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                            CORNWALL COUNTY COUNCIL

                                      School Based

                                   JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title:                                      Caretaker


Responsible to:                                 Site Supervisor / Headteacher

Direct Supervisory Responsibility:              None

Indirect Supervisory Responsibility:            None

Important functional relationships:             Internal: Site Supervisor/Premises
                                                Manager, Headteacher, School
                                                management team, staff, pupils

                                                External: Suppliers of goods and
                                                services, County Council Departments,
                                                contract maintenance/cleaning staff,
                                                parents, visitors to the school

To undertake general maintenance of the school building and facilities, practical
support in arrangements for meetings/events and to assist in maintaining the
security of the school buildings.


1.       To act as joint keyholder for the site, ensuring security at all times including
         the operation of alarms.

2.       To report any major defects in building, equipment and security systems
         observed in the course of duties and to liaise with approved contractors /
         County Officials. To visually monitor the condition of fire extinguishers,
         ensuring all extinguishers are regularly serviced and that hoses and fire
         blankets are kept in good condition.

3.       To participate in evacuation processes as agreed and in accordance with the
         School’s recognised Evacuation Procedure.

4.       To assist in the collection and disposal of all refuse and ensure the school
         buildings and grounds are free of litter and graffiti. To ensure, in Winter
         especially, that access roads, pavements, steps and playgrounds are safe for
         use at all times.

5.       To maintain an adequate stock of cleaning materials from approved suppliers
         and to ensure cloakrooms are stocked with soap, towels etc. To undertake
         emergency cleaning (soiling of toilets, sickness, floods etc.) as necessary.

6.     To undertake spring cleaning, including some high level cleaning at the end
       of school terms.

7.     To undertake the efficient operation of the heating system, ensuring its good
       working order.

8.     To record and monitor gas / electricity / water (as applicable) meter
       readings/returns as required by the Authority.

9.     To take deliveries of stores, materials and other goods and to undertake
       porterage duties as required (including moving furniture, equipment etc).

10.    To be available for call-out on a rota basis.

11.    To undertake occasional gardening duties.

12.    *To ensure cleanliness of the swimming pool and the surrounding
       environment and to check water quality as required.

13.    To undertake routine maintenance and minor refurbishment of premises,
       fixtures and fittings as necessary.

14.    To maintain records and complete paperwork as required.

15.    To attend site meetings as required.

16.    To be aware of and adhere to applicable rules, regulations, legislation and
       procedures e.g. County Council (Equal Opportunities Policy/Code of
       Conduct) and national legislation (Health and Safety, COSHH, Data

17.    To maintain confidentiality of information acquired in the course of
       undertaking duties for the School.

18.    To be responsible for your own continuing self-development, undertaking
       training as appropriate.

19.    To undertake other duties appropriate to the grading of the post as required.

Date Prepared:        April 2003

Prepared by:          Education Personnel, Cornwall County Council

*Applicable to schools with swimming pools only.


Job Title:   Caretaker

Department: School based

Person specification prepared by: Education Personnel, Cornwall County Council

Date: April 2003

ATTRIBUTES           ESSENTIAL                     DESIRABLE               HOW
Relevant             A minimum of 2 years          3 years practical       Application form
Experience           practical experience of       experience of           & Interview.
                     building and grounds          building and
                     maintenance work.             grounds
                                                   maintenance work
                                                   in a school or
                                                   similar environment.

Qualifications &     Level 2 NVQ, GNVQ or          Basic Health &          Application form.
Training             GCSE qualifications plus      Safety qualification.
                     suitable trade
                     qualification (or relevant    Lifting & manual        Application form.
                     experience). Level 1          handling training.
                     qualifications may be
                     considered if                 High level cleaning
                     accompanied by                safety training.
                     extensive relevant

Special Knowledge Good practical skills.                                   Interview.
& Skills
                  Good organisational

                     Good communication

                     General knowledge of
                     building maintenance

Any Additional       Ability to work on own                                Interview.
Factors              initiative, self-motivated.
                     Good communication

                     Comfortable with young



                         Cornwall County Council

    Job Title:                 Caretaker

    Present Job Grade:

    Department:                Education Arts and Libraries

    Service:                   School based

    Section:                    Premises

    Job Evaluation Code:        EDSH037

    Immediate Line Manager’s    Site Supervisor/Headteacher/Premises
    Job Title:                  Manager

Name of Job Analyst:                                Name of Manager:
Liz Sandland/Nicky Cook

Date: 23 April 2003

Supervision / Management of People

Does the post holder supervise/ manage other staff?                          Yes     / No
(Whether permanent, temporarily assigned, shared, contract or

If NO go to the Creativity & Innovation section on page 4.

