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									            WHII Review #1
• Identify the numbered locations on the map.
          WHII Review #2
• Identify the numbered locations on the
          WHII Review #3
• Identify the numbered locations on the
             WHII Review #4
• What does Renaissance mean?
• The Renaissance spread from Italy to where?
• What is the philosophy which emphasized
  classical knowledge and a worldly life
• What marks the beginning of the modern world?
• Who were the main painters of the Renaissance?
• What knowledge was “reborn” during the
• Who wrote sonnets and plays during the
              WHII Review #5
•   Who helped to spread the idea of humanism?
•   Where did the Renaissance begin?
•   What are the 5 major world religions?
•   In what hemisphere did they begin?
•   Where was Judaism concentrated?
•   Where was Christianity concentrated?
•   Where was Islam concentrated?
•   Where was Hinduism concentrated?
•   Where was Buddhism concentrated?
            WHII Review #6
• By 1500, trade linked what continents?
• What was the trade route between Asia and the
  Mediterranean Basin?
• What was the trade route across North Africa?
• Why were these trade routes important?
• Name 3 products from China.
• Name 2 advancements from India and the Middle
• What scientific advancements were transferred
  along the trade routes?
             WHII Review #7
• What was the main Christian church in Europe in
• Which Christian church refused to change
  bringing on the Reformation?
• The practice of lending money at a high rate of
  interest is called what?
• The nobles of what 2 countries disliked Italian
  domination of the Church?
• The Church had not only religious power, but also
  _?_ power.
             WHII Review #8
• Name 2 problems in the Catholic Church which
  helped to cause the Reformation.
• What was sold by the Catholic Church to release
  a soul from Purgatory?
• Who began the Lutheran Church?
• Name 2 beliefs of the Lutheran church.
• Whose actions began the Reformation?
• These were posted on the door of the church at
             WHII Review #9
• Name 2 beliefs of John Calvin.
• This is the belief that God knows who will be
  saved and who will not.
• Who expanded the Protestant Movement?
• Who began the Anglican Church in England?
• Who broke with the Catholic Church because he
  wanted a divorce/
• (True)(False) The Reformation led to political and
  economic changes in Europe.
• What is a Protestant?
            WHII Review #10
• Name 2 actions of Henry VIII against the
  Catholic Church.
• What was the ruling dynasty of the Holy Roman
• What church did they support?
• In what area of Germany did the princes support
  the Reformation?
• Why did they do this?
• The conflict in Germany between the Catholics
  and Protestants became what war?
            WHII Review #11
• What is the national church of England?
• Under whose reign did this occur?
• The Reformation contributed to the rise of what
  economic system?
• What religion were the French kings?
• A French Protestant is called what?
• The Edict of Nantes granted what?
• A series of reforms in the Catholic Church is
  known as what?
• The Society of Jesus is also known as what?
              WHII Review #12
• Who changed the focus of the Thirty Years War
  from religious to political?
• What was the purpose of the Society of Jesus?
• What was established to reinforce Catholic doctrine?
• T/F The Reformation only changed religious beliefs
  in Europe.
• The movement to enjoy life on earth and its rewards
  is called what?
• The movement which believes every person is
  important is called what?
            WHII Review #13
• This invention spread the ideas of the
  Renaissance and Reformation.
• What did Johannes Gutenberg invent?
• Literacy was stimulated by what invention?
• Was there always religious toleration in Europe?
• Who had the power in most European states?
• The Bible was first printed in what 3 languages?
• The loss of what city in 1453 encouraged the
  search for new trade routes?
• Name 2 Spanish explorers.
            WHII Review #14
• What goods were in high demand in Europe in
  the mid 15th century?
• Who was the first European to “discover” the
  Western Hemisphere?
• (True/False) New navigational inventions helped
  fuel the Age of Exploration.
• What was the role of Prince Henry the Navigator?
• Who was the first Englishman to sail around the
• What were the 3 motives for exploration?
            WHII Review #15
• What was the first religion spread to the Western
• Native Americans of the Western Hemisphere
  are often called _?_ people.
• What religion was spread to Latin America and
• Whose expedition was the first to circumnavigate
  the world?
• What Portuguese explorer was the first to reach
  India by way of Africa?
            WHII Review #16
• Who were the European missionaries trying to
• What Spanish explorer conquered the Aztecs?
• What Spanish explorer conquered the Incas?
