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One of the tasks of a churchwarden is to assist the priest-in-charge, Canon Ivy, with
the day-to-day functioning of the parish, and so it is my pleasure to write this month’s
forward for our Five Parishes Magazine to relieve Ivy of one small task as she
continues to work all hours to succeed in both her jobs! It is also an opportunity for
me to reflect as I step down after ten interesting and, indeed, enjoyable years as one
of the two churchwardens responsible for looking after the church in Little Easton.

It has to be said that churchwardenship must rank as one of the strangest voluntary
occupations that you can imagine, since it is partly intensely practical and partly
quietly spiritual. It is probably just as well that nobody warned me in advance that I
would have to grapple with the tangle of legal requirements imposed on us by
Parliament, the Church of England and the myriad of public bodies that have a say in
how listed buildings are treated.

Although the maintenance of our ancient building and the churchyard has been my
main focus as a churchwarden, we are also tasked with helping the priest-in-charge
with the smooth running of the parish. This can be quite challenging, especially
during the recent interregnum when I “volunteered” to organise visiting priests to take
all our services, although this was made easier by the wonderful support from all the
local clergy. I also understand that churchwardens have the power to arrest anyone
causing a “major disturbance" in our church or at least to escort them off the premises
but happily on this I was never tested!

I do passionately believe that we are fortunate to have inherited our historic churches
in the Five Parishes. I often wonder as I wander around our church dating back to
1170 as to all that must have happened here over the last few centuries as I try to
imagine the lives of some of the people who have worshiped, married or been buried
here. The thought that, without the energy and generosity of all the people living in
or around our villages, our churches could become dark, locked empty shells is too
horrific to contemplate but as homeowners we all too well aware of the rising costs of
maintaining and insuring our properties.
Even before the cost of any major repairs, which happily are often partially funded by
the Friends of The Five Parishes, each of our four churches needs to raise about
£20,000 each and every year just to pay for business as usual! This we do thanks to
the generosity of the church members who contribute about half of this total through
their pledges and collections with the balance from fundraising. Last year for
example our Little Easton Committee put on several events including our Harvest
Supper, sponsoring an evening of the Greville Theatre and, last but not least, assisted
with the Countess of Warwick’s Country Show which contributed a further much
appreciated £5,000 to each of our churches. Tilty, Broxted and Great Easton also
have their own successful events and so we all survive!

Given the importance of the Countess of Warwick’s Show to the Five Parishes, I have
been very pleased to have been invited recently to join the Show Committee and have
probably surprised some of the Committee by my enthusiasm to raise as much money
as possible as well as to provide a truly enjoyable country show but always in the
back of my mind is the too awful to contemplate scenario of insufficient funds forcing
the closure of one of our four churches. It was, therefore, good to find such a large
majority in favour of introducing a charge of £5 per car for parking in 2012 as we
seek to raise the contribution to The Five Parishes and meet ever rising costs of our
wonderful Show. This also gives me the opportunity to thank the 45 church members
(you know who you are!) who kindly give up all or part of their August Bank Holiday
weekend to help make this Show such a success and to support the extraordinary
Show Committee and their army of helpers, under the leadership of Tim Turner, who
have continued to develop and improve the Show over the last few years to make it a
must-do event in the calendar of several thousand Essex folk.

We are, however, also hoping that more of the locals, who may not be church
members but who wish to help protect our heritage, will volunteer to help for an hour
or two over the August Bank Holiday especially as the Committee have decided to
arrange free entry this year for those living locally – more details on the Show appear
later in this edition.

As I pass my churchwarden’s baton over to Frank Bennett, I must thank him for once
again taking on this role and the entire Little Easton Committee together with all the
other helpers for all their hard work and enthusiasm. In particular a big thank you to
Joan Boulton as my fellow churchwarden for my first few years and then Carolyn
Bennett for the last few.

Needless to say all this effort to preserve our beautiful buildings would be
meaningless if the congregation was dwindling and it has given me the greatest
pleasure to see our church growing under Ivy’s wonderful ministry.

