              deploying to the fleet the first operational units. Consulted on the developing of 9 more
              renamed ERSS (Expeditionary Surgical System) units. These systems were designed
              using a stochastic model and SME input to provide Level II surgical capability in a rapidly
              deployable and mobile unit aboard Navy and Maritime ships without surgical support
              capability for interdictions at sea. Conducted the following:

                     Evaluated Health care support mission capabilities of SSS.
                     Presented alternative mechanism and system use for oxygen therapy aboard US
                      Navy ships.
                     Supported the presentation of TacMed CS, a patient tracking device being
                      developed by Naval Health Research Center and Marine Corps
                     Initiated Project Management of construction of Shipboard Surgical System
                     Conducted testing and evaluation of aspects of function for the Shipboard
                      Surgical System during RIMPAC, a multinational war game at sea
                     Presented SSS research at Karen Reider Research Symposium at AMSUS (Nov.
                      2004 Denver, CO) with LCDR Judy Dye, NC, USNR-R
                     Developed SSS training curriculum and resources for PACFLT Training Officers
                     Consults with PACFLT, CFFC and SPECWARCOM on recommendations for
                      continued system improvements, developments of new surgical capabilities and

2005          COMNAVAIRFOR Primary Care Optimization Study, Principal Investigator
              Using a Nurse Practitioner aboard the NIMITZ, this process improvement study identified
              areas for further improvement in patient care services in terms of acute care as well as
              expanding wellness oriented health promotion care and follow-up through the utilization
              of an advanced practice nurse.

2004          NAVAIRPAC Staffing Optimization Project, Co-investigator
              Commissioned by COMNAVAIRFOR to examine surgical staffing aboard PACFLT
              aircraft carriers in order to develop innovative ways to augment surgical training, optimize
              women’s health, and support Fleet Surgical Teams while non-deployed.

2004          Combat Trauma Registry (CTR), Military team member
              Gathered and assessed data from Operation Iraqi Freedom for the creation of a
              Navy/Marine Corps Combat Casualty Trauma Registry (CTR), Jan-Feb. 2004, Landsthul
              Army Medical Center, Germany.

2002 - 2006   High Speed Vessel (HSV 1 & 2& SWIFT) Development Command, Evaluation Team
              Participated in Sea-basing War Game modeling and simulation, series Part A & B
              conducted at Naval Warfare Development Command, Newport RI as a Subject Matter
              Expert (SME) on design and configuration of surgical systems and health care support
              relative to surface ships. Participated on 3 sea trials of the High Speed Vessel plus the
              testing of a stabilization platform aboard. This project was funded by the Office of Naval
              Research (ONR) for USS SWIFT I and II.

2003 - 2004   Deployed Seabee Women’s Gynecologic Health Project, Principal Investigator
              NIH funded study originated by Ryan-Wenger & Lowe testing the reliability and specificity
              of a Gynecologic Self-Diagnostic Kit in austere and operational environments with
              SEABEE women.

2003-2006     Operational Nursing Research Program Development, Naval Health Research
              Center, Director
              Identified opportunities for Nursing Research to support line missions as well as
              mentoring Masters and Doctoral students in Nursing and other disciplines.

2003          Weight Control and Physical Readiness Among Male Active Duty Staff and Line
              Navy Personnel, Principal Investigator, co-investigator was Joshua Linford-Stein-
              Feld, as part of his degree completion for PhD in Medical Anthropology from Stanford

2003          Assessment of Needs for Joint Task Force Staff,
              Camp Delta, Naval Base Guantanamo Bay – Principal Investigator
              Forged collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and Vanderbilt University. We
              designed a systems-based program to establish baseline emotional “hardiness”
              assessment and training programs for the prison guards and the health care providers
              supporting detainee care. Assessment would be further supported by a holistic approach
              to track emerging trends in illness, disease, and psychiatric conditions. Distance based
              training modules were to be developed to enable improving coping skills and recognizing
              self care needs. Longitudinal tracking for PTSD was proposed.


2011       Submitted “Theoretically-driven infrastructure for supporting healthcare teams training at
           a military treatment facility” to Journal of Military Medicine for publication.

           Assumed position as Associate Research Professor and Lead, Healthcare and Medical
           track at Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC), a research lab that
           is part of Old Dominion University.


           Turner, T.R. & Parodi, V.A. (2010). Theoretically-driven infrastructure for supporting
           healthcare teams training at a military treatment facility. MODSIM World Conference &
           Expo 2010, Hampton, VA. Recognized as Best Paper for the 2010 MODSIM World

           Received (with my research colleague, T. R. Turner) via RADM Stocks, a letter of
           Commendation from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Health Affairs
           For the support and presentation made at the 4 Annual TeamSTEPPS® Collaborative
           (Aug 2010).