• What explorer explored the St. Lawrence River
  and claimed Canada for France?
• A major motive for exploration was to spread _?_.
• What did colonists bring to the Americas?
• Name 3 empires destroyed by the Spanish.
• Name 2 legacies of Spanish rule in Latin America.
           WHII Review #17
• T/F Most colonies took on the social and cultural
  patterns of their parent country.
• What racial group was forced into slavery?
• Name 3 nations which established empires in the
  Western Hemisphere.
• Europeans set up what on the coast of Africa?
• What did Europeans want from Africa?
• Throughout the world, what did Europeans want
  from their colonies?
• What is another name for American Indians?
            WHII Review #18
• The Portuguese, Dutch and British all set up what
  to gain wealth in their colonies?
• What was one of the first groups to colonize an
• Where did this occur?
• What was the exchange of products and resources
  between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres?
• What did the Western Hemisphere “give” to
• What was the result of these products?
• What does indigenous mean?
            WHII Review #19
• What killed many American Indians?
• What was the result of a labor shortage in the
  Western Hemisphere?
• What European animals changed the lives of
  American Indians?
• Where was the plantation system strongest?
• What were 2 results of the plantation system?
• Why were large numbers of laborers needed in the
• Western Hemisphere slavery was based on what?
            WHII Review #20
• Who was the triangular trade between?
• What products were involved?
• Where did the gold and silver of the Americas go?
• What was the result of this trade?
• What empire conquered Constantinople?
• What areas did they conquer?
• Where was the Ottoman Empire originally
• What was Constantinople renamed?
            WHII Review #21
• What was the unifying forcein the Ottoman
• (True/False) The Ottoman Empire did not accept
  other monotheistic religions.
• What were 2 trade items of the Ottoman Empire?
• Where was the Mughal Empire located?
• What religion did the Mughals spread to India?
• What is the architectural gem of Mughal India?
• During the Mughal Empire, who arrived and set
  up trading posts in India?
             WHII Review #22
• How did Indian textiles affect the British textile
• What 3 European nations traded in India?
• What 2 nations tried to limit the influence of
  European merchants?
• What country established foreign enclaves to
  control trade?
• What Chinese goods were in high demand in
• The military leader of Japan was the_?_.
            WHII Review #23
• What Chinese leader tried to limit foreign
  influences and trade?
• What country used isolationism to limit foreign
• How much power did the Japanese emperor have?
• Who really had the power in Japan?
• What were the main African exports in the 1600’s?
• What did Africa import from Europe?
• What were 2 new foods imported into Africa from
             WHII Review #24
• What theory stated that colonies existed for the
  benefit of the mother country?
• An economic practice adopted by European
  colonial powers was_?_.
• What does maritime mean?
• Name 2 things European maritime nations were
  competing for.
• A new economic system which included new
  money and banking systems was the what?
• Who developed the heliocentric theory?
            WHII Review #25
• The economic needs of the mother country
  limited the success of what?.
• Why did the European colonial powers adopt
• Who discovered planetary motion?
• (True/False) The Scientific Revolution changed
  how people saw the world and their place in it.
• Who used a telescope to prove the heliocentric
• Who discovered the Laws of Gravity?
• Who discovered circulation of the blood?
            WHII Review #26
• What theory states the earth revolves around the
• The Scientific Revolution was based on what?
• What research method was developed during the
  Scientific Revolution?
• During this Age, European monarchs increased
  the power of their central gov’t.
• Name 2 characteristics of absolute monarchs.
• Who was the king of France who built Versailles?
            WHII Review #27
• What is the theory that a ruler’s power comes
  directly from God and is only accountable to
• What French palace became a symbol of royal
• Who was the absolute ruler of Prussia?
• Who was the absolute ruler of Russia?
• How did Prussia’s rulers enforce its absolutism?
• Democracy rests on the principle that power
  comes from where?
            WHII Review #28
• What did Peter the Great do for Russia?
• Name 2 foundations of English democracy.
• Name 2 events which furthered the development
  of English democracy.
• Who led the Roundheads during the English Civil
• Who was the king during the English Civil War?
• What happened to the king during the English
  Civil War?
• Who became king after Oliver Cromwell died?
            WHII Review #29
• Who became the rulers of England during the
  Glorious Revolution?
• There was a shift in power during the Glorious
  Revolution. Who was it between?
