The Camden Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is soliciting Proposals from qualified
developers for the redevelopment of the historic Pierre Building owned by the
Camden Redevelopment Agency located at 304-306 Cooper Street, adjacent to
Rutgers University, Camden Campus, in Downtown Camden, New Jersey.

The Request for Proposals (RFP) will be available beginning February 22, 2012
on the CRA web site ( or in hardcopy available
at no cost at the offices of the Camden Redevelopment Agency, 520 Market
Street, City Hall Suite 1300, and Camden, NJ 08101 between the hours of 9:30
am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

The deadline for submission of responses is 2:00 pm, local time on Friday,
March 30, 2012.

The will be a non-mandatory pre-submission conference and site tour on March
6, 2012 at 10:00 am and March 7, 2012 at 2:00 pm. Interested parties are
strongly urged to attend and must meet in front of the Pierre Building at the time
stated above.

Questions regarding this RFP must be directed in writing to Johanna Conyer,
Director of Finance and Administration via fax at 856-968-3541, regular mail or e-
mail at The deadline for submittal of questions is
2:00 pm Friday, March 9, 2012. Questions submitted after the question submittal
deadline will not be considered. Answers to the questions will be posted as an
addendum no later than Friday, March 16, 2012. All addendum and revisions
will be available on the CRA web site ( Open
RFPs/RFQs). All prospective respondents should continue to check the web site
for changes to the RFP.

2.1 Intent
The Camden Redevelopment Agency (CRA), acting as the implementer of the
Downtown Redevelopment Plan, is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) in
order to identify a qualified developer with a feasible plan to redevelop the
historic Pierre Building located at 304-306 Cooper Street (Block 75 Lot 7)
Camden, New Jersey. Redevelopment proposals (hereinafter “proposals” or
“responses”) may be for residential or commercial purposes, but will be subject to
review by the Historic Preservation Commission and must conform with the
Future Camden Master Plan, the City of Camden Zoning Ordinance and the
Downtown Redevelopment Plan. (See Section 10.0 Attachments for web site
addresses). In the Downtown Redevelopment Plan, the Pierre is located in the

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University Village District. The intention of the District is to “… foster new
educational facilities, alongside new university related support facilities and
student housing, as well as commercial and service agencies’ offices along
Cooper and Market Streets.” The Zoning Code places the Pierre in “US” or
University Support Zone (see Zoning Ordinance, Article XV US-University
Support Zone, and Section 577-102 through 106).

Firms or collaborating firms responding to this RFP are collectively referred to
herein as “Teams” or “Respondents”. As a result of this RFP, and after
evaluation by a committee of stakeholders, the CRA will recommend to its Board
of Commissioners that a Respondent be designated as a Redeveloper for the
Project and will also recommend the authorization to negotiate a Redevelopment
Agreement with the Redeveloper outlining the terms and conditions of the sale
and redevelopment of the Site. Ordinarily, the Board requires a presentation prior
to its consideration of the redeveloper designation. CRA may determine that the
Proposals are incomplete, physically or financially infeasible or that the
Respondents are not adequately qualified or non-responsive and the CRA, at its
sole discretion may reject any and all Proposals.

Alternatively, the CRA may “short list” two or more Respondents and require
additional information to be submitted in a subsequent round of competition,
including presentations to the stakeholders and/or the Board.

2.2 Background

2.2.1 Site Description and Constraints
The Pierre Building (hereinafter, “the Pierre” or “the building”) is a 6-story
apartment building located 304-306 Cooper Street (Block 75 Lot 3 ) in Camden,
New Jersey adjacent to the Rutgers–Camden Campus. The building was
constructed in 1929 as an apartment house and has been vacant for at least
eight to ten years. The property was purchased by the CRA in July of 2008 for
redevelopment purposes.

The Pierre is constructed of brick with a flat roof. The building covers nearly
100% of a lot measuring 40 feet wide by 144 feet deep. There is a 3 foot wide
alley on the west side of the building but no lot area of significant size for staging
or parking. To the immediate east of the building is the historic former Red Cross
building and the active construction site of the Rutgers Graduate Student
Housing project. To the immediate west is an occupied row house.

The plans of each floor are nearly identical with small apartments opening off of
both sides of a corridor running front to back. The Pierre was regularly occupied
by vagrants until it was secured by the VPS security system approximately three
years ago. As a result of the occupancy, the building is filled with household and
personal items, appliances and building debris. The building is unheated with no

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water or electrical service. The CRA is without an asbestos and lead-based
paint survey.

