Living Things and the Environment - PowerPoint by Gz2D5utT



• Put these in order (smallest to largest):
Population, Ecosystem, Organism, Community
• On you paper, create 2 columns. Label them

             QUICK QUIZ TODAY!
     Homework (Copy In Planner):
• Complete the Food Web Lab. Quick
  Quiz on 14.1 & 14.2 Next Class

                         14.1 Quick Quiz

1. Parts of an ecosystem that are or were living
are called _____.
  a.   Populations
  b.   Biotic factors
  c.   Abiotic factors

2. Which is an abiotic factor?
  a.   Mouse
  b.   Tree
  c.   Temperature
                     14.1 Quick Quiz

3. Which is the correct order from smallest to
  a.   Organisms, Community, Population, Ecosystem
  b.   Organism, Population, Ecosystem, Community
  c.   Organism, Population, Community, Ecosystem
4. What does an organism get from its
  a.   Food
  b.   Water
  c.   Shelter
  d.   All of the above
                    14.1 Quick Quiz

5. What do you call a group of organisms that
can mate & produce fertile offspring?
  a.   Species
  b.   Population
  c.   Habitat

6. What do you call the study of how organisms
interact with each other and the environment?
  a.   Heredity
  b.   Ecology
  c.   Community
                    14.1 Quick Quiz

7. An organism gets food, water, shelter, and
other things it needs to live, grow & reproduce
from its ____.
  a.   Population
  b.   Habitat
  c.   Species
8. All of the different populations in an area
make up the ____.
  a.   Species
  b.   Organism
  c.   Community
             Chapter 14,
              Lesson 2
  Flow In
              Learning Objectives

• Name and describe energy roles that
  organisms play in an ecosystem.

• Explain how energy moves through an
      What Are The Energy Roles In An Ecosystem?

What Are      • Organism’s place in ecosystem
The Energy    • Determined by how it gets food and
Roles?          interacts w/ other organisms
              • 3 main roles
                 • Producers
                 • Consumers
                 • Decomposers
      What Are The Energy Roles In An Ecosystem?

Producers     • Organism that can make its own
              • Source of all food in ecosystem
              • Example: Plants (sunlight)
       What Are The Energy Roles In An Ecosystem?

Consumers      • Organisms that obtains energy by
                 feeding on other organisms
               • Example: Bears eat plants & animals

Herbivores     • Eat only plants

Carnivores     • Eat only animals
               • Scavengers eats dead animal

Omnivores      • Eat both plants and animal
      What Are The Energy Roles In An Ecosystem?

Decomposers • Break down wastes & dead
            • Needed to return materials to
            • Example: Worms
     How Does Energy Move Through An Ecosystem?

How Does    • Moves when 1 organism eats another
Energy Move • Shown in 3 ways

Food Chain   • Series of events where 1 organism
               eats another & gets energy
             • Shows 1 possible path of energy flow
    How Does Energy Move Through An Ecosystem?

Food Web     • Many overlapping food chains in an
             • Most realistic way to show energy
     How Does Energy Move Through An Ecosystem?

Energy        • Shows amount of energy that moves
Pyramid         from 1 feeding level to another
              • Most energy at producer level
              • Each level moving up has less energy
              • Only about 10% of energy from 1
                level moves up (most lost due to
              • Amount of energy limits number of

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