           Head, Nursing Research and Consultation Department – Reviews, supports,
           Critiques and conducts research for the Command, Navy/Marine Corps, and DOD.
           Provides research support for Navy Medicine East clinicians.
           Teaches, consults and mentors the development and conduct of EBP (Evidence Based

            Completed “Promoting the Global Good: The Social Responsibility of Scientists and
            Researchers”. This research ethics and integrity education conference program was
            presented by the Navy Medicine Institute for the Medical Humanities and Research
            Leadership and the Smithsonian Institution.

            Active member of the Command Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the last 4 years.
           Teaches and mentors fellow researchers and students across disciplines (3-5 graduate
           students per year). Provides process, scientific, and programmatic analysis for Navy
           enterprise, especially, Nurse Corps.

           Leads, manages, directs the work of both the Nursing Research and Team Resource
           Center for NMCP and TriCare Management Activity (TMA). Master TeamSTEPPS
           trainer and principal instructor for the Team Resource Center (TRC) which is the only
           Navy TRC in DOD. The work of this TRC is to continue to educate DOD clinicians in
           this program using crew resource management tools and techniques for patient safety.

           Collaborates with civilian and other DOD research centers and Commands.
           Required skills include by not limited to: expert in team building and team
           Resource management skills, excellent communication skills and process.
           Conducts and directs work and clinical training using various types of modeling and
           Simulation. Sought out for analytical prowess.

           Inaugural Editorial Board member of “The Lantern”, published by the Bureau of
           Medicine and Surgery (BUMED). The journal captures the memories, experiences
           and lessons learned from Navy Nurses over the years. Contributions also are submitted
           by our civilian nurses working in support of our Navy mission.

2009-10    Telemedicine and Advanced Technologies Research
           Command (TATRC) Fredrick MD, subject matter expert (SME)

            on the “Hospital of the Future” team.
            Reviews scientific and programmatic plans, assists with shaping and onsite consultation
            for the recipients of 5 research portfolios receiving multimillion dollar Congressionally
            funded programs ranging from technology development to healthcare educational
            program design, wireless internet clinical support, and infection control diagnostic
            capabilities and decontamination processes.

2008        Awarded Navy Commendation medal for receiving Tricare Management Authority (TMA)
            funding to stand up the Team Resource Center (TRC). The TRC’s mission is to train and
            conduct research as a center of excellence for the Department of Defense’s (D0D) efforts
            to enhance patient safety in all DoD military treatment centers (MTF) through the use of
            TeamSTEPPS concepts and behaviors. This innovative center attracts DOD students
            from Europe, Japan, and all across the US. (01 Aug 2008).

            Deployed aboard USS KEARSARGE for Mission Continuing Promise 2008.
            As Director for two vital areas, assessed and developed implementation plans
            for host nations in the areas of patient, population, medical, and nursing
            professional education and coordinated a highly diverse team of Navy, NGO, and US
            Public Health professionals in health care and engineering for Preventive
            Medicine Directorate (01 Aug- 02 Dec 2008).

2008         First place finish in the Category 2 of the Navy Research Competition, first phase at
             NMCP. Poster was for Establishing Military Baseline Scores of Neurocognitive
             Function Using ImPact Assessment Instrument.

             Government liaison for the scientific review of Congressionally Funded MTBI research

             Featured Guest Speaker for the Northern Valley Regional High School (NVRHS)
             Commencement and awarded the “Hall of Fame” medal by the NVRHS Alumni
             Association for outstanding accomplishment by a NVRHS graduate.

   2007      Awarded second Navy Commendation Medal for sustained superior performance of
            duties while stationed at Naval Health Research Center. I am the only active duty Nurse
            Corps officer to not only serve on the development team of the Marine Corps FRSS
            system, but to also lead R & D work in field medical technologies that continue to be
            used saving lives in the field as well as supporting operational healthcare research
            education as a regular lecturer and academic mentor across disciplines .

            Head, Research Consultation Services and Nursing Research, Naval Medical
            Center Portsmouth, VA.

            Awarded Navy Commendation Medal for the design, development, construction, and
            deployment of the Shipboard Surgical System. A system unique among mobile
            Level II surgical assets. Now deployed as Expeditionary Surgical System (ERSS).

2005-2006   Regular guest presenter at “SWIMDOC” orientation. This training program provides
            essential information for newly assigned physicians to the Fleet Surgical Teams. Topic:
            Basic Principals of the SSS (Shipboard Surgical System) and system assets and
            strategies to optimize function are taught.

