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									             Social Security Administration
             Call Order 0002: Business
             Strategy for Training, Certifying
             and Recruiting Job Analysts

             Briefing of Final Project Results
             September 21, 2011

             Jennifer Harvey, Ph.D.
             Lance Anderson, Ph.D.

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• Introductions/Overview of Team
      – SSA
      – ICF
      – Subcontractors
• Introduction to Project and Purpose
• Methodology
• Conclusions and Recommendations
      – Training
      – Certification
      – Recruitment
• Summary
      – Strategic Decisions and Potential Resource Needs
• Questions?

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    Overview of Team

•    Debra Tidwell-Peters
•    David Blitz
•    Michael Dunn              ICF International
•    Elizabeth Kennedy • Jennifer Harvey, Ph.D.
•    Mark Trapani         • Candace Cronin, Ph.D.
                          • Lance Anderson, Ph.D.
                          • Allison Cook, M.S.
                          • Jessica Jenkins, MPhil
                          • Chris Riches, M.A.
                          • Beth Heinen, Ph.D.
                          • Katina Gracien             Subcontractor
                          • Daniel Fien-Helfman    • Joan Knapp, Ph.D.

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             Introduction to Project and Purpose

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 Introduction to Call Order 0002

• SSA developing new occupational information system (OIS) tailored
  specifically to SSA’s disability programs and adjudication process.

     – OIS will replace the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) and
       companion volumes, including the SCO and RHAJ.

     – To develop OIS, SSA needs to recruit, train and certify job
       analysts to perform job analysis throughout U.S. labor market.

     – Purpose of Call 0002 was to review training, credentialing and
       recruitment practices needed to prepare those job analysts who
       will be tasked with the rigorous data collection.

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How Call Order 0002 Fits Within OIS Project

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Relationships Between Call Order 0002

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  Project Methodology

                               Subtask 2.1:
                               Documentation of a
                               Detailed Methodology
Task 1: Task
                                 Subtask 2.2: Research
                                 and Recommend Strategy
                                 for Training Job Analyst

        Task 2: Business            Subtask 2.3: Research
                                    and Recommend Strategy
        Strategy for the            for Certification of Job
        Training, Certifying        Analyst Candidates
        and Recruitment of
        Job Analyst                    Subtask 2.4: Research
        Candidates                     and Recommend Strategy
                                       for Recruitment of Job
                                       Analyst Candidates

                                         Subtask 2.5: Development
                                         of Candidate Tracking
                                         Database for Potential Job
                                         Analyst Candidates

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             Training Job Analyst Candidates

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Recommendations: Training Strategy

• Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs) and Minimum
  Qualifications (MQs)
      – Refine SSA Job Analyst KSAs based on final job analysis methodology
        and work analysis instrument.
      – Use MQs that include specific and relevant course work or experience.

• Existing Job Analysis Training
      – Re-examine existing trainings after job analysis methodology is

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Recommendations: Training Strategy (cont.)
• Critical Design Considerations
      – Link training activities to specific, measurable and observable learning
      – Consider background and experience levels of participants.
      – Address concepts first. Then, allow participants to practice.
      – Keep training sessions short and include review questions or an
        interactive component.
      – Do not allow budgetary concerns to dictate training material.
      – Use ISD ADDIE model and evaluate during each phase of training

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 Recommendations: Training Strategy (cont.)
• Training Features
      – Include the following:
             •   Lecture
             •   Discussion
             •   Variety of Activities
             •   Practice
             •   Feedback
             •   Resource Materials
      – To increase participant engagement:
             • Communicate the importance of the training
             • Highlight how training can benefit beyond SSA
      – To increase training transfer:
             •   Emphasize expectation to adhere strictly to process
             •   Incorporate significant time for practice
             •   Provide feedback
             •   Use knowledgeable instructors
             •   Encourage peer support

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Recommendations: Training Strategy (cont.)
• Training Content
      – Re-evaluate KSAs that need to be addressed in training after job
        analysis methodology finalized.
      – Dedicate significant portion to specific data collection processes.
      – Emphasize importance of data quality.
      – Include how to respond to challenges or accommodate situational
      – Include a discussion on data security, ethics and issues with data
        confidentiality and sensitive information.
      – Emphasize consequences of failing to adhere to data security
      – Include practice scenarios or case studies that highlight data security
      – Provide opportunity to use all types of materials.

