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                                                      Customer Survey No-Nos
                                                               By Andy West

   A customer survey is a powerful tool for finding out what customers and potential customers think of
your company. For instance, to find out more about a website's visitors in general, the Webmaster
might program a pop up window to invite random visitors to take a short survey. Alternatively, surveys
emailed at random to past customers can give you information about their buying experiences with
you, and whether or not they'll be back. They are a great way to help you make decisions about how to
run your business, but not all are successful. Here are some things to avoid when planning your

 Don't make it too long. A good survey is fairly short, requiring as little time as possible from your
customers. For example, news websites often give you as little as 60 seconds to complete. A more
involved one should take no more than a few minutes to complete.

 Don't make it too difficult to access. The general rule is, the further out of their way your customers
have to go in order to take it, the fewer of them will complete it. The easiest way for customers to
access your survey is a pop up window on the screen that will take them directly if they accept the
invitation. Be sure to make it opens in a new window, so they can go right back to what they were
doing after they are done.

 Another suggestion is to send an email invitation to your customers. The email should contain a link
that will take them directly to it. In general, a print invitation, such as a URL on a sales receipt or sent in
the mail, will get the fewest results. It takes the most work for customers to complete rather than if it
was a pop up or in e-mail form.

 Don't make it all multiple-choice. Multiple choice questions are great for people who make and analyze
surveys, because it's easier to compile results and find trends in the data. However, if your analysis is
all multiple-choice you risk turning your customers off from it. It is impossible to make a multiple choice
selection for every possible answer a customer could possibly have, so you might want to allow
customers to choose “Other,” and then fill in their answer. Also, since most people want the opportunity
to have their say or explain their answers, your final question should ask if there is anything else the
customer would like to say. Be sure to allow a reasonable amount of space for their answer!

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 Don't forget to offer an incentive. Offering incentives is especially important if your examination is a
little longer in length, or if your customers need to go out of their way to take it. Offering an incentive of
some sort is advisable in order to get enough results to make your review successful. Small incentives
could be coupons, small gift cards, free shipping, or something similar. A larger incentive could be a
free gift or entry into a drawing for cash prizes. Also, don't forget the power of strong feelings as an
incentive: If your study addresses an issue that you know many of your customers feel strongly about,
such as concerns about costs, the opportunity to speak out on the issue might be incentive enough!

 In general, the size of the incentive you offer should depend on how difficult or involved your
examination is. If it is very short and easy to access, you may not need to offer an incentive at all. On
the other hand, if it takes several minutes and/or requires your customer to go of their way to take it, a
larger incentive would be appropriate.

 Your customer survey may require a little trial and error to get it right, just like any other aspect of
business. If you aren't sure what will get the best results with your customers, try a couple of different
styles with a few different incentives, and see what gets the most response. With the right combination
of convenience and incentive, your survey will help you get the feedback you need to make your
business even better.

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                             Add Twitter Followers by Conducting a Survey on Twitter
                                                         By Stacey Zimmerman

 When it comes to Twitter and the process to add twitter followers, have you thought about using
surveys on Twitter to do so? While the idea may seem a bit far fetched, it really is a good way to add
followers to your Twitter profile. Why is that, you may ask? Everyone likes taking a survey! What you
would need to do is to create a survey that people will take. This survey can range in ideas from the
concrete to the abstract. Creating a survey is not that hard to do.

To add twitter followers to your list, you will need to create a survey using tools such as TwtPoll and
other such tools that are provided by Twitter. Here is how to create a survey. You need to define goals
of the survey, pick the tools you will use, write the questions, test it and then put it up on Twitter. This
survey can be from 5 questions to as many as you want. Deciding the questions and content can be
the hardest part for creating a survey on Twitter. Once you have decided on the content, then you can
move on.

Once you have got the survey complete, then it is time to put the survey up on Twitter. All you have to
do is tweet the survey URL on your profile page and wait for people to take it. Word of mouth will allow
you to add twitter followers to your profile as they take the survey and leave comments. You can do
more than one survey if you wish to do so. Once your own followers have taken the survey, and if they
liked it, then they will spread the word through their followers and more will come and take the survey.

The content of the survey is up to you, but the advice is to make the content interesting like current
events or something that many people would be interested in. This is the best way to create a survey
that will add twitter followers to your listings. The categories are endless so be creative and fresh
without going overboard when creating the content for the survey. If the survey is for business, then
you will need to know what content to put into the survey for a business purpose and create it.

To be able to add twitter followers, your content has to be unique and fresh. It also has to be relevant
to both you and what people want. By making the material engaging, thought provoking and creative,
you will be certain to be able to add people to your profile page. It really isn't that hard to do and the
rewards of doing a survey on Twitter will allow you to both get lots of replies as well as adding more
people to your Twitter account. So why not create a survey on Twitter today? Odds are that you will
create a lot of talk and provoke some thought with the survey that you create on Twitter.

Stacey Zimmerman is the author of many health, fitness, business and marketing related articles, and
runs numerous websites on nutrition, fitness, marketing, business and many other subjects. If you
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