2.2.2 Neighborhood Description
The Pierre is located in the Cooper Street Historic District, a State and Nationally
Designated Historic District, and as such is considered a Contributing Structure.
The Building is located between Third and Fourth Streets on Cooper Street. The
location is three blocks from the Camden Waterfront, which features Campbell’s
Field, home of the Minor League Riversharks, the Adventure Aquarium, the
Battleship New Jersey and the Susquehanna Bank Center.                    In 2011,
approximately 2.0 million visitors attended these attractions. One block west on
Cooper Street is the recently restored Johnson Park. The park with its dignified
early Twentieth Century feel, maintained lawns, mature trees and storybook-
themed fountain is once again a haven of passive recreation in the heart of the

Immediately to the north and east of the Pierre is the Rutgers-Camden Campus.
The Campus has grown significantly over the last decade and is now the home to
4,773 full-time and 1,713 part-time undergraduates and graduate students.
Rutgers-Camden and its development partners are currently constructing the
new 350 bed Graduate Student Housing directly to the east of the Pierre. This
project which is scheduled for completion in summer 2012 will contain, in addition
to the residential units, convenience retail on the ground floor. As an adjunct to
the Graduate Student Housing project, Rutgers-Camden proposes to restore the
historic former Red Cross Building, which shares a party wall with the Pierre, to
be used as an Alumni Center.

The neighborhood surrounding the Pierre exhibits the strongest residential
market in Camden. Much of this market has been driven by proximity to the
Rutgers-Camden Campus and Cooper Hospital. A strong professional and
institutional presence along Cooper Street as well easy access to public
transportation, particularly the New Jersey Transit Riverline and the PATCO
Speed Line, has also driven demand. Downtown Camden is only minutes away
by car or public transportation from Center City Philadelphia. In 2004 Dranoff
Properties of Philadelphia opened the high-end, 341 unit, Victor Lofts apartments
(the “Victor”) in the historic RCA Nipper Building. The Victor offers concierge
service, meeting and social rooms and a fitness center. Rents in this build range
from $1,025 for a studio to $2,085 for a two bedroom unit. Dranoff Properties is
currently developing 100 luxury condominium units, to be known as Radio Lofts
in another historic RCA building across the street from the Victor. The Cooper
Grant Neighborhood, located across Johnson Park from the Pierre, features
historic row homes set on tree shaded streets. In 2011, the typical home price in
this neighborhood was between $125,000 and $175,000. Pennrose Properties,
also of Philadelphia, developed 18 units of market-rate, single family, town
houses in 2008. Sales of these homes were extremely strong, with a majority of
the units selling the first day that the sales office opened. Sales prices averaged

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around $220,000. The Cooper Grant Neighborhood Association and the CRA
plan to construct 10 additional units in a Phase II of the development.


3.1 Submission Requirements
The Proposal must include the following items, tabbed in order:

3.1.1 Lead Firm Identification
    Name of firm, address, telephone and fax number of main office and any
       branch offices which will be involved in the project
    Name, title, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address
       of principal in charge
    Form and size of the firm

3.1.2 Team Members or Subcontractor Identification
Include the same information as above for each Team Member firms.

3.1.3 Key Personnel
Include resumes and list of relevant projects in which the individual played a
significant role in the last five years

 3.1.4 Specific Project Experience of Team or Team Members
Provide examples of at least three relevant projects in which team members
participated in during the last five years. Give a brief description of each project
and the firm’s involvement and provide details on the project’s applicability to this
project. Provide references, including owner’s name and contact information.
Identify the size and approximate cost of the project

3.1.5 Project Management Approach
Present a management plan addressing project organization, Team Member
responsibilities, and report procedures, cost control and scheduling monitoring.
The Respondent must provide a plan to utilize local and minority subcontractors
and encourage local and minority hiring.

3.1.6 Development Approach
Provide a narrative description of the project. The narrative must address the
     Type and scope of the proposed development
     Ownership/rental structure
     Proposed purchase price
     How developer proposes to address possible environmental conditions at
       the Site.
     How developer proposes to address historic preservation issues

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3.1.7 Local Impact and Benefit Hiring and Job Training Plan
Provide a plan of how the developer will utilize local and minority contractors and
subcontractors and encourage the training and hiring of local residents in the
construction and operation of the redeveloped Pierre. Provide specific job
estimates indicating job titles and pay scale. (See Attachments: City of Camden
Chapter 12). Community Impact Analysis
Provide a Community Impact Analysis in the Submission Format required by
Section 577-273 through 575 of the Zoning Ordinance. However, Item #5 of the
Submission Format which requests submission of letters from the Zoning Officer
and utilities will not be required at this time. The Designated Redeveloper will be
required to submit Item #5 deliverables at a later date. Sustainability
Indicate how the redeveloped Pierre will utilize principals and technologies of
Green Energy and Sustainability.