See you in church!

Warwick Newbury, Churchwarden, Little Easton

40 days after Easter comes Ascension Day. These are the 40 days during which the
Risen Christ appeared again and again to his disciples, following his death and

SSE seeks help for the 2012 Duton Hill Fun Day
SSE are seeking donations of GARDEN PLANTS, HOME MADE CAKES and
HELP ON THE DAY for the Duton Hill Fun Day on Sunday 6th May.

The annual parade through the village starts at 11am, followed by the official opening
at 12 noon. The theme for the fancy dress is Traditional Dress of Olympians through
the ages. There will be a dog agility competition, children's games, face painting,
bottle stall, book stall, raffle, tea and cakes, maypole dancing, plate smashing and a
photographic exhibition.

If you can provide any of the items sought or can spare some time to help on the day,
please contact Maggie Sutton on 01371 852231, mobile 07714 767921 or She is helping to co-ordinate the day and would be very
grateful to hear from you.


The Rt Revd Christopher Morgan, Bishop of Colchester, will be at Little Easton
Church on Sunday 20th May to conduct a Confirmation Service. The last
Confirmation Service took place in the Five Parishes in May 2010 and everyone
looks forward to this very welcome occasion.


If envelopes are not distributed in your village, another way to contribute is via the
collection basket that will be available at church services at Great Easton and Broxted
on Sunday 13th May.

Christian Aid works to bring an end to poverty around the world by enabling people
(of all faiths or none) to find their own solutions to poverty. This takes the form of
funding long-term development work, responding to emergencies and challenging
unjust systems that make and keep people poor. Money is never given to
governments; they currently work through 507 local partner organisations in 47
countries (for each £1 given in 2010/2011, 82p was used for direct charitable
expenditure). People in power are challenged to tackle issues having a big impact on
poor communities. You can find out more at or by calling
them on 020 7523 2225.

Sunday/Bank Holiday Monday 26th/27th August

Another month has passed and there are even more things to tell you about the
Countess of Warwick’s Show. For this year’s Show we are expanding and improving
several of the most popular areas. We are expanding the Animal area and hopefully
introducing a new range of animals in a completely new area offering much more
access to the displays. We are also improving the Children’s area with several new
attractions. So there will be lots more for families and children to enjoy. There will
be lots of the familiar attractions and several new ones and we hope to be able to
update you with the many new events which will be taking place in the Arena.

Obviously the growth of the Show, particularly in the last few years, has put an
enormous strain on the infrastructure and the costs it takes to put it on. After much
deliberation, and in the best interest of the Show, we have decided to implement a
Show Car Parking charge of £5 per vehicle per day.

We appreciate the Show is very important to the Five Parishes community and this
year, for that reason, we will be providing one Free Car Park Pass for use by residents
of the Five Parishes. This will be in the August edition of the Parish Magazine which
is delivered to all the households within the Five Parishes and will need to be clearly
displayed in your vehicle to allow free entry to the car parks over the two days of the
Show. Please keep an eye out in the August edition of the Parish Magazine.

We will keep you updated every month and if any one is interested in becoming
involved we always need volunteers for a variety of roles. The Show Committee


The meeting this month is on Wednesday 16th May, 2.30pm at Thaxted Disabled
Centre. The speaker will be Mrs June Milne who will talk about her visit to Ukraine
with Felsted Aid. Usual tea and cake and also bring-and-buy please. For further
information please contact in the first instance Angela on 01371 872894.


The Annual General Meeting will be on Thursday 17th May at 7.30pm in Tilty
church, courtesy of Tilty Church Committee. Everyone is welcome to come along
and hear the latest news from The Friends but, of course, only members may vote.


The Friends 50% Club year ends in August so four more chances to win. Application
forms will be in the July Magazine so do look out for them. The draw takes place
after the All-Age Worship service at the end of the month, usually at Great Easton
Church. Each member of the Club has a numbered cork which is drawn out of a bag
by a member of the congregation and the winning number collects half of the current
pot of money. The Club provides a regular addition to the funds of The Friends and a
chance for our members to win – not a National Lottery sum, but what is usually a
nice surprise. For further information please contact in the first instance Angela on
01371 872894.


