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									HIST 201-020, U.S. History to 1877
Summer I 2010, Dr. Guthrie                           Textbook Terms for the Second Quiz and Final Exam

         The following terms are discussed in your textbook and could very well appear on a test in the form of a multiple-choice
question. Make sure you learn all of them. Remember, this list only includes textbook terms. Multiple-choice questions will also be
drawn from lecture material and lecture terms are not included in this list.

republicanism                                                Society of Cincinnati                        John Woolman
Benjamin Banneker                                            Richard Allen                                Phyllis Wheatley
Abigail Adams                                                John Dickinson                               natural rights
Society for the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully Held       Robert Morris                                Land Ordinance
Manasseh Cutler                                              Northwest Ordinance                          Daniel Boone
“nationalists”                                               Newburgh Conspiracy                          Don Diego de Gardoqui
Baron de Montesquieu                                         Virginia Plan                                New Jersey Plan
three-fifths rule                                            Gouverneur Morris                            Judiciary Act of 1789
John Jay                                                     Report on Manufactures                       Bank of the United States
Report on the Public Credit                                  assumption and funding                       Edmond Genêt
Jay’s Treaty                                                 Treaty of San Lorenzo                        Whiskey Rebellion
George Washington’s Farewell Address                         High Federalists                             Twelfth Amendment
The Quasi War                                                XYZ Affair                                   Matthew Lyon
Kentucky Resolutions                                         Virginia Resolutions                         Tenskwatawa
Robert Fulton                                                Albert Gallatin                              Robert Livingston
Lewis and Clark Expedition                                   the Barbary States                           Marbury v. Madison
Samuel Chase                                                 Tertium Quids                                Aaron Burr
Yazoo controversy                                            John Marshall                                Orders in Council
George Canning                                               Hartford Convention                          Treaty of Ghent
John Jacob Astor                                             “mountain men”                               James Fenimore Cooper
Steamboat                                                    National Road                                Erie Canal
“putting-out” system of manufacturing                        Boston Manufacturing Company                 Lowell, Massachusetts
Susan Bagley                                                 Second Great Awakening                       Camp meetings
Reverend Timothy Dwight                                      Lyman Beecher                                Charles G. Finney
temperance movement                                          American Tract Society                       Cult of True Womanhood
doctrine of two spheres                                      Catharine Beecher                            Horace Mann
McGuffey’s Eclectic Readers                                  Dorothea Dix                                 American Peace Society
American Colonization Society                                Theodore Dwight Weld                         William Lloyd Garrison
Frederick Douglass                                           Lewis and Arthur Tappan                      Seneca Falls Convention
Negro Convention Movement                                    Grimké sisters                               Lucretia Mott
Elizabeth Cady Stanton                                       Robert Owen                                  Charles Fourier
Shakers                                                      Oneida community                             transcendentalists
Ralph Waldo Emerson                                          Reverend George Ripley                       Henry David Thoreau
Nathaniel Hawthorne                                          slave religion                               Gabriel Prosser
Denmark Vesey                                                Brer Rabbit stories                          Cotton Kingdom
“the coincidence of humanity and interest”                   yeoman farmers                               Hinton R. Helper
“positive good” defense of slavery                            “protracted meetings”                       African Methodist Church
Underground Railroad                                         Paternalism                                  internal slave trade
Panic of 1819                                                Gibbons v. Ogden                             American System
Dartmouth College v. Woodward                                McCulloch v. Maryland                        Monroe Doctrine
the “spoils system”                                          Peggy Eaton affair                           Nicholas Biddle
Bank of the United States                                    Roger B. Taney                               Anti-Masonic party
Loco-Focos                                                   Martin Van Buren                             Alexis de Tocqueville
“Tippecanoe and Tyler, too”                                  Walt Whitman                                 Herman Melville
Young American ideal                                         Sam Houston                                  Tejanos
Webster-Ashburton Treaty                                     Joseph Smith                                 Brigham Young
Deseret                                                      Oregon Trail                                 Manifest Destiny
Oregon Question                                              squatter sovereignty                         General Zachary Taylor
Veracruz campaign                                            Free-Soil Party                              General Winfield Scott
Female Labor Reform Association                              nativism                                     Know-Nothings
James Buchanan                                               Lecompton Controversy                        Crittenden Plan
“total war”                                                  Jefferson Davis                              cooperationists
Stonewall Jackson                                            General Henry Halleck                        Lord Palmerston
Thirteenth Amendment                                         Enrollment Act of March 1863                 Copperheads
New York Riot of July 1863                                   siege of Petersburg                          organizational revolution

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