MyPyramid Food Diary Project by 60Lr1YGG


									                        MyPyramid Food Diary Project
                                  Nutrition & Food Prep I

1. Go to put in your specific
information to find out what your daily calorie needs are in relation to your sex, age and
activity level (be honest!) Write this number down: ___________

2. Go to Click on your
chart by selecting your Calorie needs (written in Step 1). Print out your pyramid
chart, attach it to your packet and take this information to fill in your three
tracking sheets in your packet!!!

                                  Your assignment:
  You are to track your diet and exercise for the next three days using your tracking
 sheets. The purpose is to use your recommendations as a guide to a healthy diet for
 yourself. I understand that some of us don’t choose to make healthy decisions so the
  most important part of this assignment is to be honest. If you eat 12 Twinkies for
    dinner, then write it down. If you sat on your tush all weekend, right it down.

                         After you track your diet for 3 days:
   1.   Make sure your food chart is filled out and you put in any exercise you did. Use
        your two library days to use the website for the steps below:
   2.   Go to
   3.   Click on the “Assess Your Food Intake” to find out how many calories are in
        your food choices (Put this on the back of your tracking sheet!)
   4.   Click on “Assess Your Physical Activity” to find out how many calories you
        burned with your exercise choices. (Put this on the back of your tracking sheet!)
   5.   Once you have ALL THREE DAYS FILLED IN: Fill in the Chart Below: (To
        find your Daily Total of Calories, subtract your calories burned from your
        calories consumed!)

        Day 1                    Day 2                          Day 3
        Total Calories           Total Calories                 Total Calories
        Consumed (Eaten):        Consumed (Eaten):              Consumed (Eaten):

        Total Calories Burned    Total Calories Burned          Total Calories Burned
        (Exercise):              (Exercise):                    (Exercise):

        Daily Total of Calories Daily Total of Calories:        Daily Total of Calories:

                        !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SEE NEXT PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                   Day 2 in Library

6. When you are finished tracking your diet for three days and collect your calorie
      a. Write a one page report outlining your results and experience with
         this project. (This document should be double spaced and 12 pt. Times
         New Roman or Arial font):
               i. How many days did what you each match your MyPyramid plan?
              ii. On average, how much did you eat from each food group? Was
                  that more or less than the recommended amount in your plan?
             iii. Give examples of which of your food choices belong in the widest
                  part of a group's color band on the pyramid? Which would be in
                  the narrow part of the band? (Example: An apple would be in
                  the wide part of the red fruit band because it is high in
                  nutrients; a slice of apple pie would be in the narrow part
                  of the band because, even though it contains fruit, it has a
                  lot of fat and sugar.)
             iv. How much exercise did you get each day?
              v. Did keeping the food diaries cause you to make any changes to
                  your diet?
             vi. What are some of the benefits of tracking your diet? Should
                  everyone track their diet (why or why not)?

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