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					                       CV and Aspirations


One of my principle objectives as a Sustainable HVAC Consultant
and Project/Design Engineer is to provide sustainable and energy
efficient HVAC solutions that are also cost-effective.

I have been lucky to have a varied career in the sector Sustainable
Building Services from Consultancy, R & D through to Contracting,
which I feel has compounded to the depth of knowledge that I
can provide to this exciting growing Industry. Recently I have been
personally invited to join a reknown Think-Tank on Eco Innovation
(Lisbon Council), with other large corporate members, which has
provided the opportunity to directly influence European
Commission policy.

My last large consultancy project, on the initial phase of
constructing the future city of Masdar, was rewarding in being
involved to lead, enthuse and technically support the MEP Design
Team over a 14 month period from Concept, Scheme through to
Detail design. On such a project personal achievement can be
measured from working with a team of world-wide recognised
experts and constantly under pressure from the demanding

The Campus (MIT) orientated project covered a wide range of
building usages and occupation patterns that demonstrated the
importance of an integrated approach to control systems (iBMS),
combining the different requirements of MEP and other Building
Services, therefore giving great opportunities to reduce of potential
the use of energy and water consumed.

I am always looking for a project that can provide personal and
professional challenges, as my last major project which provided
me the opportunity to study in depth a wide range of innovative
technologies that are available today, that can provide
engineered Sustainable solutions to the sector of construction.


                       Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Mech. Eng.
    1985 – 1989         Hons)
    University of       Specialised in Heat Transfer & Energy
 Wolverhampton. UK

                                    TYPE OF PROJECT INVOLVED:
                                    Designing the first complex of the
                                    Sustainable city of Masdar (Abu Dhabi),
          2008 - 2009
                                    MIT’s UAE University's campus,
    Lead Design Engineer   , a Foster
  Consultant Sustainable HVAC       Architectural project.
       Pha Consult – UK             The complex was made up of different              building types – Residential, Lecture Halls,
                                    Laboratories, Retail & Recreation, Library,
                                    Clean Rooms, Workshops
                                    and Underground stations. Scope to use
                                    the most advanced, innovative HVAC
                                    technology to create the most energy
                                    and water efficient, sustainable Campus
                                    Led the MEP Design Team through all
                                    stages from Concept, Scheme to Detail
                                    Design. Principal Sustainable HVAC
                                    Design engineer, with a support Design
                                    Team using technologies such as –
                                    Passive facades, Liquid Desiccant Latent
                                    cooling, Enthalpy wheel recovery,
                                    Variable speed FCUs, High performance
                                    Chilled Beams, Absorption Chillers,
                                    Geothermal Heat Pump heat rejection,
                                    Centralised air quality monitoring system,
                                    Flexible design of Laboratory Services
                                    and a database driven iBMS (for all
                                    building services) using the Lonworks

           2006 - 2008              TYPES OF PROJECTS INVOLVED:
     Senior Design Engineer         Total Refurbishment of Schroder
       Consultant HVAC              Investment Bank Headquarters, Scheme
      MEIT Associates – UK          to Detail Design.          New Trading floor in Moor House, for
                                    Macquarie Bank, using high
                                    performance CHW active cooling
                                    Trading desks, Scheme Design
                                    Refurbishment of the Trading floors &
                                    Ground floor and new Plant Room for the
                                    London HQ of Societe Generale,
                                    Concept & Detail Design through to
                                   Commissioning and Sign Off.
          2005 – 2006              TYPES OF PROJECTS INVOLVED:
        Design Engineer            Innovative Heating system design,
  Consultant Sustainable HVAC      Scheme to Detail Design, for a heavy
    Fulcrum Consulting – UK        mass building (Medieval castle).          Passive/Active Termodeck design,
                                   Feasibility to Scheme Design for South
                                   East Essex college