The meeting of the Eastons & Tilty WI on Thursday 10th May at Great Easton
Village Hall will start with a Faith Lunch at 12.30 for 1pm, after which Jenny Gibb
will talk about All Things Turkish. Visitors are always welcome and should anyone
wish to come along to hear Jenny Gibb but not attend the lunch, then they will be
welcome at the usual time of 2.15 for 2.30pm. For further information please contact
in the first instance Angela on 01371 872894.
Two trips are planned so far this year. One to Richmond and Ham House on Tuesday
12th June, and one to Van Dal Shoes and Norwich for Christmas Shopping on
Tuesday 20th November. For further information please contact in the first instance
Angela on 01371 872894.


As announced last month, The Greville Theatre Club’s spring production is Salt of the
Earth a comedy drama by John Godber. Please phone the Box Office on 01371
872640, after 9am, for further information, prices and tickets.


Firstly, many thanks to all those involved in the recent work to reroof the pavilion,
and restore order to the grounds. This was a communal effort, supported not only by
local volunteers, but also by local businesses, and everyone involved is particularly
grateful to Wickes of Bishop’s Stortford, Speedy Hire, and The Swan at Great Easton.
Thanks go also to the many vice presidents for their regular financial contributions to
the Club. The clubhouse has now been refurbished, the wicket re-laid, and the
outfield levelled ready for the new season.

The new season starts with a home game on Sunday 29th April against Little
Hallingbury and the Club looks forward to welcoming new players and/or spectators
to its ground at Little Easton. In support of youth cricket in the local area, it also
works with Dunmow Cricket Club to provide facilities that encourage participation in
this wonderful summer game.

There will be a special celebratory game over the Jubilee weekend, and all are invited
to drop by and spend some time watching the two-day ‘test match’ on the Sunday and

If you are interested in playing for the Eastons, or supporting it financially through
being a vice president, please contact in the first instance Angela on 01371 872894.
You can keep updated throughout the season by visiting the Club’s web-site


The next Open Day is on Sunday 20th May from noon to 6pm (last entry at 5pm)
with tickets at £2.50 for adults and children free of charge. The Saffron Walden
Town Band will perform two sets of about 40 minutes each at 2.15pm and 3.15pm on
the croquet       lawn.       Contact    details:   01371 876979 or email


A River walk is being organised on the morning of Sunday 27th May. Further details
of start, route, etc will be available later but please ring 01371 870249 or email to register your interest.


Great Easton’s Glen Arnold has recently opened this photographic gallery and studio
in Post Office Yard, Dunmow. It showcases work by several photographers including
Glen himself and fellow Great Easton resident John Perriment. Feel free to pop in
and browse between 10am and 4pm, Tuesday to Saturday.


On Tuesday 1st May David Wright’s theme will be Forever Chasing Dreams.


Gill writes: “Looking through old cookery books, I found this recipe, which was
popular at the time of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897, and I hope will be
just as popular today. These buns would have cost around sixpence (6d.) to make!

Jubilee Buns

Makes twelve.
175g (6oz) plain flour
175g (6oz) wholemeal flour
2 tsps baking powder
150g (5oz) margarine
125g (4oz) caster sugar
50g (2oz) chopped cherries
1 large beaten egg
1 tbsp milk
4 to 5 tbsps raspberry or strawberry jam

Pre-heat the oven to 190°F/375°C/ gas mark 5. Line a baking sheet with non-stick
baking paper. Sift the flours and baking powder together. Rub in the butter until it
resembles coarse breadcrumbs; stir in the sugar and cherries. Using a knife, stir in the
beaten egg and milk, mixing to form a firm dough. Divide the mixture into twelve
and form into balls. Place these on baking tray, leaving enough space for expansion.
Using a thumb, press a small hole into each ball and then spoon a little of the jam into
each hollow, and pinch lightly to seal the tops. Place in the pre-heated oven for 20 to
25 minutes, or until golden brown. Cool on a wire rack.