• What document was the result of the Glorious
• What developed after the English Civil War to
  express political beliefs?
• What document signed by William and Mary
  restricted royal power?
            WHII Review #30
• What movement believed progress was possible
  through the application of scientific knowledge
  & reason to human problems?
• Who wrote The Leviathan?
• Who wrote Two Treatises on Government?
• What movement helped spread democratic
  revolutions throughout the world?
• What ideas influenced the American Revolution
  and Declaration of Independence?
• Who wrote The Spirit of Laws?
            WHII Review #31
• What movement applied reason to the human
  world, not just the natural world?
• What philosopher believed the state must have
  central authority to manage behavior?
• What philosopher believed the people are
  sovereign and rulers are not chosen by God?
• What movement encouraged religious tolerance?
• What influenced the people of Latin America to
  establish independent nations?
• Who wrote The Social Contract?
            WHII Review #32
• What philosopher believed the best form of
  government includes separation of powers?
• What philosopher believed government is a
  contract between rulers and the people?
• What 3 American documents were influenced by
  Enlightenment beliefs?
• What event influenced the French people to view
  their govt in new ways?
• What were the 2 causes of the French
            WHII Review #33
• What American incorporated Enlightenment
  beliefs into the Declaration of Independence?
• Who was the king at the beginning of the French
• What fortress was attacked marking the official
  beginning of the French Revolution?
• The most extreme period of the French Revln
  when thousands were executed was what?
• What were 2 results of the French Revolution?
• Who led the rebellion in Haiti?
            WHII Review #34
• The Latin American colonies of what 3 nations
  rebelled as a result of the American and French
• Who led the revolutions in South America?
• What is another name for the Enlightenment?
• Name 2 composers of the period after the
• Who was a painter of the period after the
• Name 3 subjects of art after the Enlightenment.
            WHII Review #35
• What philosophe believed in religious toleration
  and separation of church and state?
• What new technology improved year round
  transportation and trade?
• New designs in what increased agricultural
• Improvements in what lowered the cost of
  overseas transport?
• What influenced artists of the Enlightenment?
• Who wrote Don Quixote?
            WHII Review #36
• What new form of literature appeared after the
• Name 2 legacies of the French Revolution.
• Who tried to unify Europe but was unsuccessful?
• Who developed the law code on which many
  European law codes are based?
• What event awakened feelings of national pride
  and the growth of nationalism?
• What is the political philosophy that promotes
  social change and individual freedoms?
            WHII Review #37
• What is the political philosophy wants to keep
  things the way they are and not change?
• What was the meeting which attempted to restore
  Europe to what it had been before the French
  Revolution and Napoleon?
• What is the belief that no one country should be
  more powerful than others?
• Name 2 influences on the growth of nationalism.
• What event led to political discontent in Europe
  in the 1800’s?
            WHII Review #38
• What was the most important force behind
  European politics in the 1800’s?
• What group tried to redraw the map of Europe
  after the French Revolution?
• There were unsuccessful revolutions in Europe in
  what year?
• What was the result of these revolutions?
• What 2 actions occurred in Great Britain in the
• What 2 areas became nations much later than the
  rest of Europe?
             WHII Review #39
• Who unified northern Italy?
• Who joined southern Italy to northern Italy?
• What was the last area to unify with the rest of
• Who led the unification of Germany?
• What state did Otto von Bismarck lead?
• How did Bismarck achieve Germany’s
• What philosophy justifies using all means to
  achieve and hold power?
            WHII Review #40
• What war led to the creation of the German state?
• Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?
• Why did it begin here?
• Name 2 resources of England.
• What invention helped begin the Industrial
• Where did the Industrial Revolution spread first?
• Name2 industries which were important during
  the Industrial Revolution?
           WHII Review #41
• What product was needed from the Americas,
  Asia and Africa?
• What system began during the Industrial
• What system ended because of the Industrial
• How did the British Enclosure movement
  influence the Industrial Revolution?
• What did industrial nations want to control
            WHII Review #42
• Who invented the steam engine?
• Who invented the cotton gin?
• Who invented a new process for making steel?
• Who developed the vaccine for smallpox?
• Who discovered bacteria?
• What is the term for the growth of cities?
• Name 3 positive impacts of the Ind. Revln on
  industrialized nations.
• Name 2 negative impact of the Ind Revln on
  industrialized nations.