            2005                   TYPES OF PROJECTS INVOLVED:
       Design Engineer             Server room A/C design in different
     Consultancy HVAC              commercial offices
    Chapman Bathurst – UK          Ealing College HVAC commissioning          Design and Build specifications for a new
                                   build Student accommodation block –
                                   North London University.
           2005 –                  TYPES OF PROJECTS INVOLVED:
Managing Director and Principal    Prototype installations using Solar assisted
          Engineer                 heating for domestic applications.
   NET Green Solar Ltd , UK        Technology uses high efficient Heat pipe            /Vacuum tube thermal collectors and
                                   PCM thermal storage floor panels. On-
                                   going development of a Solar assisted
                                   heating solution using FCUs and
                                   air/water Heat Pumps.
                                   Embedded Controller in development to
                                   provide historical and real time control,
                                   with programming and input of remote
                                   variables to ensure continuous efficient
                                   performance characteristics. Building up
                                   a supportive commercial installer
                                   structure throughout Portugal

                                   TYPES OF DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS
            2001 –                 Liquid Desiccant Dehumidifier Prototype
 Managing Director and Principal   Testing - European Funded CRAFT
 NET Green Developments Lda ,      Development of EuroBlock (Polystyrene
           Portugal                Block/structural steel/concrete) building
                                   Retrofitting a domestic house with water
                                   recycling system
                                   Design, Development of "Solar Heat", an
                                   innovative solar assisted heating system
                                   using PCM thermal storage and
                                   Embedded control.
                                Research and Development of IP
                                technology applications for domestic
                                house purposes
                                Development of Open Source
                                PhP/MySQL database systems for web
                                control remote device server technology
                                Feasibility study for retrofitting the LTHW
                                systems for a tourism complex
                                Feasibility and Development plan for an
                                Eco Tourism complex in the Algarve,
                                Design and Development of a
                                Sustainable dwelling based on a Metal
                                structure modular "Yurt" system.
                                Development of a LEED Rating
                                Assessment Excel spreadsheet Tool.
                                Member of the Eco-Innovation Working
                                Group; Lisbon Council; Brussels
                                European Commission Research FP7 -
                                Expert Project Evaluator

                                TYPES OF RESEARCH INVOLVED:
        2000 – 2001             Eco Building Designs – Passive and Active
    Research Sabbatical         Sustainable Product development
                                available in the Construction Industry
                                Sustainable HVAC systems in
                                development and available in the
                                Construction sector.

                                ROLE IN POSITION:
       1995 – 2000              Administrative and Management of
Managing Director & Principal   Office and Works personnel
        Engineer                Project Management of a 15,000m2 false
 M.M. Duarte Lda, Portugal      ceiling Installation in a pharmaceutical
                                factory for Cilag, including Clean room
                                Project Management of Domestic
                                Housing build projects with landscaping
                                Principal Design Engineer and Team
                                administrator - Central Heating
                                Project Engineer in Product
                                Development of steel structure building
                                modular systems
        1994 – 1995             ROLE IN POSITION:
  Technical sales & support     Sales, installation supervision and Product
Euronet Ltd, U.K. & Portugal   development for Scottish Solar Panel
                               TYPES OF PROJECTS INVOLVED:
                               Energy and Water Surveys for County
        1990 – 1994            Council premises, such as schools and
     Project Engineer          administrative buildings
 NIFES Consulting Group,       Energy Surveys in Dagenham Ford Plant
Bishop Stortford Office, U.K   Legionella and water surveys for several
                               BBC premises and Universities, in different           locations around London
                               Feasibility studies for different HVAC
                               systems in different BBC premises
                               Design, Contract Tenders and Project
                               Management of HVAC systems for
                               Hounslow CC and Ealing Film Studios
                               Project Management and
                               Commissioning of Building Services for
                               Cambridge Business Park
                               Monitoring and Analysis of Methane Gas
                               production in Dagenham Landfill Site for
                               compression and Gas Turbine.
                               Commissioning of HVAC plant on Shell
                               Cormorant Alpha North Sea Platform
                               Project Management of different London
                               CC's Central Heating projects in council
                               housing blocks
                               Feasibility and Project Management of
                               retrofitting District Heating systems in
                               council blocks for St. Albans &
                               Thamesmead CC
      1989 – 1990              ROLE IN POSITION:
   Research Engineer           Analysis of performance of compact
   Marston Palmer Ltd,         Heat Exchangers, using Test bed
  Wolverhampton, U.K.          monitoring of oil/water/fuel heat          exchangers, for the Euro-fighter Aircraft.
                               Mathematical modeling tools developed
                               for different variables and plate patterns

                                              Up-dated: 8th October 2009

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