If you have a favourite recipe, seasonal or otherwise, which you would like to share,
please contact in the first instance Angela on 01371 872894..


As many of you are probably already aware, after five years as Headteacher at Great
Easton Primary School I will be leaving at the end of the summer term. I have been
successful in applying for a promotion and from 1st September I will be the
headteacher at Great Berry Primary School in Langdon Hills. My new school is
larger than Great Easton with 450 pupils and is much nearer to my home town of
Billericay. Accepting my new job was one of the hardest decisions that I have ever
had to make and I can honestly say that I have loved my five years working in the
five parishes.
Robert Pickford and the rest of the governing body are already in the midst of
recruiting my successor and in the next edition I should be able to let you all know
the name of the person who will take over from me in September.

However, as I have already said to the children and parents, you are all stuck with me
for another term (and four more Magazines!) so everything is very much business as
usual and life at Great Easton remains as busy as ever. I have mentioned in earlier
articles we are going ‘Olympic Crazy’ during the summer term but, unfortunately for
some of our children, the month of May also means that it is national test time.

Our Year 6 and Year 2 children (along with all the Year 6 and 2 children in England)
will be undertaking standardised tests during May. The children are tested in reading,
writing and mathematics and it is the results from these tests that go into the
Governments ‘league tables’ and also form the basis of future OFSTED inspections.

In addition to these ‘SATS’, our Year 1 children will be taking the new ‘phonics
screening’ test for the first time. This new test involves the children reading 40 words
and will be an indicator of the progress that they have made with their knowledge of
phonics and decoding skills. The check will contain a mix of real words and pseudo
‘non-words’ (or ‘nonsense words’). Non-words are important to include because
these words will be new to all children. Children cannot read the non-words by using
their memory or vocabulary; they have to use their decoding skills.

Looking ahead, June is going to be our busiest month of the year with trips, residential
visits and our Olympic week (more details next month). However, there is one event
that I will mention now, which is actually happening in June: our whole school
Jubilee Street Party. On Friday 1st June the whole school will be turning red, white
and blue and all children and staff will be sitting down to a picnic lunch followed by a
street party. Bunting, music, costumes and party games are already planned – all we
need now is for the sun to shine!

Damian Pye


Have you ever wondered what all the scratching is about? For thousands of years,
fleas have evolved to live alongside our pets, and survive by biting them to eat their
blood. Why don’t you see fleas? Fleas hide from light so, as fast as you part the
pet’s hair, the flea is just as quickly scuttling away into thicker fur. The ‘old vets’
tale’ is that for every flea you see, there are at least another 50 that you don’t.

Fleas lay eggs which are round and shiny, and very tiny. Because they don’t stick,
these eggs roll off your pet and bounce into the corners of your house, so your pet
acts like a giant salt-shaker, scattering flea eggs all around its environment into
carpets and sofas. From each egg a tiny caterpillar hatches out. These are called
larvae which crawl around the edges of your home eating up flea poo and skin flakes.

After 10 days, these larvae spin themselves a sticky cocoon which binds to the carpet
or sofa fabric around it making it almost impossible to hoover up. When they begin
to hatch out, adult fleas emerge, the lifecycle is free to begin again and the newly
hatched adults jump onto your dog or cat in search of a first meal.

Why do fleas become a problem at some times and not others? A cat or dog will not
notice if it’s carrying a few fleas, (unless they are actually allergic to the flea bites).
The trouble is that throughout spring and summer, more fleas hatch, lay eggs, more
larvae spin cocoons, so yet MORE fleas are ready to hatch out and jump on and have
a nibble of your pet’s blood. One single lady flea will be responsible for about
10,000 offspring in her lifetime! This means that if left untreated, a house will
gradually build up and up to a full-on flea problem.

If you haven’t treated your cat or dog yet this spring, give us a call and we will
recommend the right product to get you on track for your summer – don’t let the fleas
get the upper hand in your house! Jerry, Denise, Libby and the Team at Moloney’s,
the family vets of the Five Parishes.