2005-06      SME Member – Joint Services Clinical Advisory Board on Advanced En Route Care.
             Sponsor: Office of Naval Research.

             Program Manager - Field Medical Technologies & Congressionally Funded Research
             Projects (Code 23), Oversee and managed multi-million dollar research programs

              spanning operational healthcare and IT/IM solutions Fleet and Field forces. Naval Health
              Research Center San Diego, CA

2004–2005     Navy and Marine Corps Field Medical Technologies (Code 23), Naval Health Research
              Center San Diego, CA. Deputy Program Manager (first line supervisor)

              Invited participant, Sea Basing and Enroute Care War Game Part A & B, Sponsored by
2004          Naval Warfare Development Command (NWDC) and Naval War College, Newport,
              Rhode Island

2003          Consultation provided to Nursing Directorate of Naval Medical Center San Diego, CA on
              the re-initiation of the National Database for Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI), an ANA
              supported project, Magnet hospital Activities and Joint Commission on the Accreditation
              of Hospitals 2003 Branch Clinic compliance (MCRD)

2002          Member of evaluation team of the “High Speed Vessel Project –JOINT VENTURE” For
              the Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC) Newport, Rhode Island. Conducted
              detailed pier side and underway evaluation of the vessel to determine potential medical
              support capability.

2002-2004     Research Scientist in Modeling and Simulation Code, Naval Health Research
              Center, San Diego, CA.

2000 - 2001   Directorate (Nursing) Coordinator for Continuous Improvement, Naval Medical Center,
              San Diego (NMCSD) - Provided direct consultative and evaluative services to over 900
              persons in the Nursing Directorate as well as the, Medical and Surgical Services, in-
              patient and Branch Clinics. Identified areas for process improvement as well as meeting
              requisite standards for Joint Commission for Hospital Accreditation and the Navy
              Inspector General. Inspection score: 95%.

2000 - 2001   Nursing Directorate Representative, Clinical Practice Collaborative. This eight-member
              board comprised of representatives from all Command and Branch Clinic Directorates
              provides oversight to all hospital committees and initiatives that involve clinical patient
              care in any way. This includes risk management, infection control, standards and
              practice, pharmacy and therapeutics etc.

2000 - 2001   Representative participant. One of four officers to represent the Naval Medical Center
              San Diego by participating in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Department of
              Defense Health Affairs. This project's goal is to meet with field experts and colleagues
              then develop safety change concepts and processes. The implementation of this safety
              product line will expedite greater improvements in quality of care. Co-developer of a
              "Sedation Protocol for Intubated Medical Intensive Care Unit Patients." Based on this
              initial work, mentored a Navy doctoral nurse anesthesia student through dissertation in
              the study of using Bi-spectral Index (BIS) metrics to determine sedation adequacy.

2000 - 2001   Participant, Breakthrough Series Collaborative on Improving Safety in High Hazard
              Areas. Focus: Emergency Departments, Intensive Care Units, Operation Rooms and
              Labor and Delivery. This is a series of training and workshop initiatives to improve safety
              in the Federal Healthcare System (Army, Navy, Air Force and VA). This group, under the
              partnership of Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and BUMED was commissioned
              by Presidential mandate (civilian and military components) as a response to the IOM
              report on patient safety in American hospitals. These 2-day events were held in
              Pittsburgh, San Antonio, San Francisco and Tampa.

2000 - 2001   Appointed by NMCSD as one of 4 multidisciplinary team members to serve on the
              Department of Defense Section of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) study of
              hospital medical errors.

2000          Developer and co-coordinator for Operational Nursing Symposium. This 2-day event
              attended by almost 200 persons was the first Operational Navy Nurse Corps Symposium
              conducted and was held aboard the hospital ship, MERCY.

              One of the primary developers & coordinators for Bringing Nursing Into the New
              Millennium (NMCSD); a 3 day Nursing Symposium attended by more than 270 nurses.
              Command Representative (NMCSD), Institute for Healthcare Improvement's 12 Annual
              National Forum, San Francisco, CA, December 2000.

1999 - 2000   Conducted a four-year study of the annual prevalence and incidence skin integrity and
              documented assessment on all adult in-patients at Naval Medical Center, San Diego, CA.
              This is used as a patient outcome quality measure, and now part of Magnet

1999 -        Nurse Researcher, T-AH 19 MERCY & Naval Medical Center San Diego. Division
2001          Officer for ICU 2 and Isolation Unit (ICU 4) on the hospital ship MERCY. Nurse
              Researcher/ Command Special Projects, Naval Medical Center San Diego. This position
              involves the mentoring of persons in their research programs that are for degree
              completion requirements or independent/team work. Additionally, I serve as a member of
              the Command's Institutional Review Board. This board reviews numerous proposal
              submissions from the West coast and throughout the Pacific Rim.