3.1.8 Financial Submissions Sources and Uses
Provide a Sources and Uses Statements for the redevelopment of the project.
Assumptions must be footnoted. All sources of funds, including private equity
and conventional financing must be identified. Documentation of commitments is
strongly encouraged and the firmness of the commitments will increase the
competitiveness of the Response. Operating Projections
Provide Operating Revenue and Expense Projections for 10 years for the project
following redevelopment. Assumptions must be footnoted. Financial Statements
Provide the most recent annual financial statements for the lead entity and the
entity that is intended to finance the redevelopment.

3.1.9 Project Timeline

3.1.10 Schematic Site Plan, Floor Plans and Building Elevations

3.1.11 Statement of any public sector incentives or assistance required, including
proposed terms for the acquisition of the Pierre Building from the CRA.

3.1.12 Equal Employment Opportunity Practices Statement

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3.1.13 Business Entity Disclosure Certification pursuant to N.J. S. A.19:44A-20.4
et seq. (Attached)

3.1.14 Debarment Certification

Failure to submit any of the above required information may result in the
respondent being determined to be non- responsive and the response being

3.2 Selection and Evaluation
An evaluation committee of stakeholders appointed by the CRA will review the
responses to the RFP. The committee will score the responses based on the
following criteria and make a recommendation to the Executive Director of the
CRA. The CRA reserves the right to select or reject any or all of the responses
or reject the recommendation of the evaluation committee.

3.3 Evaluation Criteria
Experience of the Team, Firm or Key Individuals                         25 points
Feasibility of Development Approach                                     25 points
Level of Private Sector Involvement                                     25 points
Quality of the Response                                                 15 points
References                                                              10 points

Companies and their subcontractors will not discriminate on the basis of race,
color and national origin or sex in the award or performance of any contract
resulting from this RFP.
All potential companies must demonstrate a commitment to the effective
implementation of an affirmative action plan or policy on equal employment
opportunity. The potential company must ensure equal employment opportunity
to all persons and not discriminate against any employee or applicant for
employment because of race, color, and religion, sex, national origin, physical
disability, mental disorder, ancestry, and marital status, criminal record or political
beliefs. The company must uphold and operate in compliance with Executive
Order 11246 and as amended in Executive Order 11375, Title VI and VII of Civil
Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972, The Fair
Employment Practices Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

In response to this RFP companies must furnish detailed statements relative to
their Equal Employment Opportunities practices and any statistical employment
information it deems appropriate relative to the composition o it work force or its

Respondent’s response to this RFP shall constitute acceptance by the
Respondent of the terms and conditions of the RFP.

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No warranty is made or implied as to the information contained in this RFP or the
attachments or references hereto.

All materials submitted by respondents in response to this RFP become the
property of the CRA and as such must be available for public inspection. The
CRA may use, distribute or reproduce the submitted materials without the
permission of or compensation to the Respondent.

One (1) unbound paper original, five (5) paper copies and two (2) compact disk
copies of the Proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope addressed and
delivered to the CRA as follows:
                    Camden Redevelopment Agency
                    520 Market Street
                    City Hall, Suite1300
                    Camden, NJ 08101
                    Attn: Johanna Conyer

Proposals must be clearly marked, “Pierre Building Proposal”

Proposals are due no later than 2:00 pm, local time, Friday, March 30, 2012
by US mail or delivery.

The above deadline is firm as to the date and hour. CRA will treat as ineligible
for consideration any response that is received after the deadline. Upon receipt
of each response, the CRA will date and stamp it to evidence timely or late
receipt and upon request, will provide the respondents with an acknowledgement
of receipt. Faxed or e-mailed responses will not be accepted. All responses
become the property of the CRA and will not be returned.

Questions regarding this RFP must be directed in writing to Johanna Conyer,
Director of Finance and Administration via fax at 856-968-3541, regular mail or e-
mail at The deadline for submittal of questions is
2:00 pm Friday, March 9, 2012. Questions submitted after the question submittal
deadline will not be considered. Answers to the questions will be posted as an
addendum no later than Friday, March 16, 2012. All addendum and revisions
will be available on the CRA web site ( Open
RFPs/RFQs). All prospective respondents should continue to check the web site
for changes to the RFP.

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The following documents are made a part of this RFP by attachment or

10.1 Site Map (attached)

10.2 Pierre Façade Photograph (attached)

10.3 Business Entity Disclosure Certification Open RFPs/RFQs (bottom of the page)

10.4 City of Camden Chapter 12 (attached)

10.5 Future Camden Master Plan

10.6 City of Camden Zoning Ordinance:

10.7 Downtown Redevelopment Plan:

10.8 New Jersey Economic Development Authority Financing & Incentives

10.9 Camden Urban Enterprise Zone


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