The village has registered its new beacon, in the field behind the Memorial Hall, as
one of the 2012 to be lit at 10-10.30pm on Monday 4th June to celebrate the Queen’s
Diamond Jubilee.

The Parish Council appreciates the community spirit in the village and would like to
give thanks to all the volunteers who have been busy planting trees and planning
events for the Jubilee and Village Olympics for everyone to enjoy. Please look out
for their leaflets and feel free to contact the Clerk for more details or offers of help.

Thanks also to the Alms Houses Trustees who have done everything they can to help
put the new electricity box out of view. Details are still to be agreed between
solicitors and an update will be issued as soon as possible.

There was a presentation on the Gravel Pit at the last meeting. The 15-year project is
expected to be operational by August. Works traffic will not come through the
village and noise and dust will be kept to a minimum by bunds enclosing the site. It
is expected that there will be 150 traffic movements a day (on average, one every 5
minutes) that will access the site from the A120, 7am-5pm Mon-Fri and 7am-12
midday on Saturdays. A maximum of 15 vehicle movements per hour are permitted
at peak times. Numerous conditions have been agreed to protect the wildlife and
water flows to the lakes and parish councillors will have regular meetings with the
county council and SRC. The environmental bund will be completed in 2-3 years and
parts of the site will continue to be farmed throughout. At the end of the works, there
will be a new parkland and new footpath, with the rest of the site returning to open

The May meeting will be the AGM including the annual election of Chairman and
Vice-Chairman on Wednesday 30th May at 8pm, at the Memorial Hall. Please call
Jackie, the Clerk, on 01371 870059 for any Parish Council enquiries.

The Chairman writes: “Our April meeting was held in Bob Trembath’s Garden
Room and it was great that Bob joined us for our meeting. We enjoyed our tea, with
cakes from Pam and a small birthday cake as it was Sheila and Win’s birthdays this
month, and our usual sandwiches etc. Many thanks, Bob, for the wine and thanks to
Charlie for all his help.

“A reminder that our May meeting will be later than usual, Wednesday 9th May. It
will be an early pick-up at 9.15 at Alan Hasler House as we have been invited to
lunch at the home of Ann and David who live at Northampton. Ann is Bab’s
daughter and we are looking forward to our visit.”


As mentioned in the Parish Council report, the village beacon will be lit on Monday
4th June behind the Memorial Hall, Manor Road at 10pm to 10.30pm followed by
community singing of the National Anthem.

The Street Party on Tuesday 5th June will be on the Recreation Ground, Manor Road
commencing at 3pm with games, competitions and crafts for children. The picnic is
at 4pm, please bring a plate for the children’s table. You are welcome to bring your
own picnic. From 5pm until late AJ’s disco will entertain (free of charge). At 6pm
there will be a BBQ on the green, proceeds from this going towards new play
equipment for Little Easton’s recreation park area to commemorate the Diamond
Jubilee. A licensed bar will be available throughout the afternoon and evening.
Optional themed dress in red, white and blue.

Each child under the age of 16 will receive a memorial gift from the Parish Council.
To register your child(ren) for a gift and for further details about the events, please
contact in the first instance Angela on 01371 872894.. The enclosed flyer will be an
additional reminder of this event.


There will be no VJ Sports Day this year because on Saturday 4th August there will
be an inter-village Sports Afternoon at Great Easton Primary School. Before that
time, and hopefully at the village celebrations for the Queen’s Jubilee on Tuesday 5th
June, there will be the heats for the following races: flat, skipping, sack, 3 legged,
egg and spoon and space hoppers (please bring your own hopper). It is hoped that the
first two in each race will be able to attend the final on the 4th August. Age ranges: 4
to 12. Hope to see you on the 5th June on the playing fields to join in the fun.


Would anyone willing to assist with the staging of this special event contact Jackie
Deane, Little Easton Parish Clerk, on 01371 870059.