            WHII Review #43
• Who wrote Wealth of Nations?
• What class grew because of the Industrial
• Why did the standard of living increase for many
• What is the economic philosophy which believes
  in a free market economy, profit motive, and the
  ability of entrepreneurs?
• Was there an equal distribution of wealth during
  the Industrial Revolution?
            WHII Review #44
• What is an entrepreneur?
• What class was dissatisfied with the Industrial
• Who wrote The Communist Manifesto?
• Who wrote Das Kapital?
• What economic philosophy believed in a classless
  society with no private property?
• What philosophy believes that society as a whole
  should control the means of production?
• Agricultural economies were based on what unit?
            WHII Review #45
• What do communists believe should happen to
  unequal distribution of wealth?
• What philosophy developed because of the
  injustices of capitalism?
• What groups competed with men for jobs during
  the Industrial Revln?
• What organization fought for improved working
  conditions and workers’ rights?
• What were working conditions like during the
  Industrial Revolution?
              WHII Review #46
• Whose labor helped to keep profits high and cost
  of production low?
• Who controlled the lives of factory and mine
• What invention increased the demand for slave
  labor in America?
• What 2 countries outlawed the slave trade and later
• Who were seen as cheap labor during the Industrial
• What does suffrage mean?
            WHII Review #47
• Because women worked, they increased their
  demand for what?
• Name 3 effects of the Industrial Revolution on
• Reforms were made to end the labor of whom?
• Why did workers strike?
• The dialogue between labor and management to
  prevent a strike is called what?
• Labor unions wanted laws to improve what?
• To exert influence on lawmakers is to …..
            WHII Review #48
• The industrialized nations of Europe needed what
  to expand their economies?
• What continents did Europe want to control?
• The policy of building an empire to extend a
  nation’s power and territory is called what?
• What motivated European nations to compete for
• What policy spread the economic, political and
  social philosophies of Europe throughout the
             WHII Review #49
• How did Europe force their colonies to trade with
• What did Europe trade with their colonies?
• What effect did this trade have?
• What is a settlement of people outside their
  homeland, linked with the parent country by trade
  and direct govt control?
• A country whose policies are guided by a foreign
  nation is called a what?
• An area in a country where a foreign power has
  exclusive rights to trade or invest is called a what?
            WHII Review #50
• Did European conflicts carry over to their
• Name an area which had spheres of influence.
• What nation opened Japan to trade?
• What Company dominated India?
• What effect did the efforts of Christian
  missionaries have on imperialism?
• The Chinese revolted against western imperialism
  in what rebellion?
            WHII Review #51
• When was the first Indian nationalist party
• The British built a link between the
  Mediterranean Sea and India called what?
• What response did colonized people have to
• What were the dates of WWI?
• Name 4 causes of WWI.
• A national policy based on military strength and
  glorification of war is called what?
            WHII Review #52
• What event began WWI?
• Who was the heir to the throne of Austria
• What event was the turning point of WWI?
• Who was president of the U.S. during WWI?
• Who was the leader of Germany during WWI?
• Name 3 results of WWI.
• What country left WWI because of the terrible
  conditions at home?
• Name 3 terms in the Treaty of Versailles.
            WHII Review #53
• Who participated in the war and increased their
  demands for independence?
• What did WWI “cost”?
• What treaty ended WWI?
• Name 3 empires which ended because of WWI.
• What was the title of the leader of Russia?
• What kind of monarchy did Russia have in 1914?
• What were Russia’s social classes in 1914?
• Who was the tsar of Russia in 1914?
• Russia lost its war with whom in 1905?
             WHII Review #54
• Name 3 causes of the 1917 Revolution.
• How many revolutions were there in Russia?
• What revolution created the communist state?
• Who led the Bolshevik Revolution?
• What was Lenin’s economic policy called?
• Who was Lenin’s successor?
• What international organization was started after
• Name 2 goals of the League of Nations.
           WHII Review #55
• What system was created to administer the
  colonies of defeated WWI powers on a temporary
• What major nation was not a member of the
  League of Nations?
• Why was the League a failure?
• Who were the main powers in the Middle East
  mandate system?
• What were characteristics of the 1920’s?
• What characterized the 1930’s?
            WHII Review #56
• Name 4 causes of the worldwide depression in
  the 1930’s.
• What event occurred in 1929 causing a
  worldwide depression?
