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Buying Restaurant Furniture


									                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

     Very few restaurant type businesses actually succeed. Most fail in their first year of operation. There are many
     opinions and reasons given as to why this is happening. Upward of 25-33% of restaurant type establishments
                                            shut down in under 12 months
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                         Do You Make These Mistakes When Buying Restaurant Furniture?
                                                            By Tony Nibbinsworth

  Buying furniture for your restaurant is serious business, but it can also be a lot of fun just as long as
you know what you should be doing. Do you make these mistakes when buying restaurant furniture?

 1. Not Setting The Budget - A very common mistake is to not set a budget before starting to shop for
restaurant furniture. Then what happens is the furniture is chosen, the bill is totalled, and you discover
you are no where near what you've got to spend. Then you have to start shopping again within your
budget and it's no where near what you can afford. Believe me you are not going to like anything
because you've already visualized your restaurant with the expensive choices that were out of your
budget. There is furniture for every budget. Take the interesting yet very affordable chair by Jan Sabro
- the BV Boing V830 which is a very basic stacking chair or you might choose a sophisticated more
expensive design by Markku Pakkanen available with a leather, vinyl, or fabric which can give you
three price ranges on the same chair.

 2. Not Examining Why People Are Coming To Your Restaurant - Now I know what you're thinking -
well that's obvious. But really it isn't. Sure you'll be serving drinks, food, and mood, and hopefully your
friendly atmosphere will build return customers. But what's unique about your establishment? Do you
cater to the sports crowd? Are you looking for the younger trendier crowd or older traditional crowd? Is
your main meal lunch or dinner? It's important to know who your market is so that you create the right
ambiance and you do that by buying the right furniture. For example, a trendy client might love the Nis
Laurenz steel rod chair with its very modernistic lines where as a Lloyd Loom armchair might be more
appropriate for an older traditional market.

 3. Not Determining What Your Available Seating Space Will Be - If you don't know your available
seating space you may find yourself purchasing restaurant furniture that is too big or too bulky or even
purchasing too many pieces or not enough. For example, if you're a pressed for space you might not
want something like the Lloyd Loom two seat lounge with it's beautiful lines but somewhat bulky build.

 4. Not Determining the Decor - It's important that you do your interior designing first. Do your wall
decor, your door decor, color, patterns, etc. You don't want conflicting colors, materials, or even
patterns so know your decor. So for example ATN Waves are a very neat plastic folding chair designed
by Jens Ring Burshe and they would be great extra seating in a fun upbeat environment, however they
would be a total flop in a classic decor.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

 5. Which Is It Fast Or Slow - This might not sound like anything that would matter but it does. If you're
serving people almost always on the run you don't want furniture that could pose a tripping hazard.
Then again if you are serving at a slower, more traditional pace larger furnishings may not create any
type of problem.

 So do you make these mistakes when buying restaurant furniture? Well if you did you won't do it again
now that you are aware of them.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                       Outdoor Restaurant Furniture Equals Profits
                                                           By Maxx Johnson

The furniture placed in the restaurant is the very heart and soul of it. If you have space outside your
restaurant then you definitely need to expand it. In fact the right kind of outdoor restaurant furniture will
add the extra bit of spice to the decor and change the entire appeal to the restaurant.

 Therefore, when choosing the external furnishings the following certain basics must be considered by
those that are looking to buy this for a restaurant business or even for outdoor entertaining at home.

 First, the most important question when choosing outdoor restaurant furniture is whether the furniture
provides the level of comfort that the guest is looking forward to. It is one of the most important
functions is that it must be comfortable. If it does not provide comfort and if it is not relaxing, then the
furniture does not serve its purpose.

 Also, when buying outdoor restaurant furniture you need to delve into the material that you need to
buy. Before making a choice on the kind of furniture that you want to buy you need to consider the
various kinds of material that are available in the market.

 The first thing that comes to mind with the mention of furniture is wood. However, you need to know
that wood is subject to rot and infestations in the long run. However, certain kind of wood like cedar is
not only pretty looking but is also waterproof and can be great as outdoor restaurant furniture. Also you
can choose metal. But even metal is subject to rusting and corrosion. Here you need to utilise wrought
iron instead of cast iron as it does not rust faster ditto with aluminium and stainless steel. Now, plastic
is also one of the options to choose from. They make great furniture because they can be moulded into
any shape. Further, they are safe from corrosion, rust, rot and infestations. Also they are long lasting.
Since the equipment is mainly for outdoor use, plastic furniture is recommend as it can take the wear
and tear due to the weather.

 Next basic is the style and the design that you want to go for your dining pleasure in nature. It should
be in sync with the whole restaurant and should not deflect from the original furniture placed in the
restaurant. Otherwise it will be a total miss and match and adversely affect look of the restaurant.

 Also, you need to take care of the pricing of the outdoor restaurant furniture. It should not be very
expensive. Since seating used outside is subject to a lot of wear and tear from the weather and
everyday rigorous use it needs to be replaced after some time. Therefore, the pricing should be such
that at the time of replenishing it, the price should not be a pinching factor.

 During the colder periods care must be taken that the outdoor restaurant furniture is stored carefully
for future use. Finally, proper care must be taken to clean the seating arrangements to remove dirt and
dust so that it looks always clean and inviting.

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