Your favourite editor has been accused of omitting from the April issue a report on
this event. A full report, including the sum raised of £2,000, was included in that
issue, in News for All Parishes, it being considered to be of interest to everyone in the
Five Parishes. Just shows what you miss if you only read your own local bit! As we
go to press, the Little Easton Spice Girls are in their final days of training for the
London Marathon and we wish them the very best of luck on the day.

This service will be at Warwick Close in Little Easton on Fridays 11th and 25th May,
arriving at 10.55am, departing at 11.15am.

To hire the hall, contact Jenny Green on 01371 870402

Monday             8.00pm to 10.15pm        Carpet Bowls
Tuesday            6.45 and 7.45pm          Dog Training
First Wednesdays   7.30 to 9.30pm           Tai Chi Chuan
Thursday           10.00am to 12noon        Art Club
                   7.30 to 9.30pm           Tai Chi Chuan



The Council send thanks for the repairs carried out to the slide on Great Easton
playing field within hours of the problem being reported, at no cost.

Again the Council would like to remind dog owners that it is their responsibility to
clean up their dog’s mess. It has been reported that dog fouling is spoiling the
playing field at Great Easton, especially around the swings etc. where the children
play. There is a dog warden in Uttlesford but the Council would like to think that we
can overcome this problem with common sense without taking it to the authority.

The AGM will be held on Thursday 26th April in Great Easton Village Hall at
7.30pm. The public are warmly invited to attend, to be reminded of the work done by
the Parish Council over the past year. The normal monthly Parish Council meeting
will follow on from the AGM. The next meeting is schedule for Thursday 31st May
but this is to be confirmed.


The April Ivy Club speaker was local agronomist John Walker, who gave a most
fascinating talk and slide show on his visit to the Galapagos Islands. The May
meeting on Thursday 3rd May 7 for 7.30 p.m. will be the AGM with a supper
followed by a quiz. New members are always welcome at the Ivy Club, anyone over
55 years of age is eligible. For further information please contact in the first instance
Angela on 01371 872894.


After the success of the Royal Wedding party, the organisers are now faced with the
challenge of organising an even better event for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! The
plan is to go "off to the races" with the Queen on Saturday 2nd June when she goes to
Epsom to watch The Derby, amongst other races. This event will be mirrored by
Great Easton’s own “Race Day” on the village green. Punters will be encouraged to
come dressed for the races and, like everybody at Epsom, they will be able to bet on
the races, all of which will be shown live on large TVs throughout the day. While
cash prizes will be awarded to those individuals that make the most “money”, the
betting currency will be Great Easton Groats or, as we like to call them, GeeGs!

In addition to the racing there will be fairground type activities, live entertainment
and BBQs delivering such culinary delights as beefburgers and bangers! Application
has been made to close the road and the Swan will be open all day. The cost of the
race card which will include 100 GGs is £5 which will be available for purchase from
the Swan around 3 weeks before the event as well as on the day. Unlike the Royal
Wedding event, there will be a nominal charge for the food in order to cover direct
costs. A descriptive leaflet is enclosed in this issue.


Starting on Friday 20th July there will be an event in the village as part of the Five
Parishes Village Games, with heats taking place throughout the month and finishing
with the final at the beginning of August. The organisers would like teams of
children and adults from Great Easton for the various competitions to compete against
other villages from the Five Parishes. More information will be given in the next
issue. For further information please contact in the first instance Angela on 01371


This service will be at Great Easton Village Hall on Fridays 11th and 25th May, at
11.25 departing at 11.45am.


Monday            6.30 to 9.30 pm          Dog Training
Tuesday           6.15 pm                  Keep Fit
                  7.30 pm                  Circuit Training
Wednesday         10.00 am to 12 noon      Great Easton Mother and Toddler Group
                  7.30 to10.30 pm          Carpet Bowls
Friday            9.30 to 12 noon          Upholstery class (after Easter)
                  3.45 to 4.45 pm          Children’s Karate, age 5 and upwards



Tickets are now available for the special lunch to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of
Queen Elizabeth II on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May at GREAT EASTON
VILLAGE HALL, 12.30 for 1pm. The Tilty team will provide an excellent lunch
with the opportunity to sample some wonderful desserts. Tickets are available from
any member of the Tilty committee, at £18 each which includes a glass of wine on
arrival. For further information please contact in the first instance Angela on 01371


This takes place on Sunday 6th May, the Grand opening is at mid-day, the village
parade commences at 11am. Come along and enjoy yourselves. Venue: The Three
Horse Shoes public house garden. See Stansted Airport section for SSE’s requests for
donations and help.