Apr 1999      Head Nurse during "Kernel Blitz" Joint Operations Military Exercise for two Intensive Care
              units including the actual patient care area for exercise casualties and chem-bio unit
              aboard T-AH 19 MERCY.

Jun 1999      Presented "How to Initiate Nursing Research" at the Peri-anesthesia Nurses Association
              Research Conference, Vista CA.

1999 - 2002   Command Nurse Researcher (Naval Medical Center San Diego).

1999 - 2001   Developed an Operational Health Care Data Base for a Nurse Corps Strategic Goal. This
              tool will ultimately by Internet linked via Nurse Corps Home Page and is Tri-service and
              multidisciplinary in health care focus and topic coverage.

1998 - 2001   Initiated and maintained a multifaceted Nursing Database for the National Data Base for
              Nursing Quality Indicators Project, sponsored by the American Nurses Association
              (Report Card on Nursing) to identify and measure nursing care sensitive elements and
              patient outcomes. The purpose of the study is to validate the quality and importance of
              professional nursing care in a managed care environment. The Nursing Directorate of
              Naval Medical Center, San Diego (NMCSD) is the first and only military treatment
              facility to participate. This is a required element when seeking Magnet Hospital Status.

1998 - 2007   Adjunct faculty, Hahn School of Nursing, University of San Diego, San Diego, CA.

1999 – 2000   Member, MERCY's core planning group for a Central American humanitarian mission.

1999          Researched and consulted on the design, configuration, and procedural protocols for the
              construction of the laminar air flow unit (ICU 4) to be designated as the Chemical/Biologic
              Isolation Unit aboard the MERCY.

1998 - 1999    Naval Medical Center San Diego, Utilization Management Working Group Trauma
               Course Working Group, Clinical Educators Group.

1998 - 2000    Member of Command Utilization Management Workgroup

May 1998       Nursing Trauma Course Working Group

Oct 1998 -1999 Critical Care Area Educator for Nursing Service Staff Development Department, Naval
               Medical Center, San Diego, CA

Aug 1993 -     Elected President of Nursing Graduate Student Association at the University of
Sep 1994       Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama

Nov 1992       Department Head - Staff Education and Training, Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Jul 1993       Rotation as Command Director for Administration (DFA)

Jan 1992 -     Division Officer - Inpatient Ward, Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Oct 1992

Jan 1991 -     Division Officer - Intensive Care Unit, Naval Hospital Pensacola, Florida
Jan 1992

Oct 1990 -     Assistant Division Officer - Intensive Care, Unit, Naval Hospital Pensacola, Florida
Jan 1991

May 1990 -     Staff Clinical Nurse Specialist - Medicine Unit, Naval Hospital Pensacola, Florida
Oct 1990

Feb 1990 -     Staff Nurse - Medicine Unit, Naval Hospital, Pensacola, Florida
Oct 1990

1988 - 1990/   Assistant Professor of Nursing (BSN Program), Austin Peay State University
1981 - 1986    Clarksville, Tennessee

1986 – 1988    Regional Clinical Manager Diabetes Treatment Center of America - American
               Healthcorps, Nashville, Tennessee. Provided Clinical Management and Support for a
               nationwide comprehensive Diabetes Corporate Program.

1985 - 1987    Initiated and secured clinical access contracts with St. Thomas and Vanderbilt University
               Medical Centers for Austin Peay State University Department of Baccalaureate Nursing.

1982 - 1989    Coordinated, lectured, and supervised the clinical performance for Senior Level Course in
               Intensive Care Nursing

1981 - 1982    Lectured and supervised the Clinical Performance for the Junior Level Course Medical -
               Surgical Nursing, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN

Dec 1984       Commissioned as an Ensign, U. S. Navy Nurse Corps Reserves

1982           Clinical Consultant, Cobe Laboratories, (development and critique hemodynamic
               pressure manifold).

1983 - 1989    Acted as Nurse Lobbyist on Specific Legislation for the Tennessee Nurses Association.

1981           Lectured at the St Thomas Mini-Critical Care Course Post Anesthesia Nursing Students,
               Nashville, TN

1981           Listed as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for intensive care nursing and cardio-thoracic
               surgical nursing in St. Thomas Hospital, Nashville, TN. St. Thomas is a tertiary care
               academic teaching institution specializing in cardio-thoracic surgery for the mid-South
               region, averaging 10-15 open heart surgeries per day.

