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Corporate Data
 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Head Office: Tokyo Building, 2-7-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8310, Japan

 President & CEO:             Kenichiro Yamanishi
 Established:                 January 15, 1921
 Consolidated Net Sales:      ¥ 3,645.3 billion ($43.9B)
                                                   (As of March 31, 2011. US dollar amounts are
                                                   translated from yen at the rate of ¥83=US $1)

 Fortune Global 500 Company
      –   2011 rank: 201
      –   Ranked 12th in Electronics segment

 Forbes Global 2000 Company
      –   2011rank: 491

 Moody’s Rating: A-1 (LT); P-1 (ST) (April 26, 2011)
 Standard & Poor’s Rating: A (LT); A-1 (ST) (May 31, 2011)
Mitsubishi Companies
                                             1946                 Each Mitsubishi company started as a new independent entity.
                                   1945               Mitsubishi Headquarters was dissolved.
                            1921           Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was established.
                               Spinning-off of business departments started. Mitsubishi Headquarters becomes holding company.
                     Mitsubishi Corporation established. It promoted its business diversification and grew as a modern corporation.
            Tsukumo Trading Company, which was the origin of Mitsubishi, was established.

• Today over 40 companies carry the Mitsubishi name.
• Each Mitsubishi company is separate entity, operates independently and is separately
  traded on the Nikkei stock exchange.
                                       Mitsubishi Heavy                   Mitsubishi Motors
   Mitsubishi Electric
                                       Industries, Ltd.:                    Corporation:                Mitsubishi Corporation:
                                   Ship, Aircraft, Steel Structures,                                              Trading
   Electric & Electronics                Power Generation                      Automobiles

  The Bank of Tokyo-                                                    Tokyo Marine & Nichido
                                      Nikon Corporation:
  Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.:             Cameras, Optical Equipment          Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.:
          Banking                                                               Insurance
Historical Highlights
 1921 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation established
   I    First consumer product: ELECTRIC FANS
 1931 First Mitsubishi ELEVATOR delivered
 1949 Listed on Tokyo & Osaka stock exchanges
 1953 Launched first Mitsubishi TELEVISION
 1964 Supplied RADAR EQUIPMENT to weather station atop Mt. Fuji
 1969 Prime contractor for Japan's first SATELLITE
 1970 Delivered first outdoor color VIDEO DISPLAY, Diamond Vision (Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles)
 1985 World’s first SPIRAL ESCALATOR installed
 1988 First SPIRAL ESCALATOR installed in US

        1921–23                1953                   1964                    1980
        Electric fan           First Mitsubishi       Weather station         Diamond Vision
Historical Highlights
1993   World’s fastest passenger ELEVATOR
       (750m/min., Landmark Tower, Yokohama)

1999   Created actuator technologies for Subaru TELESCOPE
       (National Astronomical Observatory Japan)

2003   World’s WIDEST display (Diamond Vision, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Sha Tin Racecourse)

2006   World’s LARGEST display (Diamond Vision, JRA Tokyo Racecourse)

2007   World’s TALLEST elevator testing tower, measuring 173m

2009   World’s LARGEST HDTV (Diamond Vision, Cowboys Stadium)

2011   Awarded contract for World’s FASTEST elevator (Shanghai Tower)

 1999                  2003                            2007
 Subaru Telescope      World‘s widest display          World‘s tallest elevator   2009
                       (Diamond Vision)                testing tower              World‘s largest HDTV
North American Operations
   Katsuya Takamiya, Chief Representative, Americas Region
   Established in 1973
   Facilities in more than 50 locations in 20 states, Mexico and Canada
   Manufacturing plants in OH, KY, PA and Mexico
   FY 2011 revenues $2.8 billion (US)
   Approximately 2,500 employees
    North American Locations
           Mitsubishi Electric         Mitsubishi Electric        Mitsubishi Electric
              Automation              Automotive America            Sales Canada
                Vernon Hills, Ill.         Mason, Ohio              Markham, Ontario

Mitsubishi Electric &                                                           Research
  Electronics USA                                                              Laboratories
    Cypress, Calif.                                                           Cambridge, Mass.

                                                                             Mitsubishi Electric
                                                                              Power Products
  Mitsubishi Electric
                                                                               Warrendale, Penn.
   Visual Solutions
       Irvine, Calif.