This will take place on Monday 4th June in Duton Hill, with the road closed off in
order for this memorable event to take place. A good excuse for all to get together
and celebrate. Contact will be made in respect of this event in due course.


The Association says that unfortunately it has been reported by residents that dog
fouling is a problem at Burns Park. Most dog owners are responsible people and
dispose of their dog’s mess appropriately, let’s see if this can be improved with
everyone using the park to walk their dog disposing of their dogs’ mess appropriately.
There are dog bins in the vicinity for all to use. Editor’s Note: We repeatedly say
this is the last time this subject will be featured! But see also the item from your
Parish Council in the Great Easton section about the possible referral of this matter
to Uttlesford District Council’s dog warden.

Also litter is a problem in the same area, including broken glass which causes a
hazard to other park users. This is such a lovely park for all to enjoy, it should be
looked after better.

Speeding has always been an issue through Duton Hill and continues to be a problem.
Obviously there are other motorists apart from local residents who use the road and
don’t always respect the limits. As local residents we can ensure the safety of others
by keeping to the speed limits which may encourage other road users to do the same.

We all like to enjoy ourselves but let’s remember if we are out late at night that we
are respectful to other residents regarding noise and behaviour; we really do not want
to disturb others unnecessarily.


This service will visit Duton Hill Three Horseshoes on Fridays 11th and 25th May, at
11.55am departing at 12.10pm. It will be at Church Cottages, Tilty on the same day
at 1.20 until 1.35pm.


The Annual Meeting of the Council, and the Annual Parish Assembly will be on
Thursday 10th May, at 8.15 pm in the Village Hall. If the hall is not available the
meeting will be held in the Conservatory at the Prince of Wales. These are the annual
meetings of the Council and everyone is invited to attend, to hear what the Council
has been doing in the past year, to raise questions or to give their ideas.

Minutes of the meetings can be viewed on notice boards and these, and other
information that the Council is required to publish, can be found on the Council’s
website at

About 30 people gathered on Easter Saturday on the footpath near to Bexham Barns
to plant a silver birch tree as a permanent memorial to Jenny. John and Victoria
Oliveira were there to make sure the tree was well planted, and a watering rota has
been established to help it survive the promised dry summer. A bench will be placed
near to the tree in the summer.


The quizzes continue on the first and third Thursdays of the month, the next being on
3rd and 17th May. You don’t need to make up a team – come as a couple or with a
few friends. It is just £2 a head to enter and there are cash prizes.


Sadly the hall suffered a break-in on the night of 29th March and a quantity of copper
piping, two immersion heaters and some taps were stolen. This meant that the official
opening of the new ladies’ toilets, planned for 7th April had to be postponed. The
thieves caused considerable damage and a lot of mess, and until the insurance
company and its assessors have been to inspect the damage, repairs cannot be started.
It is to be hoped that this will not take too long. All of the replacement piping will be
plastic, not copper!


The plans are coming together for Broxted’s celebration of the Queen’s Diamond
Jubilee. On Sunday 3rd June there will be a special service at St Mary’s Church at
11am, followed by a wine and canapé reception at The Old Vicarage. (For visitors
the address is Elsenham Road, Church End, Broxted CM6 2BZ).