1980-1987      Critical Care Staff, & Charge Nurse in Recovery Room and Critical Care Units
               St. Thomas Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee

1977- Aug 1979 Staff Nurse, Charge Nurse, Surgical Intensive Care, Trauma Unit of Vanderbilt University
               Medical Center

1979-1980      Clinical Coordinator for Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Trauma Unit, and opened the first
               Open Heart Recovery Room for neonates-adult at Vanderbilt University Medical Center,
               Nashville, Tennessee

Sep 1979 -     Developed the Cardiac Surgery Recovery Room and Surgical
Nov 1980       Intensive Care Unit for the "new" Hospital Vanderbilt University Medical Center

1979 - 1980    Developed and implemented the opening of the Cardiac Surgery Recovery Room
               Vanderbilt University Medical Center

1979 – 1980    Developed a Teaching Tool for the Preceptor-Orientee Manual for the Surgical Intensive
               Care Units of Vanderbilt University Medical Center

1976           Staff Nurse & Charge Nurse, Burn Unit & Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Hackensack
               Hospital, Hackensack, NJ.


               The following abstracts and papers were presented in 2010:

               Turner, T.R. & Parodi, V.A. (2010). Theoretically-driven infrastructure for supporting
       healthcare teams training at a military treatment facility. MODSIM World Conference & Expo
       2010, Hampton, VA. Recognized as Best Paper for the 2010 MODSIM World Conference).

              Turner, T.R. & Parodi, V.A. (2010). Assessing learning-level outcomes in a simulation-
       based DoD medical teams training program. International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare
       (IMSH 2010), Phoenix, AZ.

              Turner, T.R. & Parodi, V.A. (2010). Assessing learning-level outcomes in a simulation-
       based DoD medical teams training program. Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (VA) 25 Annual
       Research Competition, Portsmouth, VA.

              Turner, T.R. & Parodi, V.A. (2010). TeamSTEPPS Essentials as a standard component of
       command orientation at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (VA). Fourth Annual TeamSTEPPS
       Collaborative, Bethesda, MD.

              Turner, T.R. & Parodi, V.A. (2010). Multi-level outcomes assessment for team training:
       Using Kirkpatrick’s model to evaluate teamwork at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. The Ottawa

       Conference on the Assessment of Competence in Medicine and the Healthcare Professions,
       Miami, FL.

              Parodi, V. A. & Kopitzke, J. (2010). Video presentation of the work and research aims of
       the Navy’s Team Resource Center. Fourth Annual TeamSTEPPS Collaborative, Bethesda, MD.

June 2009       Guest speaker at Northern Valley Regional High School’s Commencement Exercise.
                Awarded Distinguished Alumni Award.

Mar 2008       Invited guest speaker at Annual Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Conference
               at Hampton Roads Coliseum. Topic: Preventive Medicine Issues from a
               Humanitarian Mission about the USS KEARSARGE: What is it we are not learning
               from lessons learned?

Nov 2007       Presented a research poster on “Establishing Military Baseline Population Normative
               Scores of Neurocognitive Function Using the ImPACT Assessment Tool” at the
               Karen Reider Research Symposium, Association of Military Surgeons of the US
               (AMSUS) in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jan 2007       Featured guest speaker at Singapore Armed Forces Medical Research Symposium.
               This multi-national 3 day meeting focused on using new technologies to maximize
               deployed operational patient care management. My presentation and panel
               discussions focused on surgical and enroute care capabilities and challenges.

May 2006       (with Ted Melcer, Carl Snow; Mike Stigall; Bill Hancock; and Bill Hamilton) Naval Medical
               Technology Outreach, Poster Session at ATA (American Telemedicine Association)
               Conference, San Diego, CA. Received blue ribbon as one of top 10 posters.

Jan 2006        Final Analysis Report Shipboard Isolation and Quarantine Program
               (SIQ-P), San Diego, CA. Naval Health Research Center Technical Report.

Aug 2005      Command representative & presenter at NHRC ATACCC (Advanced Technology
              Applications for Combat Casualty Care) booth.

2005          Lovell, M., Collins, M., Pardini, J., Parodi, V. A., and Yates, A. Management of
              Cerebral Concussion in Military Personnel: Lessons Learned from Sports
              Medicine. Operative Techniques in Sports Medicine Vol 13 Issue 4, Oct 2005 Pages 212-
              221. Management of Sports Medicine Injuries in the Military: Part II.

2005          Deployment of the SSS. Karen Reider Research Session, Association of Military
              Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS) Annual Conference, Nashville, TN November
              2005. Received a Flag letter of appreciation.