• Name 3 impacts of the worldwide depression of
  the 1930’s.
• What helped totalitarian governments gain power
  in the 1930’s?
• In the 1930’s what political party was gaining
  importance in Germany?
• What was the Great Purge?
            WHII Review #57
• In the 1930’s, who was the communist leader of
• What was the official name of communist
• What kind of government did Lenin and Stalin
• What country became a world power after WWI?
• In what nations did dictators rise between the
• Name 3 policies of Stalin.
            WHII Review #58
• Who was blamed for Germany’s economic
  collapse in the 1930’s?
• Who led Germany in the 1930’s?
• (True/False) At the end of the 1930’s, Germany
  began to take over other European nations.
• This term means hatred of Jews.
• What is another name for National Socialism in
• Name 4 characteristics of Germany between the
            WHII Review #59
• Who led Italy during the Interwar Period?
• What is the political philosophy based on
  nationalism and an all powerful state?
• What was Mussolini’s goal for Italy?
• What country did Italy first invade?
• Who was the emperor of Japan in the 1930’s?
• Who held the power in Japan in the 1930’s?
• Why did Japan want to invade other countries?
• Who led the U.S. during WWII?.
            WHII Review #60
• What philosophy guided Japanese politics before
• Name 3 countries invaded by Japan before WWII
• What were the 3 totalitarian powers before
• Name 5 causes of WWII.
• The policy of granting concessions to a potential
  enemy in order to maintain peace is called what?
• The policy to have peace at all costs is what?
            WHII Review #61
• What treaty failed to solve the problems of
  Europe between the wars?
• What event began WWII?
• Victory in this aerial battle saved Britain from
  German invasion.
• The continent of Europe was controlled by
  Germany after the fall of this nation.
• This was the turning point in the European
  theater of WWII.
• This caused the U.S. to enter WWII,.
            WHII Review #62
• On June 6, 1944, the Allies invaded Europe. This
  was called what?
• Atomic bombs were dropped on these 2 Japanese
• What was the result of this?
• Who led the U.S. at the end of WWII?
• Who was the leading U.S. general in the Pacific?
• Who was the leading U.S. general in Europe?
• Who was the British prime minister during WWII?
            WHII Review #63
• Who led the U.S. military from Washington,
• Who was the Soviet dictator of the USSR during
• Who was the Nazi dictator of Germany?
• Who was the head of the Japanese military during
• Who was the emperor of Japan during WWII?
• Hitler believed all Germans were members of
             WHII Review #64
• The systematic and purposeful destruction of a
  racial, political, religious, or cultural group is
  called what?
• What did Hitler blame on Germany’s Jews?
• What was the Final Solution?
• Name 4 steps which led to the Holocaust.
• Who attempted to exterminate the Armenians?
• Who did Stalin attempt to exterminate?
• Who did Pol Pot attempt to exterminate in
            WHII Review #65
• Who did the Hutu try to exterminate in Rwanda?
• Who did the Bosnian Serbs try to exterminate in
  the former Yugoslavia?
• Name 4 results of WWII.
• What nations became superpowers after WWII?
• What happened to those accused of war crimes
  after WWII?
• What did the “Iron Curtain” represent?
• This was established by the U.S. to help Europe
  recover after WWII.
            WHII Review #66
• What was international organization was
  established after WWII?
• What was its purpose?
• What alliance was established after WWII between
  the democratic nations of western Europe?
• What alliance was established after WWII between
  the communist nations of eastern Europe?
• What part of Germany became democratic?
• Between whom was Germany divided?
• What happened to Berlin after WWII?
            WHII Review #67
• West Germany gained what kind of power after
• Who administered the govt in Japan after WWII?
• What kind of govt was started in Japan after
• Who guarantees Japan’s security even today?
• What happened to Japan’s military capabilities
  after WWII?
• The competition between what 2 nations began
  the Cold War?
           WHII Review #68
• Japan gained what kind of power after WWII?
• The presence of what weapons influenced
  national policies during the Cold War?
• What conference gave the Soviet Union control
  of Eastern Europe?
• What were the 2 opposing economic
  philosophies of the Cold War?
• The US policy to prevent the spread of
  communism was called what?
• When did the Cold War begin?
            WHII Review #69
• Who was the president that developed the policy
  of containment?
• What were the 2 opposing political philosophies
  of the Cold War?