On Monday 4th June there will be the Great Broxted Tea Party, centred around The
Prince of Wales. Starting at 3pm the idea is that each family brings its own
sandwiches, crisps etc and that tea, squash and cake will be provided by the
Community Association. There will be entertainment and amusements for the
children, including face painting and pony rides, and a disco especially for them will
start at 4pm. Later, there will be music into the evening and a barbecue starting at
5.30pm. And, of course, the pub will be open all day! Everyone is encouraged to
come in patriotic dress – the theme is ‘Red, White and Blue’ – so everyone can dress
up and take part. There will be a small reward for every child that comes fancily

The Jubilee Committee has commissioned a special souvenir mug for each child. If
you would like your child to receive one please contact us to ensure there are enough!
You can collect them on the day. For further information please contact in the first
instance Angela on 01371 872894.

You too can help. If you have a gazebo that could be erected on the day (to provide
shelter from the scorching sun) please let Roger know. Help is needed from 10am on
the morning of Monday 4th June to set up tents, tables, chairs, bunting etc, and on
Tuesday 5th June at 10am to take it all down again. Please come along if you can

The AGM of the Community Association will be at 8.15pm on Wednesday 9th May
in the Conservatory at the Prince of Wales. All are welcome. Please do come along
to meet the people who each year bring you the Children’s Sports Day and Christmas
party, the Christmas gifts for older people in the village and, of course, the ground
breaking (sometimes literally) Countess of Warwick’s Show crockery smashing stall,
as well as occasional free cycle and quiz events. We look forward to welcoming you.


Linda Barrow sends a big thank you to all the box holders and counters for raising
and counting an amazing £716.09. This was over £100 more than last year and
greatly appreciated by the Society which helps thousands of vulnerable children
overcome difficult situations throughout the country. Also, thank you and welcome
to the five new box-holders whose contributions will be much appreciated.


Forget those other games taking place in London in the summer! The place to be on
Sunday 17th June is the Broxted children’s heats of the 2012 Five Parishes Summer
Village Games. They will take place from 2pm in Browns End Road, Broxted – for
further information please contact in the first instance Angela on 01371 872894.

It is hoped all children in the village will want to come and take part in the races
which will include egg and spoon, running, skipping, three-legged and space hoppers
amongst others. Refreshments will be provided. Those lucky enough to win their
races will be invited to compete in the grand finale of the Five Parishes Summer
Village Games on Saturday 28th July.

For further information please contact in the first instance Angela on 01371 872894.


A volunteer is required to deliver this magazine in the Chapel End and Woodgates
area of the village. If you think you could help with this, please contact in the first
instance Angela on 01371 872894.


This service will visit Broxted on Wednesdays 9th and 23rd May, arriving at
Cranham Road at 10.40am, departing 11am and arriving at the Prince of Wales at
11.05am, departing at 11.25am. It will be at Molehill Green Post Office on Fridays
11th and 25th May, at 1.50 departing at 2.05pm.

These companies provide licensed vehicles for use by wheelchair users. Transport
must be pre-booked. For queries or advice contact Licensing Officer Murray Hardy
at the Council Offices, Saffron Walden on 01799 510510:

Olly’s Wheelchair Friendly: Saffron Walden 07905 645849
Acme Transport: Takeley 07971 432376
NCS: Widdington 01799 542818
24 x 7 Elsenham and Stansted Airport: 01279 816126, 01279 661128
E-Cabs: Great Dunmow 01371 873323

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, moves on. And so I stare and wonder -
where does the ink come from?

During a game, the coach asked one of his young players: “Do you understand what
cooperation is? What a team is?” The little boy nodded yes. “Do you understand
that what matters is winning together as a team?” The little boy nodded yes. “So,”
the coach continued, “when a strike is called, or you are out at first, you don’t argue
or curse or attack the umpire. Do you understand all that?” Again, the boy nodded
yes. “Good,” said the coach. “Now go over there and explain it to your mother.”

The child sits alone,
a bowl beside her empty of food.
Feet, weary with walking bleed into the dust
Eyes devoid of tears,
and plagued with flies, stare at the bare earth –
at the cruel nothingness of sterile sand,
stones, and the whitened sepulchres of snails.

Where is the mother to feed her?
Where is the father to keep her from harm?
Where is the doctor to tend to her pain?
Where am I? Megan Smith

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