If YES, Please complete the table(s) below as appropriate:

Complete this table if the post holder has full and ongoing responsibility for
Council employees

Specify the ACTUAL number of employees. Part time, job share and
full time staff should be treated equally - count the actual number of
people for which the jobholder has supervisory or managerial
responsibility, either directly or through others (i.e. staff who are
managed by a subordinate).
Project Staff – include the number of staff for which the post holder
has complete supervisory responsibility on a near continual basis (in
the course of a project or number of consecutive projects).
Identify the job title(s) of the staff and the number of post holders against each title
                               Job Title                               Number of staff

In relation to direct reports, identify the nature of the responsibility. In particular does
the post holder:
Allocate, instruct, direct, organise work:            Yes     / No
Check work:                                           Yes     / No
Provide training:                                     Yes     / No
Undertake appraisal:                                  Yes     / No
Discipline staff if necessary:                        Yes     / No

Are staff in the same section?
Yes      / No
If yes, please specify the name / title of the     If no, specify the different section
section:                                           names:

Is there more than one occupational group
Yes      / No
If yes, please specify the occupational groups:

Complete this table if the post holder has full and ongoing responsibility for Council employees
– continued.

Does the post holder face an extra demand due to the fact that staff are located at
different bases or highly mobile?     If yes, please describe the nature of the
dispersal:                        Yes      / No

In the case of highly mobile staff, specify (on average) the number of days per week
the staff are away from the post holder’s office.

Complete this table where the post holder’s responsibility for Council
employees is for temporary assigned or shared employees (this includes
responsibility for seasonal staff and must be for a minimum of four weeks per year).
Specify the ACTUAL number of employees.
Recurring supervision of temporary staff or seasonal variations
should be averaged on an annual basis.
Project Staff – consider situations where there is less than complete
supervisory responsibility and/or projects are on a less than
continuous basis.
Deputising – include those staff which the post holder has temporary
supervisory responsibility for a limited period (e.g. absence cover).
Identify the job title (s) of the staff and the number of post holders against each title

                              Job Title                                      Number of staff

In relation to the above staff identify the nature of the responsibility. In particular
does the post holder

Allocate, instruct, direct, organise work:               Yes      /     No
Check work:                                              Yes      /     No
Provide training:                                        Yes      /     No

For contract workers or agency staff ONLY
Specify the ACTUAL number of employees averaged over a typical

Contract staff should be subject to regular monitoring and issuing of
directions and instructions.
Identify the job title (s) of the staff and the number of post holders against each title:
                                Job Title                               Number of staff

Please describe the nature of the responsibility:

Creativity and innovation

This section considers the extent to which the job requires innovative and
imagination responses to issues and the resolution of problems.

Please give examples of creativity and innovation which the job requires and for
each example indicate frequency. The fullest range of potentially creative work
should be taken into account. This can be exercised in a number of ways including,
for example: caring and counselling; design and application of information
technology systems; creation and planning of menus; repair and maintenance of
landscapes, buildings, plant and machinery; cleanliness and well being of the
environment; preparation of plans and drawings, development of policy, practice and
procedures and in the use of the written and spoken word.

Example                                                                Frequency
Undertaking minor temporary repairs to school premises,                2-3 times/wk
fixtures etc These would be temporary arrangements while
permanent arrangements are made.

Undertaking minor refurbishment eg painting. Creativity is             1-2 times/wk
limited due to the post holder mainly acting on instruction
from the Site Supervisor/Headteacher.

Attending alarm call outs, supervising school premises out of          Once a week
school hours whilst let out to clubs, night classes etc.

Describe any instances where the post holder has to find a solution or a new
response to issues.

Dealing with an emergency maintenance situation requiring an emergency
temporary holding solution eg burst pipe, power cut then reporting the fault to
the Site Supervisor/Headteacher or Deputy for further action.

Give examples of the post holder’s response to problems and indicate the frequency
for each example:
Making temporary repairs, reporting faults to site supervisor/headteacher or
deputy - frequency 3-4 times per week.

Intruders on premises - reporting to site supervisor, may approach intruder
depending on situation and school policy - frequency - rarely.

Monitoring fire extinguishers, removing and replacing those with broken seals,
3-4 times per week.

To what extent is the job/work determined or assisted by guidelines, controls, limits,
procedures and systems and please give examples:
The relevant guidelines which apply to this post include:
School Code of Conduct
Health and Safety Regulations
School security procedures and the school's recognised maintenance
operations' procedures.

Lifting and Manual Handling Regulations
Manuals relating to machinery, school generator etc
LEA policies and guidelines

The post holder reports closely to the Site Supervisor/Headteacher or deputy.

Contacts and Relationships

This section considers the degree of personal contact and the nature of the
relationships with others required to carry out the job.

