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                                       ORGANICS TOOLBOX
                          Alameda County
  CASE STUDIES             This case study describes how Alameda County participated and provided data for cost-
                           benefit analysis to reflect the diversity of home composting programs.

                          Burbank
                           This case study describes how the City of Burbank partnered with its hauling company
                           and a grower to implement a highly successful green material and food scraps from

                          Emeryville
                           This case study describes the City of Emeryville’s stormwater construction and to give
                           guidelines about a sustainable construction of a city.

                          Oakland
                           This case study describes how the City of Oakland’s implemented a green building and
                           Bay-Friendly Landscaping in a LEED-Platinum certified office remodel.

                          Santa Cruz County
                           This case study describes Santa Cruz County on how biosolids are recycled to better
                           alternatives for biosolid management.

                          Ukiah County
                           A case study was conducted on a farm land in Ukiah County to determine the effects of
                           biodynamic preparation on soil, wine grape and compost quality on vineyards.

                          Alameda County (pdf file)
 MODEL                     Alameda County adopted a local ordiance prohibiting the disposal of certain recycleable
ORDINANCES                 and compostable materials from their landfills.

                          San Jose (pdf file)
                           City of San Jose adopted a local ordinance that offers incentives for non-ADC diversion.

                          Santa Cruz County
                           Santa Cruz County has a landfill ban on greenwaste.

                          Sonoma County
                           Sonoma County bans yard debris and wood waste from their landfills.
                          Alameda – County measure – check website for fee on ADC/check with LAMD Staff –
                           nothing at this time.

                          Riverside County

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                          San Jose
                           San Jose uses fee to create incentives to recycle and compost. The following document
                           is part of the City’s Zero Waste Strategic plan and provides a summary of the current
                           fee, as well as a review of options being considered as diversion increases in order to
                           replace revenues that are currently based on tons landfilled.

                          Alameda County Waste Management Authority – EPP Model Policy and Guidelines
ENVIRONMENTALLY            Prepared by StopWaste.Org Alameda’s policy was adopted in order to conserve natural
PREFERABLE                 resources and increase the use and availability of environmentally preferable products
PURCHASES AND              that protect the environment.
(EPPP)                     EPP Implementation Guidelines

                          CIWMB’s EPP Program provides recommendations on what local governments and
                           state agencies can do to purchase environmentally preferable products. After years of
                           co-leading the state's EPP Task Force, in recent years we have provided support to the
                           Department of General Services which is the lead agency for EPP in state government.

                          The Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Best Practices Manual (see the menu on the
                           right side of the Department of General Services' Green California website) assists
                           purchasing officials and specification writers with practicing environmentally preferable
                           purchasing. This comprehensive tool addresses most of the products and services. The
                           CIWMB co-lead the effort to create this manual with the Department of General
                           Services where the website is hosted.

                          CIWMB State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC) Program Requirements
                           SABRC requires that every State department, board, commission, office, State
                           universities, and the Legislature must require all suppliers certify the postconsumer
                           recycled-content (PC) of their products that fall within the 11 reportable categories.

                          King County - Seattle, Washington
                           King County provides sample contract specifications for compost and landscape mulch,
                           and information on a variety of other products. In addition, its website contains
                           procurement case studies along with resources for environmental purchasing and waste

                          Los Angeles County (pdf file)
                           Los Angeles County EPP Policy establishes the framework for an environmentally base
                           purchasing program.

                          San Jose
                           The City of San José has been recognized for leadership in implementing environmental
                           programs and procedures. Since 1990 the City has been proactive with policies that
                           protect the environement through sustainable purchasing choices.

                          United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)
                           The EPA's website assists Executive agencies in the purchasing of environmentally
                           preferable products (EPP) and services. This website has a glossary of terms,
                           Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and a suite of tools including a database which lists
                           over 600 environmentally preferred products and services.

    Organics Roadmap – Organic Toolbox (2)               -2-
 COMPOST                  CIWMB Publication: Guidelines for Writing Compost or Mulch Procurement
GUIDELINES/                Specification
SPECIFICATIONS             This guideline assist State and local agency representatives in developing specifications
                           for purchasing compost or mulch for use in landscaping applications, erosion control,
                           weed suppression and other end uses.

                          Caltrans
                           The Caltrans website has a variety of resources for project managers including
                           specifications, publications, compost calculators, and event schedules.

FINANCIAL                 Brian Larimore – Workshop in June 2009 - White Paper Incentives and Disincentives
                          CIWMB Publication: Second Assessment of California's Compost- and Mulch-
MARKETING PLAN             Producing Infrastructure. This study provides definitive information and data on
                           compost and mulch producers in California, feedstock sources, products, and markets
                           for compost and mulch.

