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									                                               BOARD SUMMARY
                                              DECEMBER 17, 2008
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1. Approved the agenda, as submitted.
2. Approved the minutes of the regular 12/03/08 board meeting, as submitted.
                                      2008 EMPLOYEE SERVICE AWARDS
3. The following employees were recognized for years of service: 5 years: Erika C. H. Randall,
   Nicole K. Lueth, Joseph A. Henry, Vicki L. Smith, Darryl L. Hensel, Gregory W. Siera; 10 years:
   Jack H. Paul, Robert F. Hansen, Roger P. Geimer, Troy E. Christenson, Randal R. Griess, Gerald
   I. Pohl, Lynn E. Schmid, Sarah J. Roggenkamp, Tracie N. Koskela; 20 years: Debbie J.
   Thompson, Gregory P. Hensel, David A. Weaver, Julie S. Terdan, Eulalia M. Wattenhofer, Randy
   N. Massie; 25 years: Randi J. Vaydich, Jimmy D. Burgoon; 30 years: Leslie J. Anderson; and 35
   years: Pamela B. Heeren.
4. Approved the payment of the regular bills and the auditor’s warrants of 12/05/08 and 12/12/08, as
   submitted, and authorized the Chairman to sign same.
5. Approved the following licenses pending completion of proper paperwork, as recommended by the
   Auditor/Treasurer: Tobacco: Itasca Junction, Blue Ox Market; 3.2 Beer: Itasca Junction, Lake Alice Township;
   On Sale Liquor: Whitetail Tavern, Y Steakhouse, Vacationaire; Sunday – Whitetail Tavern, Y Steakhouse,
   Vacationaire; and 2:00 a.m. - Whitetail Tavern
6. Approved the 2007 Hubbard County Financial Statement and authorized the Board to sign same.
7. Approved the final certified 2009 net levy in the amount of $11,042,685.
8. Approved the 2009 final HRA levy in the amount of $200,000.
9. The 01/14/09 board work session was cancelled and rescheduled for 01/26/09 beginning at 9:00
   a.m. to conduct proposed 2009 departmental budget reviews. Each department was directed to
   revise their 2009 budgets based on receipt of the 2008 final revenue and expenditure reports (any
   increase in budget from 2008 to 2009 over 4% will require justification), provide a copy of the
   revised budget to the board on 01/21/09, and be available to meet with the board, as needed, on
                                                 PUBLIC WORKS
10. Authorized Public Works to obtain quotes for the year 2009 for the following: equipment rental;
    gasoline, diesel; culverts, aggregate; bituminous materials; signs and posts, as presented.
11. Authorized Public Works to obtain bids for 2009 aggregate surfacing, liquid calcium chloride and
    pavement marking contracts.
12. Requested the Land Commissioner keep the Board informed regarding the bridge/culvert
    replacement over Mucky Creek, with no action taken at this time.
13. Authorized review of the Solid Waste Certified Attendant job description by the Classification
    Committee per Section 6 of the Personnel Policy.
                                               SOCIAL SERVICES
14. Approved POS agreements with the following, as recommended by the Social Services Director:
    Spruce House for Home and Community Based Waivered Services; Pine Manor, Inc. for Outpatient
    Chemical Treatment Services; Pine Manor for Detoxification Services; Pine Manor for Inpatient
    Treatment Services; Stellher Human Services, Inc. for Family Based Services; Nelson In-Home for
                                            BOARD SUMMARY
                                           DECEMBER 17, 2008
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   Family Based Services; Hyatt House, for customized living facilities; and DAC (Tin Ceiling) via the
   Adult Mental Health Initiative providing services for seriously persistent mentally ill clients.
15. Approved Mn-Dot annual 2009 contract for continuation of the Hubbard County Heartland Express
16. Approved completion of dispatcher services for Heartland Express transit program with a report to
    the Board upon completion.
17. Accepted the resignation of Social Worker, Jane Mondry effective 12/12/08, with regrets; authorized
    a letter of appreciation for county service and approved re-filling the position, per proper procedure
    and any resulting positions, if necessary.
18. Reported social service overtime for period of 11/09/08 to 12/06/08 in the amount of 5 hours and 25
19. Approved the income maintenance agenda, social service agenda and payment of the welfare bills.
20. Requested Sheriff’s Office provide quotes for court walk through metal detector and courthouse
    security camera equipment, as discussed, for review by the Board.
21. Approved POS agreement with the Sheriff’s Mounted Posse for utilization of “Sheriff’s Posse
    Headquarters” property for training purposes and payment in the amount $346 upon completion of
    proper paperwork to be paid from budgeted training monies.
22. Approved POS agreement with the Lakes Area Dive Team for services rendered, authorized the
    Chairman and Sheriff to sign same, and approved payment in the amount of $5,000, by auditor’s
    warrant, upon completion of proper paperwork to be paid from Boat & Water equipment.
23. Reviewed Emergency Management services, meetings attended, grant applications being
    completed, and scheduling of a Disaster Response Recovery Workshop on 02/20/09, with no action
    taken at this time.
24. Adopted Hubbard County Veterans Transportation Program, as recommended by the Veteran
    Services Officer.
                                        ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES
29. Approved preliminary plats, as recommended by the Planning Commission and the Environmental
    Services Office (ESO) as follows: Nary Cemetery, Helga Township, Parcel ID #11.23.01012,
    11.38.02010 & 11.23.01014; Guthrie Cemetery First Addition, Guthrie Township, Parcel ID #’s
    09.13.01011 & 09.13.01031; Firehammer Estates, Todd Township, Parcel ID#27.15.01910 with
    conditions as outlined.
30. Referred ISTS Ordinance violation to County Attorney for litigation, if necessary.
31. Reviewed the Planning Commission recommendations for the Subdivision, Shoreland, and SSTS
    Ordinance revisions with the ESO directed to proceed with legal review and further Board review,
    based on discussion, prior to public hearing scheduling.
32. Cancelled the Board work session scheduled for 11/11/09, due to holiday.
                                          BOARD SUMMARY
                                         DECEMBER 17, 2008
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33. Approved termination of Joint Powers Agreement with the City of Park Rapids and the Park Rapids
    Hockey Association, in connection with the PR Hockey Arena due to original purpose having been
    fulfilled and authorized the Chair to sign same.
34. Declined installation of three MnDot signs indicating the courthouse location on Hwy 34 and Hwy 71
    at this time.
35. Adopted the resolution approving gambling licenses for the American Legion Otto Hendrickson,
    Post 212 for combined fishing/raffle derby on 02/07/09, as submitted.
36. Declined purchase of web software allowing review, securitization, and/or blocking of employee
    websites at this time.
37. Appointed Daryl Bessler as the District 5 HRA Board representative and Molly Luther as District 3
    representative, pending acceptance.
38. Reported the Assistant Coordinator 2008 overtime of 46.5 hours and authorized 2009 overtime, as
    needed, with a periodic report to the Board.
                                         COMMITTEE REPORTS
39. Completion of Assessor Workshop, by Commissioners Johannsen and Robinson, during AMC held
    December 8, 9 & 10, 2008 was reported.
40. Attendance of other seminars were reported and discussed.
                       CLOSED MEETING PER M.S. §13D.03 (UNION NEGOTIATION)
41. At 2:39 p.m. the meeting was closed for union negotiations. The meeting was re-opened at 2:57
42. The Meeting was adjourned at 2:58 p.m.

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