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 Recommendations: Training Strategy (cont.)
• Training Assessment
    – Tie the assessments to specific training objectives.
    – Include a knowledge assessment as well as a behavioral component.

• Training Delivery Method
    – Use a blended training delivery method

• Train the Trainer
    – Develop train-the-trainer sessions.

• Training Evaluation
    – Evaluate training at 3 of the 4 levels of Kirkpatrick’s training evaluation criteria:
          • Reactions
          • Learning
          • Behavior

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             Certifying Job Analyst Candidates

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Recommendations: Certifying Strategy

• Type of Credentialing
      – Develop an assessment-based certificate program.

• Industry Standards and Accreditation
      – Follow one of two approved industry standards: ANSI or ICE.
      – Follow-up with ANSI, FBI, and the FDA.
      – Build program to comply with standards from the outset regardless of
        accreditation goals.

• Existing Job Analysis Credentialing
      – Develop own certificate program based on the method, instrument, and
        content model selected.

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Recommendations: Certifying Strategy (cont.)

• Creating a Certificate Program
      – Develop clear policies and procedures for program operation and
      – Ensure certificate program training:
             • Is based on learning objectives
             • Follows generally accepted training guidelines and models
             • Uses appropriate delivery methods
      – Involve an assessment specialist when learning objectives are
      – Conduct a quality control check or evaluation of the program annually.
      – Include both formative and summative assessments.
      – Maintain both participant records and records on how the program was
        developed and administered.
      – Establish a designated authority to oversee, manage and be
        responsible for the program.

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Recommendations: Certifying Strategy (cont.)

• Data Entry Credentialing
      – Develop a software program for data entry that includes data checks.
      – Provide a detailed data entry instruction handbook or guidebook.

• Audit Process
      – Develop an audit process.
      – Develop clear policies and procedures for how the auditing process will
        occur, how often it will occur, who will be audited, how work will be
        evaluated, and what measure will be used.

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             Conclusions and Recommendations:
              Recruiting Job Analyst Candidates

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Recommendations: Recruiting Strategy

• Sources of Job Analyst Candidates
      – Focus recruiting candidates with training or experience in job analysis.
      – Conduct research to determine numbers and interests within potential
        candidate sources.

• Recruiting Framework
      – Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of various recruiting frameworks.

• Recruitment Logistics
      – Consider establishing a few temporary regional recruitment offices for
        the initial wave of recruitment.
      – Develop a recruitment and hiring process that moves candidates
        through the process as quickly as possible.

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Recommendations: Recruiting Strategy (cont.)

• Compensation
      – Conduct a compensation study.
      – Provide a competitive compensation as an hourly rate.

• Candidate Tracking
      – Log candidate information, along with screening and selection data, and
        integrate with performance auditing.
      – Maintain data on number of analyses performed and quality of the

• Candidate Training Considerations
      – Develop and use a modular training structure if experience and
        educational backgrounds vary.

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             Summary: Strategic Decisions and
                Potential Resource Needs

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Strategic Decisions
• Training
      –      Select the instruments and methods for job analysis.
      –      Establish learning objectives.
      –      Determine the size of the candidate pool.
      –      Identify the amount of time available to train analysts and collect all job
             analysis information.
• Certificate Program
      – Identify the length of time over which SSA will recruit and train job
      – Estimate the expected tenure and experience levels of analysts.
• Recruitment
      –      Determine deployment strategy.
      –      Articulate selection strategy.
      –      Identify employment status for analysts.
      –      Specify selection test battery.
      –      Select a compensation approach.
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Potential Resource Needs

• Contractor with occupational and job analysis expertise
• Assessment specialist or consultant with experience developing and
  implementing assessment-based certificate programs
• Contractor with training design expertise
• Headhunter agencies, professional organizations or societies,
  credentialing organizations
• Existing networks of providers or organizations like BTE
• Unemployment agencies or temporary staffing agencies
• Technology vendor that can provide information technology services
• Contractor with knowledge of existing audit software packages
• Software compatible with the OIS database that can be used for
  quality control
• Auditors who can evaluate OIS database entries
• Contractor with expertise and experience in testing

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• For more information, please contact:

              Dr. Lance Anderson          Dr. Jennifer Harvey
                 Vice President           Technical Specialist
               ICF International            ICF International
                 (703) 934-3674              (703) 934-3664
             LAnderson@icfi.com            JHarvey@icfi.com

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