                          CIWMB Publication: Compost Use for Landscape and Environmental Enhancement

                          CIWMB - Local Assistance & Market Development (LAMD)
                           Regional Rural Cooperative Marketing Project (pdf file)

                          Bay-Friendly Landscape Guidelines
                           A whole systems approach to the design, construction and maintenance of landscapes to
                           support the integrity of one of California’s most magnificent ecosystems, the San
                           Francisco watershed.

                          River-Friendly Landscape Guidelines
                           A whole systems approach to the design, construction and maintenance of landscapes to
                           support the integrity of one of California’s key ecosystems, the Sacramento River.

                          Here is a marketing cheat sheet that I did for CRRA last year, and folks loved it. You
                           can post in the marketing plans area of the toolbox. (louie scan document and list as a
                           pdf file)

                          Ron Alexander – Manual for Caltrans .

                          CIWMB Demonstration Projects - in partnership with local governments, compost
BENEFIT OF                 producers, users of compost and mulch, and others - that promote waste prevention and
 COMPOST USE               recycling of organic materials.

                          CIWMB Publication – Compost Products used on Fire Damaged Land

                          CIWMB Publications for Benefit of Compost Use

                          Green California - DGS
                           Information about Environmental and Health Issues and Recommendations

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                          Ron Alexander Associates, Inc. (RAA)
                           RAA is an environmental consulting company, specializing in composting and organics

                          US Composting Council Factsheet – Compost and Its Benefits1 (pdf file)
                           This fact sheet summarizes the many physical, chemical and biological benefits that the
                           use of compost brings.

                          San Jose – Competitive Contract Services
CONTRACT                   San Jose uses a comptetitive process to obtain contract services for collection and
MECHANISMS                 processing which meet hightest and best use, as well as diversion goals. Provisions in
                           yard trimmings contracts include 95% diversion, minimum of 50% material collected
                           finished compost, STA certified compost, and approved products that can be made from
                           collected organics. View RFP and contract in the toolbox at:

                          San Jose Memorandum: Monthly Green Vision Update
                           The City of San Jose adopted Green Vision to improve the quality of life for all residents
                           by connecting and advancing economic growth and environment sustainability.

                          CIWMB Recycled-Content Product (RCP) Directory
SUPPLIER LIST              The directory contains thousands of listings of recycled-content products made from
                           recycled materials.

                          CIWMB Supplier/Producer Listing
                           A database consisting of different suppliers of compost and mulch producer in a selected

                          CIWMB SWIS Database
                           The Solid Waste Information System (SWIS) database contains information on solid
                           waste facilities, operations, and disposal sites throughout the State of California.

                          BioCycle – Nationwide Facilities Database
                           BioCycle has a searchable database of composting facilities in North America. It
                           includes all regulatory-compliant composting operations to aid generators of
                           compostable feedstocks and other interested parties in locating facilities that are
                           permitted to receive those feedstocks.

                          Association of Compost Producers (ACP)
                           The APC is a non-profit organization whose members are public agencies and private
                           companies involved in the production and marketing of compost. The association helps
                           members work together to improve the quality of soil being used for gardens,
                           landscaping and farming.
                          BioCycle
                           BioCycle shows you how to turn organic residuals — woody materials, yard trimmings,
                           municipal solid waste (MSW), food residuals, biosolids, manure and other feedstock
                           into value-added products.

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                        California Organic Recycling Council (CORC)
                         The CORC represents a coalition of organics recyclers, including collectors, processors,
                         end users, and local governments. The CORC supports the development of an organics
                         infrastructure for increasing sustainable and diverse end markets, through policy
                         leadership and education.

                        Cornell Waste Management Institute (CWMI)
                         CWMI is a program in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences in the College of
                         Agriculture and Life Sciences. Cornell serves the public through research, outreach,
                         training, and technical assistance with a focus on organic residuals.
                        San Jose
                         The City of San Jose has one of the most successful yard trimmings collection programs
                         in California. Commercial agriculture and landscaping are natural markets for recycled
                         organic materials such as green soil amendment, wood chips, and finished compost.

                        Soils for Salmon Resources, Washington State
                         The Soils for Salmon Resources provides information about the uses and benefits of
                         Best Management Practices (BMPs) of soils.

                        U.S. Composting Council (USCC)
                         The USCC supports many programs, including the Seal of Testing Assurance (STA), the
                         Test Methods for the Examination of Composting and Compost (TMECC), the Compost
                         Analysis Proficiency Program (CAP), International Compost Awareness
                         Week (ICAW) and the Biodegradable Logo project.

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