                                     Mitsubishi Electric Mexico
                                             Mexico City
North American Industries Served
    Automotive                      Transportation
    Consumer Electronics            Semiconductor Devices
    Electric Utilities              Solar/Photovoltaic
    Elevators & Escalators          Sports & Entertainment
    Industrial Technology           Water Treatment
    Heating & Air Conditioning
Projection and Printing Systems
Home theater; Projectors; Professional printing products

 Projectors                             Photo Printers & Medical Printers

                                                   Printers & photo systems
                                                   for professional use
   • Superior image reproduction
                                                     • High quality
   • Quiet and easy operation
                                                     • Speed
   • Wide range of business and
                                                     • User-friendly
     entertainment applications
Advertising and Information Displays
Extensive line of displays for business applications

LCD Public Displays

Professional displays from 32 to 65 inches
• High definition
• High contrast and brightness
• Fast response time suitable for various business locations
Advertising and Information Displays
Information and advertising displays

 High-definition DLP™ Display Walls                Resolia LED Indoor Displays

  • Seamless display of high-quality data and
                                                     • 140-inch LED display
  images across entire walls
                                                     • Only 150 mm thick
  • Real-time display of information, videos and
                                                     • Install almost anywhere
  images in multiple windows simultaneously
Stadium and Arena Displays, Marquees
Brilliant high-definition outdoor and arena displays

Dallas Cowboys Diamond Vision           Diamond Vision at Turner Field

   The World’s First Four-sided,           The World’s Largest High-
   Center-Hung Stadium Display             Definition Television Screen
High-Definition Home Theater
Breakthrough color, 3D and audio technologies

  LaserVue HDTV

                                    The world’s first laser light-source
                                    high-definition television, in sizes
                                    starting at 73 inches.
Elevators and Escalators
Mitsubishi Electric provides rapid, comfortable
and dependable vertical transportation

 Elevators                              Escalators

                   • Fast                            • World’s only
                   • Comfortable                     maker of spiral
                   • Dependable                      escalators
                   • Safe
                                                     • Provides new
                                                     opportunities for
                                                     more creative
                                                     interior design
                                                     and use of large-
                                                     scale public
Energy and Environmental Products
Creating new technologies that produce cleaner, safer energy and
conserve resources for the government and private sector

   Photovoltaic                      Jet Towels

                                          Efficient and stylish
   Photovoltaic systems are an
                                          high-speed Jet Towel
   indispensable source of
                                          hand-dryers save paper
   clean energy for the future
                                          and energy
Energy and Environmental Products
Products for purification of water for reuse and systems
that create and deliver energy efficiently
                                     Greenhouse Gases Observation Satellite
 Water Treatment Systems             Power Generation, Transmission &
                                     Distribution Systems

                                                              Designed to
                                                              create and
                                                              deliver optimal
                                                              power using
                                                              thermal and
  Ozone generators are extremely                              technologies
  effective for sterilization, and
  removing color and odor
Cooling and Heating
A world leader in energy-efficient ductless systems for residential,
commercial and industrial use

 Packaged HVAC Systems                    VRF Air Conditioners

                  MR. SLIM                                CITY MULTI “VRF”
                  • Restaurants                           • Large offices
                  • Bars                                  • Condominiums
                  • Shops                                 • Shopping centers
                  • Small office                          • Hotels
                  • Military bases
Automation and Power Products
Building and factory automation systems and equipment, UPS

 Automation                           Uninterruptible Power Supplies

                                                             To keep your
                                                             operation running

  Human-machine interface,
  controllers, servo motors, robots
Power Generation and Transportation
Reliable power for utilities and commercial applications;
components for rail systems

 High-Voltage Electricity           Rail Transportation Equipment

     • Generation                             • AC propulsion systems
     • Transmission                           • Traction motors
     • Distribution                           • VVVF Inverters
Semiconductors and Automotive Electronics
High-speed electronics; powertrain, ignition, automobile navigation and
entertainment systems for cars and trucks

Microwave and Optoelectronics      Automotive Electronics

                                                      Quality in the car,
                                                      the cab and under
                                                      the hood

  High-frequency power
  modules, MOSFET and
  GaAs transistors
Research and Development
Close cooperation between R&D teams located worldwide

 Industrial Design Center (Japan)   Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (US)

                                     • Digital communication
                                     • Sensor and data systems
                                     • Imaging
                                     • Mechatronics
                                     • Algorithms
                                     • Multimedia

    • Product design
    • Interface design
    • Usability workshop
    • Universal Design (UD)
    • Business incubation
    • Space planning
Technology Demonstration Center
 Key technologies in one Washington, DC location

      Northern Virginia Advanced Technology Concept Center

                                     • Display Walls
                                     • CITY MULTI Cooling and
                                       Heating Systems
                                     • High-Definition Projectors
                                     • Uninterruptible Power
                                     • Train Vision
Environmental Activities
In order to protect the environment for future generations, the Mitsubishi Electric
Group carries out environmental initiatives in all aspects of its business operations

Environmental Vision 2021
Environmental Vision 2021 is
Mitsubishi Electric's long-range
vision for environmental
management, which looks
towards the year 2021.
The Vision defines a set of
initiatives for realizing a
sustainable, recycling-based
Corporate Social Responsibility
In the United States, CSR is championed by the Mitsubishi Electric America
Foundation. The Foundation provides national grants to projects and organizations
throughout the United States that are focused on the full inclusion of young people
with disabilities in society,

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