• The first armed conflict of the Cold War was
• The Cold War armed conflict fought in Southeast
  Asia was in what country?
• Who won these 2 armed conflicts?
            WHII Review #70
• What 2 alliances opposed each other during the
  Cold War?
• In what years was the Cold War?
• What economic system has failed throughout the
• What was the significance of the Berlin Wall?
• President Kennedy confronted the Soviet Union
  over missiles where?
• Name 3 causes for the collapse of the Soviet
            WHII Review #71
• When did the Soviet Union collapse and the Cold
  War end?
• The occupation of Asian countries by what nation
  increased demands for independence after
• What country developed regional alliances to stop
  communist aggression?
• After WWI, China divided into what 2 nations?
• Who led nationalist China?
• Where was nationalist China located?
            WHII Review #72
• Who led communist China?
• Where was communist China located?
• In the 1950’s, in what war did Communist China
• Who controlled Vietnam before WWII?
• After gaining their independence, what happened
  to Vietnam?
• Who led the conflict against the French and US in
             WHII Review #73
• What happened to Vietnam after the Vietnam War?
• What nation controlled India before WWII?
• What was the previous name of Pakistan?
• What was the previous name of Bangladesh?
• What was the previous name of Sri Lanka?
• Who led the Indian independence movement?
• What 2 policies were used to gain independence in
• Who fought a war for independence from France?
            WHII Review #74
• What 2 religions came into conflict in India?
• What was the result of this conflict?
• The right of a people to decide their own political
  status or govt is called what?
• Where was this guaranteed?
• What was the last continent to gain independence
  from European imperialism?
• What European nation controlled Kenya?
• Who led Kenya’s independence struggle?
             WHII Review #75
• Name 3 characteristics of the independence
  movement in Africa.
• Many nations in this part of Africa gained their
  independence peacefully.
• Name 4 countries who lost their colonies in
• The official policy of strict racial separation and
  discrimination practiced in South Africa was
  called what?
• Name 3 monotheistic religions
           WHII Review #76
• Where was the mandate system most active after
• What happened to the League of Nations mandates
  after WWII?
• Conflicts in the Middle East are often based on
• What 2 countries were French mandates after
• What 2 countries were British mandates after
            WHII Review #77
• Palestine became a part of what country in 1948?
• What are the 5 main world religions?
• What is the moral and religious code of conduct
  for Judaism?
• What is the written record and beliefs of Hebrews
• What 2 religions are based on Judaism?
• How do Christians view Jesus?
• What tells of the life and teachings of Jesus?
            WHII Review #78
• Who established early Christian doctrine?
• Who began the religion of Islam?
• Who is The Prophet?
• What is the holy book of Islam?
• What are the basic beliefs of Islam?
• Who founded Buddhism?
• What are the 2 basic guiding principles of
• What do Buddhists hope to achieve?
• Who was Buddha?
            WHII Review #79
• Who sent missionaries to spread Buddhism?
• Where did these missionaries spread Buddhism?
• What is the national religion of India?
• What was the social system of India called?
• The rebirth of the soul or spirit in different
  bodies is called what?
• The belief that future reincarnation is based on
  present behavior is called what?
• What religion believes in many forms of one
             WHII Review #80
• Where is Judaism concentrated today?
• Where is Christianity concentrated today?
• Where is Islam concentrated today?
• Where is Hinduism concentrated today?
• Where is Buddhism concentrated today?
• Name 3 places where there are ethnic and
  religious conflicts today.
• (True/False) The plight of refugees is not
  important in international conflicts today.
            WHII Review #81
• A highly industrialized nation is often called what
  kind of nation?
• A nation which had little industry and a
  traditional economy is often seen as what kind of
• What group is migrating to European cities
• What is widening the gap between developed and
  developing nations today?
• Name 3 distinguishing features between
  developed and developing nations today.
            WHII Review #82
• Name 2 things impacting the world’s envitonment.
• Name 3 differences between developed and
  developing nations.
• Name 2 environmental challenges in the world
• Name 3 social challenges in the world today.
• (True/False) There is no relationship between
  economic and political freedom.
• Why are countries of the world today becoming
  more interdependent?
            WHII Review #83
• Name a country where political freedom has
  produced a rising standard of living and strong
  middle class.
• What is an example of regional interaction in
• What does NAFTA stand for?
• What does it do?
• What does WTO stand for?
• Name 2 international organizations.

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