2004          (with Judy Dye and Kathleen Onofrio). Projecting Medical Supply Requirements for the
              Rapidly Deployable Shipboard Surgical System (SSS). San Diego, Calif: Naval Health
              Research Center; 2004. Technical Report 04-36.

2004          (with LCDR Judy Dye). Conference Presentation. “Development of the Shipboard
              Surgical System,” Karen Reider Research Session, Association of Military Surgeons of
              the United States (AMSUS) Annual Conference, Denver, CO, November 2004.

2004          Panelist, Research Summit Panel for the National Summit on Women Veterans Issues,
              VA Center for Women Veterans, Washington, DC, June 18-20 2004.

2004          Featured speaker. Military Special Interest Group, American Association of Ambulatory

            Care Nurses (AAACN) Annual National Convention, Phoenix, AZ, March 2004.

2004        Chair and host. Subject Matter Expert Conference on Developing Surgical Capabilities
            Aboard Small Navy Ships in Support of Special Operations at Sea, Navy Base, Point
            Loma, CA, January 2004.

2003        Presentation. Deployed SEABEE Women’s Gynecologic Health Project, Karen Reider
            Research Session, Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS)
            Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX, November 2003.

2002        (with Joshua Linford-Steinfeld). Presentation. An Ethnography of Weight Control and
            Physical Readiness Among Male Active Duty Staff and Line Navy Personnel, Karen
            Reider Research Session, Association of Military Surgeons of the United States
            (AMSUS) Annual Conference, Louisville, KY, November 2002.
2002        Poster Presentation. An Ethnography of Physical Readiness Among Navy Men, 15
            Annual Pacific Nursing Research Conference: The A to Z of Clinical Nursing Practice:
            Novice to Expert, co-sponsored by Tripler Army Hospital and the University of Hawaii
            School of Nursing, March 2002.

2002        Guest Lecturer. “Integrating Research into Clinical Practice,” Third Annual Nursing
            Research Symposium, Naval School of Health Science, San Diego, February 2002.

2001        Poster presentation. Use of Acupressure for the Control of Nausea and Vomiting in First
            Trimester Pregnant Women, Karen Rieder Nursing Research Session, 108 AMSUS
            convention, November 2001.
2000        Center Representative (NMCSD). Institute for Healthcare Improvement's 12 Annual
            National Forum, San Francisco, CA, December 2000.

2000        (with LT K. Hill). Poster presentation. Domestic Violence on Maternal Birth Perception,
            Karen Rieder Nursing Research Session, 107 AMSUS convention, November 2000.

2000        Participant. Improving Safety in High Hazard Areas, Institute of Healthcare Improvement
            3-day collaborative, Pittsburgh, PA, September 2000. Focus: Intensive Care.

2000        Co-coordinator. Operational Nursing Symposium 2000, the first 2-day Navy Nursing
            Symposium, June 2000.

2000        Presentation. 3-part series of Research-Based Topics at the Triservice Meeting of the
            American Association of Operating Room Nurses 47th Annual Congress, New Orleans,
            LA, April 2000.

2000        Co-coordinator. "Bringing Nursing into the New Millennium,” Research-based Nursing
            Symposium (NMCSD), February 2000.

1999-2001   Lectured at the Critical Care Course Program, Naval Medical Center, San Diego
            (NMCSD) twice a year on various topics such as endocrine system, burns, acid base
            balance and the interpretation of arterial blood gases.

1999        Presentation. How to Initiate Nursing Research, Perianesthesia Nurses Association
            Research Conference, Vista CA, June 1999.

1998        Presentation/Co-coordinator. Reaching New Heights In Research . . . Navy Nurses Rise
            Above, a nursing research regional conference, Naval Medical Center, San Diego
            (MNCSD), September 1998.

1996           Abstract Presentation. The lived experiences of unmarried pregnant active duty military
               assigned to an isolated duty station, 22 Annual Nursing Research Conference,
               sponsored by Sigma Theta Tau, Vanderbilt, & Middle Tennessee State Universities,
               Belmont College, and the Veterans Administration in Nashville, Tennessee.

1996           Journal Article. Medical Savings Accounts: Speculation vs. Outcomes, Nursing Policy
               Forum, May-June 1996. vol. 2, p. 22-24.

1988           Abstract. Patient Care Considerations for the Diabetic Undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen
               Therapy, Journal Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, June 1988, vol 15, p.73.


