Evaluation at CPE by dSNAuo


									Evaluation at CPE : 2009-20010
Year 3 Semester 1
Modules                                          Assignments

Language learning approaches and strategies             Real English Project
                                                        Write a report on the Intensive week
Introduction to Cambridge Exams                         Complete sections of FCE or CAE exams
Media: keeping up with world events                     Follow a news story and report on it in class
                                                        Write an essay on a current topic
Industrial systems and processes: conference            Explain an industrial process using a poster
Scientific Articles                                   Read and present scientific articles: keep up to
                                                       date with developments in your field

Year 3 Semester 2
Modules                                     Assignments

Getting Ready to go Abroad                      Write a CV and Covering Letter
Cultural Differences                            Present the differences between a country where you
                                                 are interested in working and France
Company Creation Project                        Write an executive summary of your business plan
                                                PowerPoint presentation of your business plan to a
                                                 bank (meeting simulation)
Scientific Articles                             Summarise a scientific article
Working towards the Cambridge Exams             Do an FCE or CAE mock exam

For each assignment, students are given grades out of 20 according to their level. This corresponds to
descriptions of what you can do, as set out in the Common European Framework for Languages (CEF),
as follows:

  A1          A2         B1         B1 +        B2          B2 +        C1        C1 +       C2          C2 +
                         10          11         12          14.5        16         17        18           20

In addition to the specific assignments, students are evaluated on their interlanguage, as demonstrated
in class, their general professionalism and their personal investment in the learning process, i.e. whether
or not you have reached your objectives for the semester. These objectives will be different for each
group: depending on your original level, your objective could be to progress from one Common European
Framework level to another, or to maintain your current level of English (for higher level students).

Above all, it is important to note that, at CPE, English classes are considered as ‘Practicals’ (TP),
because we feel strongly that you need to be active and use a language, in order to make progress. You
must therefore, of course, attend all classes, in order to have the opportunity to use your English. If you
do not, the module will be considered ‘incomplete’ and not validated.

Students need an average of 10/20 in order to validate their English module. Where you have not got a
total of 10/20, ‘catch up’ work/assignments will be given at the end of the semester in order to be able to
go on to the next semester.

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