Phase Change Diagram Worksheet by HC120730004312


									Phase Change Diagram Worksheet                               Name________________________________

1. Calculate the amounts of energy required to take 46.0 g of ice at -58C to steam at 114C.
  a) -58C to 0C

 b) melt the ice

 c) 0C to 100C

 d) vaporize the water

 e) 100C to 114C

 f) What is the total energy required for the process above?

2. Calculate the heat of fusion of iodine if 1567 Joules is required to melt 25.4 grams of solid iodine?

3. The heat of fusion (Hf) of palladium is 162 J/g. Calculate the energy required to melt 4.24 grams of it.

4. A piece of aluminum is heated to 85.6C and dropped into a calorimeter with 50.0 mL of water
at 22.2C. The final temperature of the metal and water is 24.9C. Calculate the mass of the aluminum.
Cp of aluminum is 0.9025 J/g C.

5. A piece of cadmium with mass 65.6 g and a temperature of 100.0C is dropped into a calorimeter
containing an unknown amount of water at a temperature of 23.0C. The final temperature of the
cadmium and water is 32.7C. What mass of water was in the calorimeter?
The Cp of cadmium is 0.2311 J/gC.

6. A 15.2 gram piece of an unknown metal is heated to 125.0C and dropped into a calorimeter
containing 25.0 mL of water at 25.2C. The final temperature of the mixture is 28.6C. What is the
specific heat capacity of the metal?

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