2011           Member, Suffolk Partnership for Health
               MODSIM World Medical/Healthcare tract member

2007-2010      Core voting member of the Executive Steering Committee for Nursing (NMCP)

                Member, Institutional Review Board, Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth (NMCP)

                Member, Command Quality Council, NMCP

                Member, Library Committee, NMCP

                Advisor, Nursing Research and Standards Committee

June 2005-      Member of Naval Health Research Center’s Position Management Board, MWR, &
2006            Lab Science Committee.

Nov 2005-2006 Member – Joint Services Clinical Advisory Board on Advanced En Route Care.
              Sponsor: ONR.

Aug 2004       Participating member of dissertation committee for CAPTAIN Min Chung Park at
               University of San Diego

Aug 2004-2007 Doctoral committee membership for Ms. Lisa Hughes, School of Public Health, University
              of Texas, Houston, TX

Sep 2003 -     Adjunct Faculty at San Diego State University, Graduate School of Nursing &
Present        University of San Diego, Doctoral Nursing Program.

2001-2002      Named to the International Coalition on Mass Casualty Education Group Coalition out of
               Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the School of Nursing

2000-2001      Member of NMCSD ECOMS-CPC (Clinical Practice Collaborative)

2000-2002      Member of Naval Medical Center's Command Committee for the Protection of Human
               Subjects and Scientific Review

2000-2002      Member Medical Center Library Committee

Aug 2000      Volunteer for NMCSD Breast Cancer Survivors Day seminars

Nov-Dec 1996 Toys for Tots, Sponsored by Nashville based Marine Corps Reserve Command

1992          Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Chair, Staff Education & Training Quality
              Assurance/Risk Management Advisory Member of Resources Management Council
              Designated Family Advocate

1992          Member, Staff Education Committee, NH Pensacola, Florida

1990-1991     Naval Hospital, Pensacola, Florida Committee Memberships: Nursing Standards and
              Practice Committee, Human Subjects Committee, Patient Education Committee,
              Intensive Care Unit Committee

              Austin Peay State University Committee Membership; University Faculty Senate
              (1984 - 1986), Chairperson, Student Affairs Committee, Nursing Department Research
              and Evaluation Committee Curriculum Committee

1981-1982     Nursing Standards and Practice Committee; Vanderbilt University Medical Center,
              Nashville, Tennessee

1980 - 1981   "Spectra" (Computer-Medical Information); Committee for Software Development,
              Vanderbilt University Medical Center

1979 - 1980   Nursing Grand Rounds Committee Vanderbilt University Medical Center

1979 - 1980   Nursing Standards and Practice Committee St Thomas Hospital Nashville,

1979-1985     Tennessee Special Olympics, Nashville, Tennessee


2011          Awarded the Navy Meritorious Service Medal for sustained outstanding performance of
              of duties while at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, VA.

2008          Awarded Navy Commendation Medal for sustained superior performance of duties while
              At Naval Medical Center Portsmouth with a citation for the creation of a Team Resource
              Center for Tricare Management Activity (TMA) supporting education, technology testing
              and educational research in TeamSTEPPs (grant award of $250,000) as well as the
              research and production of a historical video documenting the events leading to the
              100 Anniversary of the US Navy Nurse Corps.

2007          Awarded Navy Commendation Medal for sustained superior performance of duties while
              Naval Health Research Center.

              Flag Letter of Appreciation from Commander, Naval Air Forces (ADM J.M. Zortman) for
              assisting with the development of a Shipboard Isolation and Quarantine Program . . . “
              Leading to the navy’s concept of Operation for the handling of emerging infectious
              diseases to developing a groundbreaking program to help assess productivity and
              morbidity data received from the Fleet Medical Departments. . . These programs have
              been used extensively by TYCOM staffs to track trends, workload and support manning
              levels. “

2006           Navy Commendation Medal for design, development, construction, and deployment of
               the Shipboard Surgical System.

2005           Special Certificate of Appreciation from Surface Warfare Medical Institute for continuous
               support of their teaching requirements preparing Fleet Surgical Team members for their

Oct 2002       Flag letter of appreciation from Rear Admiral R. A. Route, USN, Commander of NWDC
               for contribution to the High Speed Vessel Project “Joint Venture.”

Nov 2000       Letter of Appreciation from Rear Admiral Martin, Director of Navy Nurse Corps on behalf
               of my poster presentation at the 13 Annual Karen A. Rieder Nursing Research Poster
               Session during the 107 Annual Meeting of the Association of Military Surgeons of the
               United States (AMSUS).

Jun 2000       Letter of Appreciation from Captain Karen Ott, NC, USN, Director of Nursing, Naval
               Medical Center, San Diego and Director of Nursing, Hospital ship Mercy for Navigating in
               the multi-echelon patient care system, a presentation on Operational Nursing Research
               at the first Operational Navy Nursing Symposium, June 9, 2000.

