Chemistry honor review for final by HC120730003454


									Honors Chemistry                               Final Exam Review Guide

Bring with you to EXAM
   1. # 2 pencils
   2. calculator
   3. 5’ x 8’ notecard – handwritten directly on ONE side only

Format of Exam
80 Multiple choice questions (from Nat’l Chemistry Exam and SAT II)
Open Response/ Problems

Multiple choice questions are cumulative for the entire year (Ch 1-20 & 25).
Open Response Problems are 2nd semester (Ch 11-20).

Types of problems
Balancing equations
Net ionic equations
Mole concepts
Empirical formula/ molecular formula
Stoichiometry: Mass/mass Mass/vol Vol/vol
Gas law problems
Concentration: Molarity /molality
Thermochemistry: Calorie/ Joule problems Hess’s Law
Equilibrium problems
Titration problems
pH problems
Acid and Base Strength: Ka and Kb problems
Balancing Redox reaction equations

Study Tips
Review your tests and quizzes from the entire year.
Prepare your notecard to include chemical formulas, equations and formulas, etc.
For problem review, focus on the tests and quizzes from this semester.

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