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									November 9, 2010

A regular board meeting of the Socorro Consolidated Schools Board of Education.

The regular meeting of the Socorro Consolidated Schools Board of Education was called to order by
President Tommy Gonzales.

   I.   Call the meeting to order
  II.   Pledge of Allegiance
 III.   Ascertain quorum and consider agenda approval. Consideration of the approval of the minutes of
        the Regular Board meeting held on October 26, 2010. Present were President Tommy Gonzales,
        Pauline Jaramillo, James Chavez, Ann Shiells, Dr. Bob Markwell, Associate Superintendents; Dr.
        Vannetta Perry, Anton Salome, Head Teacher; Cari Scholl, Teachers; Rodora Gray, Selfa Pecos,
        Sally McGovern, Anissa Vega, Matthew Carrejo, Michelle Moore, Educational Assistant Barbara
        McLain, Secretary Lucy Garcia, Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Wilson, and Recorder Karen Carrejo.
        Absent was Associate Superintendent Janice Argabright. Motion made by Ann Shiells for
        approval of agenda. Motion seconded by James Chavez. Motion passed 5-0. Motion made by
        Ann Shiells for approval of minutes dated October 26, 2010. Motion seconded by James Chavez .
        Motion passed 5-0.
 IV.    Old Business
            a.   Notice of Election Proclamation (A) – Presented by Superintendent Wilson, Motion made
                 by Pauline Jaramillo for approval of Notice of Election Proclamation. Motion seconded by
                 James Chavez, Motion passed 5-0.
 V.     Midway School Improvement Plans and Progress (l) - Presented by Head Teacher Cari Scholl.
        Ms. Scholl introduced 5 grade student Chazlin LeSueur who demonstrated lattice multiplication
        problems for Board and all those present, asking member Ann Shiells if she wouldn’t mind
        volunteering to complete problems using the old method. Both methods came up with the same
        answer. President Gonzales inquired if the old math method was also taught and was informed by
        5 grade teacher Anissa Vega that although she teaches multiple methods she prefers the lattice
        method because students visualize it better. President Gonzales then inquired what happens
        when students move on to the 6 grade using this particular method and was informed by a
        parent in the audience that their child is ahead of her 6 grade class in math at SMS. Ms.
        LeSueur’s mother also informed the Board that the lattice method has improved her daughters
        math performance within the last year. Declamation participants Teo Garner and Clinton Wellborn
        performed a presentation on the poet Shel Silverstein. Miss Scholl then presented powerpoint of
        Midway’s goals, strategies and materials that Midway is utilizing this year. Scholl presented
        mission statement, EPSS Goals/Reading/Language Arts Profiency – Uses district adopted reading
        Street Series, Accelarated Reader Program which promotes independent reading and reading for
        comprehension, Sonday System, Reading Buddies, RIF, Book Fair, Provide individualized
        tutoring during school day, DIBELS, Author’s Tea, After School tutoring, Monitor MAPS scores to
        target non-proficient and nearing profiency students, Highly qualified teachers and Para
        Professionals, Math - Teach every day math with fidelity, Hold teachers accountable for following
        curriculum, standards and benchmarks, Personalized math instruction during after school,
        Monitor students thru MAPS, Parent Involvement - PTO meetings, Open House, Parent Advisory
        Committee/Data Study, Monthly Parent Involvement Award, Halloween Carnival, Thanksgiving
        Luncheon, Parent Day on November 17, 2010. Parent/Teacher Conferences, Designated PTO
        Bulletin Board to post upcoming events, Parent volunteer information, Designated Parent
        Resource Room with internet access, Profiency in English for ELLS Hiring ELL tutor, One on one
        individual instruction, Textbooks in English & Spanish, Volunteer grandparent, Safe Drug Free
        Schools Conducive to Learning, Member Ann Shiells asked what enrollment numbers were and
       was informed that there were 115 students this year at Midway. A Wish list was also introduced to
       the Board which consisted of the following; full time Instructional Aide in 5 grade classroom,
       more library books, furniture in Library and classrooms, playground equipment, P.E. equipment
       and landscaping. Things that are working at Midway; Initiated STAR Student Program,
       Volunteers, Reward System, Perfect attendance, NBA club (never been absent), School
       Mailboxes, Classroom rewards, Acknowledge everyones birthday, Lead Pleadge of Allegiance,
       Hall of Fame Board, Celebrate Reading by acknowledging Weekly readers and Send home news
       letters, Ms. Scholl then presented Board with MAPS data and discussed scores and how to get
       students proficient. Member Ann Sheills commended Midway staff for advancing academics as
       well as addressing the needs of the whole child. Dr. Bob Markwell commented that the small
       schools play a very important part in SCS district ,
VI.    Executive Session - “The Board may elect to go into executive session for reasons listed in the
       Open Meetings Act, 10-15-1 Section H. The authority for the executive session and the subject to
       be discussed must be stated with reasonable specificity in the motion calling for the vote to go
       into executive session.” - None
VII.   Adjourn – Motion made by Ann Sheills to adjourn at 6:29 p.m. Motion seconded by Pauline
       Jaramillo, Motion passed 5-0.

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