Mar 2000       Letter of Commendation from Rear Admiral A. Diaz, Jr. MC, USN, Commanding Officer
               of Naval Medical Center, San Diego, related to the performance of duties while serving
               as a key member of the organization and production team for the first Navy Nurse Corps
               Symposium called "Bringing Nurses into the New Millennium." Conducted 16-18 Feb

Mar 2000       Letter of Appreciation from Captain K. A. O'Farrell, MC, USN, Commanding Officer,
               Hospital ship, MERCY for the "invaluable" assistance in helping prepare for a future
               humanitarian mission (MERCEX 00-1).

Apr 1999       First Place, Research Category, Shea Arentzen Nursing Symposium Poster Session.

Jan 1999       Flag Letter of Appreciation (RADM K. L. Martin, NC, USN) for poster and presentation at
               AMSUS 1998.
Nov 1998       The Karen A. Reider Nursing Research Lecturer at the 105 Annual Meeting of the
               Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS).

1995-1996      Elected to Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges. Nominated
               by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama.

Jul 1995       Inducted into Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, Iota Vanderbilt
               University, Nashville, Tennessee Chapter.

May 1995       Inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa Society, the National Leadership Honor Society.

Feb 1, 1994    Navy Achievement Medal (Gold Star in lieu of Third Award) from the Commander Fleet
               Air, Caribbean for professional achievement in the superior performance of duties while
               serving NAVHOSP Guantanamo Bay, Cuba from 15 Jan. 1992 through 16 July 1993.

Jul 12, 1993   Letter of Commendation from the Commanding Officer, NAVHOSP Guantanamo Bay,
               Cuba (Captain J.L. Smith, MSC, USN) upon Command departure for exceptional service.

1993           Letter of Commendation for Individual Superior Performance from Commanding Officer,
               NAVBASE Guantanamo Bay, Cuba regarding my Chairmanship of NAVHOSP
               component of Navy Relief Fund Drive. Our proceeds rose 75%.

Jan 1993      Overseas Service Ribbon

1993          Citation for Command Meritorious Services from the Joint Task Force in support of the
              care of 34,780 Haitian migrants, more than 1000 in-patient days of service, 12
              emergency aero-medical evacuations, delivery of 48 babies and over 20,000 public
              health screenings, while supporting over 7,000 Joint Task force members (Commanding
              Officer, Brigadier General R.I. Neal, USMC).

1992          Coast Guard Joint Service ribbon for support during Operation Safe Harbor.

1992          Humanitarian Service Medal for support during the Haitian refugee crisis.

1992          Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon for Command support during the Haitian refugee crisis.

Dec 1991      Navy Achievement Medal (Gold Star, second award) Vice Admiral John H. Fetterman,
              Jr., U.S. Navy Chief of Naval Education and Training, NAS Pensacola, Pensacola,

May 1991      Letter of Appreciation for work on a medical/surgical staff nurse specialty tract plan with
              CDR Mary Goeden, NC, USN (med/surg specialty advisor to RADM Hall). RADM M.F.
              Hall, NC, USN, Director, Navy Nurse Corps, Washington, DC.

1991          National Defense Ribbon during Desert Storm

May 1990      Navy Achievement Medal
              RADM Larry B. Franklin, U. S. Naval Reserve
              Naval Reserve Readiness, Command Region NINE
              Naval Air Station Memphis, Millington, Tennessee

Jun 1987      Letter of Recognition for an Outstanding Display of Leadership, Leonard H. McRoskey
              Deputy Assistant Undersecretary of the Navy (Reserve Affairs) Washington, D. C.

May 1989      Outstanding Professor of the Year, Department of Nursing, Austin Peay State
              University Clarksville, Tennessee

Dec 1987      "Brass Bell" For Outstanding Achievement in Acquiring Program Approval
               (ADA)Diabetes Treatment Centers of America

1983-1988     Who's Who In American Nursing


Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine - Guest Scientist

Sigma Theta Tau International - Honor Society of Nursing

Omicron Delta Kappa - National Leadership Honor Society

American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN)

Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS) - Former Chapter Founder
President-Tennessee Valley Chapter

American Nurses Association

Society for Simulation in Healthcare

National League for Nursing

International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning

Virginia Modeling Analysis and Simulation Center – Medical cluster

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (1988-1993)

Navy Yacht Club - Pensacola
Navy Yacht Club - Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - Club secretary and Vice Commodore
Reef Raiders Scuba Divers Club- Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Oakleaves (Pensacola and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Naval Medical Command Portsmouth)

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