Type of      Who? Identify who the          Why and What? For each            When?
contact?     post holder contacts e.g.      contact explain the reason        Identify
Specify      Members, Chief Officers,       for and nature of the             frequency
numbers      managers, clients, other       communication                     e.g. daily,
from list    employees, general                                               weekly,
below        public, suppliers etc                                            monthly,
                                                                              quarterly or
A            Site                           Reporting electricity, gas        Daily
             Supervisor/Headteache          meter readings. Reporting
             r Deputy, staff and            minor maintenance issues
             pupils                         and/or buildings defects.
                                            Liaising daily with children      Daily
                                            and staff.

B                                           Advising on levels of             Weekly
             Site                           cleaning materials and
             Supervisor/Headteache          stocks.
             r Deputy
             Other staff and pupils         Advising on out of service
                                            areas of school due to
                                            repairs, cleaning etc
             All staff                      Advising on temporary
                                            repairs to
                                            fixtures/premises.                Weekly
             All staff
                                            Providing information on

A. Routine exchange of               F. Care and Compassion      K. Conflict Resolution
B. Providing routine                 G. Coaching / Mentoring /   L. Formal Training /
explanations/advice                  Motivating                  Teaching

C. Providing detailed explanations   H. Counselling              M. Formal Presentations /
/ advice on specialised matters                                  Public Speaking / Public

D. Influencing / Persuading      I. Interviewing             N. Formal Negotiation

E. Tact and Diplomacy            J. Handling Client          O. Providing advice on
                                 Relationships               highly complex matters

Does the post holder represent or negotiate on behalf of the Council?
Yes    / No

If yes, please identify the circumstances. How often does this occur?

Decisions – Discretion

This section considers the requirement of the post holder to make decisions or
recommendations made as part of the post holder’s remit (as defined in the job

Give examples of the most important decisions or recommendations required by the
job. Distinguish between decisions for which the post holder has authority and
where the post holder makes recommendations to others. Define the extent of the
effects of the post holder’s decisions on the manager section / department, clients,
other departments, the whole Council etc.

Please list decisions / recommendations       Dec = D         The decisions /
that the post holder makes:                   Recom = R       recommendations
Recommends orders of cleaning                 R               Constant supply of
materials when stocks run low.                                cleaning materials.

Deciding on temporary repairs or              R - subject     Ensures premises
maintenance work whilst contractors           to site         remain open where
are called out to resolve defects, eg         supervisor's    possible.
heating breakdown, repairs on alarm           authorisatio
system.                                       n
                                                              Ensures safety of all
Responding to alarm call outs,                D - in          staff, pupils and
evacuation procedures when on duty            accordance      visitors.
out of school hours.                          with school
                                                              Ensures appropriate
                                              R               personnel available
Recommends Site Supervisor to attend                          during emergency
premises following a call out, out of                         procedures or break-
school hours.                                                 in.

                                                              Ensures compliance
                                              D               with the school's fire
Replaces fire extinguishers, where                            certificate and a safe
seals are broken, with those in working                       environment.
                                                              Ensures compliance
                                              R               with the school's fire
                                                              certificate and a safe
Advises Site Supervisor on need for fire                      environment.

extinguishers to be returned to
contractors for filling and resealing.

On what issues does the post holder go to his / her manager for advice / guidance /
a decision?
Ordering cleaning materials, arranging repairs to premises, fixtures, facilities
etc. Ordering fire extinguisher replacements, general portering duties, deep
cleaning programmes, minor refurbishment proposals.

What policies, procedures, manuals, working standards or other guidelines / rules
affect your decisions?
A wide range of school policies and procedures, technical manuals, machinery
manuals, heating system manuals, fire and evacuation procedures, alarm call
out procedures and security procedures.

Describe what advice is available from the post holder’s manager or other sources
e.g. rules, guidelines, manuals. Is the advice available all the time, daily, weekly,
etc. and is your manager at another location. If so where?
Site Supervisor, Headteacher or Deputy or another member of the Senior
Management Team is always present and available to the post holder apart
from out of school hours, although a member of the senior management team
is on the call out list too. The school policies, procedures, machinery manuals
are on site and readily available to the post holder.

Decisions – Consequences

Consequences of decisions and recommendations

Please identify the major consequences of any decisions the post holder makes for
clients, the public, other staff or the service:
The consequences to service users on the post holder's decision to evacuate
the building whilst used out of school hours would relate to their health and
safety, although the post holder's decisions in this respect would be
determined by school procedures for the evacuation.

What are the implications if the post holder gets something wrong?
Health and safety risks associated with failure to follow correct evacuation
procedures. Fire extinguishers out of service if not replaced where necessary
by the caretaker.

How quickly would any error be rectified and how? Who would the post holder
In an emergency evacuation, other members of the senior management team
would be available and therefore any errors would be quickly remedied to
avoid any consequence.


