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									                       Lake Jackson Soccer Club June 2009 Meeting Minutes
                                      Thursday July 2, 2009
                                          Jasmine Hall

Attendees: Gran Betts, Cheryl Cooley, Larry Foley, Susan Jurecka, Kathy Krupp, Kelly Rathbun,
Lonnie Rathbun, Eric Ripplinger, Matt Turk, Dan White
Guests: None

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. by LJSC President Dan White. The minutes of the June
meeting were unanimously approved as corrected based on a motion by Matt Turk and a second by
Larry Foley.

Officer Reports:

President’s Report (Dan White): Coaches meetings will be held on Monday August 3 and Tuesday
August 4. The LJSC Board meeting will be moved to Monday August 10. Kathy Krupp will reserve
Jasmine Hall for August 4 and August 10 if it is available. Coaches for U-7 and above will be invited.
The U-6 coaches will have a separate meeting later.

The practice field assignment process will start this week.

Challenger Sports is asking LJSC to renew the British Soccer Camp contract for another 3 years. The
director who heads up our camp is eligible for a bonus if the contract is signed during camp week. Matt
Turk made a motion to sign the contract during the July camp. A second was offered by Kathy Krupp.
The motion carried unanimously to resign the three year contract. The new regional director did not
realize that Bay City was near Lake Jackson when the camps were scheduled for the same week. There
were no issues with camp last year. Kelly still needs to arrange for host families. Current registration is
131, with a target of 200. Kelly needs to send reminder e-mails as the cutoff date for registration is
Friday July 10.

The new Club cell phone has been activated through AT&T. Tethering the phone to the Club laptop to
get internet service is functioning. This will be especially useful during tournament registration to be
able to access GotSoccer.

Boy’s VP (Noel Contardi): Report via e-mail. Team formations are pending. Noel is filtering the data
to ensure that the play-up counts are correct. Cheryl has a plan for filling the older boys teams. They
could form 4 small teams and play 6 v 6. Dan will discuss this possibility with BYSA at the meeting
on Monday July 13. There are 30 U-12 players for 3 teams of 10 for 8 v 8 play.

Girl’s VP (Eric Ripplinger): Eric has a good feel for the number of teams in each age group. For U-7
through U-12, all teams could be full or they could form smaller teams with room to add players. For
U-14, only 11 players are registered. Larry Foley is working on filling the roster. Julie Ellis is setting
up U-7/U-8. There will be 5 U-7 teams and 3 U-8 teams. For U-8, only 4 players did not return from
last year. Matt has a short list of late registrations but age group coordinators should proceed with team

Treasurers Report (Larry Foley): As of 7/2/2009, the LJSC account balances are:
           Money Market: $65,631
           CD: $35,308

Kathy Krupp                              Page 1 of 3                                7/29/2012
                 TDECU Checking: $31,750

Teams are not permitted to set up bank accounts associated with LJSC unless they follow the proper
approval procedure. Teams must contact Larry initially to set up sub accounts.

Field Manager’s Report (Mark Kuettel): No report due to absence. We need to check on City water
restrictions for the fields. Mark is revising the mowing contract with Scott & Co.. The field conditions
have improved due to lack of play/practice. Dan will check the sprinklers on Hospital 3. Dan added
some items to the list for the field work days. Matt Turk made a motion to purchase two new sets of
goals for MC4 and MC5 so that new goals can be installed on 4,5,6, and 7 very soon. Kelly Rathbun
offered a second for the motion which carried. Brent Weinberger will be taking over as the Parks
Manager from Woody, who will be retiring.

Registrar’s Report (Matt Turk): Matt provided registration summary reports. Registration was lower
than last year with only 797 players registered. There are 164 Div II players. There are 153 players
who were not registered in 2008. Eighty-five players attended skills assessments. Only 9 players who
were not selected for Div II teams did not elect to play Div III soccer. There were only 32 paper
registrations. There were 23 families offered financial assistance; 21 families were granted assistance
at a cost of $1402. Most younger age groups returned. We need to get U-6 players registered. Overall
registration counts will be close to the budgeted numbers.

Equipment Manager’s Report: (Garrett Brown): No report due to absence. Lonnie will give Garrett a
tour of the equipment locations. Lonnie will check with Garrett on whether the LJSC soccer balls were
delivered. Dan will discuss the possibility of purchasing portable player’s benches with Garrett. Field
day will be scheduled for Saturday July 18 from 8-11 am.

Uniforms should be ordered as soon as teams are formed so that they’ll be delivered prior to the
tournament in August.

Past President’s Report (Kevin Romero): none

Director of Coaching (DOC – Wally Gregory): Absent. There are several coaches clinics scheduled:
U-10 through U-12 in Brazoria, Saturday August 1
U-10 through U-12 in Lake Jackson, Sunday August 23
U-6 through U-8 in Lake Jackson Sunday September 13

Coaches pay their clinic fee and then can fill out a reimbursement form that is available from the LJSC
web site.

Old Business: Julie Waguespack is working with the same photographer again this year. BYSA Div II
and Div III bracketing meeting dates have not been set yet.

New Business: Tournament Planning: The LJSC web site will be updated with Tournament
registration information. GotSoccer is set up for team registrations including credit card processing.
Games will be scheduled using GotSoccer templates. Lonnie has received some e-mails from
interested teams. On site shirt printing companies are contacting Lonnie and Dan. After some
discussion, it was decided that we will order a minimum quantity of our own LJSC shirts. It was
suggested that previous year’s tournament t-shirts could be given to Field Day participants.
Tournament participation medals will be given for U-6 through U-8. We could use referees for the U-6

Kathy Krupp                              Page 2 of 3                              7/29/2012
games so that the younger refs can get some experience. We would need to figure out how much to pay

The next tournament planning meeting will be held on Wednesday July 15 at 7:00 pm. Kathy Krupp
will determine whether Jasmine Hall is available.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm based on a motion from Lonnie Rathbun and a second by Eric
Ripplinger which carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Krupp

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