Thinking Toolbox by agR7BS


									                                                             Thinking Toolbox
Students                                Blooms           Graphic         Thinkers       6 Hats        Habits of Mind                 ICT’s
                                       Taxonomy        Organisers          Keys
                                      Remembering     PMI              Alphabet         White    Persisting                     Digital Camera
                                      Understanding   Y Chart          What if          Red      Managing Impulsivity           Paint
                                      Creating        T Chart          Brainstorming    Green    Listening with Understanding   Audacity
 Year 1&2                                             Venn Diagram                               Gathering Data via Senses      Photostory 3
                                                                                                 Finding Humour                 Comic Life
            Questioning Techniques
             Multiple Intelligences
                                                                                                                                Kid Pix
               Learning Styles

                                      +               +                +                +        Striving for Accuracy          Powerpoint
                                      Applying        Bubble Map       Question         Yellow   Questioning                    Word
                                      Analysing       KWHL             Reverse          Black    Wonderment and Awe             Umajin
 Year 3&4                                             Cause & Effect   Commonality               Creating & Innovating          Photo Filtre
                                                      Flow Chart                                 Working with Others            Ejay
                                                                                                                                Digital Blue
                                                                                                                                Art Rage
                                      +               +                +                +        Thinking about thinking        Movie Maker
                                      Evaluating      SWOT             Alternative      Blue     Thinking Flexibly              Google Doc’s
                                                      POOCH            Interpretation            Creating and Innovating        Publisher
 Year 5&6                                             SCAMPER          BAR                       Use Past Knowledge             Blog
                                                                       Prediction                                               Internet Search
                                                                                                                                Email / Skype

Teachers                                    Have an Understanding of …                                    Have ICT Skills with …
            Blooms Taxonomy (Planning, levels and pupil activities)                              The above skills and …
            Graphic Organisers         Thinkers Keys                Learning Styles              School Network         SchoolMaster
            Habits of Mind             Six Hats                     Questioning                  KnowledgeNet           Downloading photos
            How the Brain works        Planning using ICT’s         Multiple Intelligences       Update class web page

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