This section considers whether the post holder has personal and identifiable
accountability for financial and physical resources including those of clients.

Cash / Financial Resources

Is the post holder accountable for the accurate handling / security of cash, cheques
and credit/debit cards?
                            Yes     / No
If yes, indicate the amount(s) and nature of the responsibility:

Plant / Equipment

Is the post holder accountable for proper use and safe keeping of plant / equipment?
Yes      / No
If yes, please specify the items and nature of the responsibility:
The post holder would typically be responsible for the following types of
Generator, power tools, mower and garden machinery and tools, cleaning
tools and equipment, grounds maintenance equipment, fire hoses, emergency
equipment. The post holder is required to use such equipment during the
course of his/her duties, to clean, maintain, service, repair and ensure the safe
keeping of such equipment.

Stocks / Materials

Is the post holder responsible for materials / items of stock?
Yes       / No
If yes, identify the value of the materials / stock involved and nature of responsibility:

Paint, building maintenance materials eg nails, screws, tools etc. Cleaning

Data Systems

Is the post holder responsible for the use, manipulation and safe              Yes   / No
keeping of data systems whether manual or computerised?

If yes name the system and identify the nature of the responsibility
and time taken:

In the case of computerised data systems does the post holder have a Yes             / No
password and have the responsibility to amend records (not just read only)?


Is the post holder accountable for the proper use and safekeeping of           Yes   / No
If yes specify the building(s) involved and nature of responsibility;
The post holder is required to ensure buildings are maintained
appropriately and are safe and secure.

Is the post holder a key holder?                                               Yes   / No

Is there more than one key holder for the building(s)?                         Yes   / No
If yes specify job titles of other key holders:

Site Supervisors
(Premises Manager)

Work Demands

Is the job subject to change or interruption?                                  Yes   / No
If yes give examples of the cause of interruption and frequency:
High priority maintenance work, fire/building evacuations,
emergency cleaning.

Is the jobholder’s work subject to deadlines?                                  Yes   / No
If yes give examples and frequency.

Does the post holder have to resolve conflicting priorities / resource         Yes   / No
needs? Resolving conflicting priorities could be deciding a course of action
having considered different alternatives. Resolving conflicting resource
needs could be deciding whether to use an internal resource (e.g. staff) or
whether to use and external resource (e.g. a contractor)
If yes give examples and frequency:

Physical Demands

What kind of physical effort is involved in the job? e.g. standing, walking, lifting,
cleaning. Give examples and state the average minutes or hours per day spent on
each activity and whether the activity occurs on a daily basis or not?
Example                                        Average min/hrs pre day
       daily/less than daily
Standing, walking                       2 hrs                          Daily

Lifting, moving equipment,             5.5 hrs                        Daily
undertaking physically
demanding work

Is there a requirement for use of IT equipment?                            Yes     / No

If yes, please indicate the level of usage of the IT equipment i.e. average number of
hours per day:
Updating school monitoring systems, heating, gas etc.

Working Conditions

Describe the post holder’s working conditions (e.g. office, depot, client’s house,
workshop, outside). Is there exposure to heat, cold, dirt/dust, noise, weather,
vibration, unpleasant working conditions etc.? Please specify which condition and
number of hours per day.
The post holder works throughout the school premises and grounds. The
majority of work will be undertaken inside (groundsmen, gardeners etc may be
employed by the school for the majority of grounds work). The post holder
will occasionally work outside. There may be some exposure to heat, dust,
noise (eg monitoring heating, electricity etc) and working outside may on
occasions subject the post holder to bad weather, although it is likely that
outside work would be undertaken in good weather.

Work Context

Is there any potential risk to personal safety, illness, health in the job? Give
examples stating who or what poses the potential risk and indicate the frequency:
There is some exposure to risk when the post holder is required to operate
machinery, (eg use of hand tools for minor repairs) and some exposure to
hazardous chemicals (eg industrial cleaning materials and gardening

If the post holder works with the public or clients, can s/he call upon the immediate
support of other members of staff?
The post holder will encounter members of the public, visitors to the school,
contract staff, students etc during the course of their duties. However this
poses minimal risk to their personal safety. If they did require support from
other members of staff this would be readily available.

How would this support be obtained?
Mobile phone/pager.

Knowledge and skills

If you would like to draw attention to a particularly important aspect(s) of the job
description/ person specification you may do so below:
The post holder is required to have good knowledge and practical experience
in general maintenance work which is necessary in relation to the post holders
responsibility for recognising building defects, making minor
repairs/refurbishments, understanding the heating system etc.

Further Observations

Are there any other points you would like to make?
Whilst tact and diplomacy do not feature as a major requirement in the post,
the post holder is working within a school environment with children and
parents, and must therefore be courteous and professional at all times, and
have an acceptance of different attitudes and be comfortable with children and
young people.

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