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					                                                                         Reuben Rosario
                                                                       UAT- Composition I
                                                                             July 15, 2008
          Have you ever thought “There is not enough time to do this? I will do it tomorrow” and it

is the smallest task that can be done in ten minuets. Or say, “I will do it later” and later comes,

but procrastination consumes your body to “do it later”. Time management is a term to fully

utilize your time for a more efficient day. All you have to do is write down what you have to do

on paper, organize them to a list, have plan on how to get the items on the list done, and the do it.

With time management you can use all sorts of different items and guidelines to use your time


          A time management skill is an important role if you choose to be successful in

your career and at home. There are about four different types of tasks a person will have

to do in a day. There first is the goofing around meaningless task. This is where the point

of the day where you are doing nothing to impact any of your objectives. And by

“objectives”, I mean was the car, do your homework, clean your room, or go to work.

Normal tasks are thinks you do to live or don’t really pay attention to. An example would

have to be from everyday talking, walking, reading, and thinking. Important tasks could

be range from career goal or a person’s life ambition. This important task is a long term

item to consider when thinking of an important task to do. Then there are the super urgent

tasks. This is when something is at the most urgent risk and must be done because you

are in a time frame. It is to be either fatal or job costly.

          After figuring out which task category your objective the first thing that must be

done is write it down on paper, calendar, or planer. If you write what you have to do

within the day then down you will be rewarded of having everything written without

forgetting. People tend to forget what they wanted to do before they have any time to do
                                                                         Reuben Rosario
                                                                       UAT- Composition I
                                                                             July 15, 2008
it. Now with a list of tasks to complete, you will have a better chance of completing all

the things within a day, rather than forget and not finish it until the end of the week.

       The next step is to organize all of the tasks from normal to urgent task. While

righting the task down, the urgent task should be at the top of the list and the normal

should be at the bottom.

       After there is a list of task to complete a game plan to tackle the item on the list is

needed. All of the planning is done here in this step. The plan is to get all of the normal

task out of the was and hurry to get to the important and urgent task. The point is to have

a play by play execution. An example would be first would be take the children to school,

then go to work, have the report ready for the meeting, pick up children, and then take the

pet for a walk. That might not be on other persons list, but the point of showing what has

to be done one after the other. Now a time limit is always a barrier that stands in the way

of completing everything, but time can not be stopped. With a plan of instruction of what

to do first, time should be on your side if the organizing part is done right.

       The final step is to execute what is on the list. Taking control and utilizing time

within a day and using these steps can help and better a person’s time management. Some

people can multitask and do more than three to four items at a time. Doing one task at a

time is faster and will have better outcomes if done all at once. It should not be a race to

complete, because we are humans and can cause errors and mistakes.

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