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									                           North West Central School
                                Thursday Note
                               January 19, 2012

                                     Principal's Message
We never know what we are going to get with weather in Saskatchewan -- record setting highs last
week and VERY cold this week. Good thing that we can adapt and layer our clothes.

Exams start next week on Tuesday. Please look carefully at the exam schedule and make sure that
students are here early to write their exams. ALL exams are in the morning. When students are done
(and have completed all assignments for the class) they are free to go home (after signing out at the

In second semester, we will be making some changes to our Homework Room to better keep students
up to date on all assignments. Homework room will start at 12:00 with students bringing their lunch
to Ms. Hill's room. They will stay there until they have completed their homework or the 12:45 bell
rings. We are making these changes to ensure that students are not behind in their assignments. If
students do not have a lunch, a lunch will be provided for them. If you have any questions, give the
school a call.

The SLC will be having their Second Annual Pajama and Pancake Day on January 23rd.
Breakfast will be served from 8:30 to 9:15 for all students and staff with their pjs on.

                                         Wildcat WOWs!
1. Wows to Wyatt for helping Mrs. Neumeier change the oil in the snow blower.
2. Wows to the bus drivers for braving the cold and getting the kids to school.
3. Wows to everyone for embracing this cold weather and the drafty school. So grateful to the
inventor of long underwear.

                            Are You Smarter Than a NWCS Wildcat?
When: February 28th 1:30 pm
Where: NWCS
Who: Parents, K-12 students, SCC, Community members all welcome
What: The School Community Council would like to invite you to join us to participate in a jeopardy
like game where students and parents face off to see if parents really are smarter than a 5th grader, or
whatever grade you child is in. There will be 4 different classrooms hosting the game and students
will be broken up K-2, 3-5, 6-9, and 10-12.
Why: To support the Student Learning Improvement Plan of the school, to increase communication
between home and school, and to improve parents' understanding of what their children are learning.
Parents will be asked to bring a pre-priced baking donation totaling $10. Proceeds to go toward
SCC sponsored projects.
Examples of $5 baking: 6 iced cupcakes, 12 cookies, 6 squares, 1 small pie
Examples of $10 baking: 12 iced cupcakes, 24 cookies, 12 squares, 1 large pie
                                          Plenty Bonspiel
Plenty's annual Open curling bonspiel Jan 22-25. Any combination of male and female rinks. Hot
booth open nightly from 5:30-7:30. Ham supper Wednesday night from 5:00-7:00. Hot shot
competition, open to all, Wednesday night time to be announced. Enter team deadline Friday at
noon. Call Amanda Stephens @ 377-2092 to enter.

                                          Kraft Hockeyville
Want to win $100,000 to upgrade the Dodsland Rink???Log on to vote for Dodsland Arena at
Submit articles, video clips, photos and more. The more the better. Your support counts as we try to
have our community short-listed. Log on to win!

                           RHYTHM AND RHYME

                                 Dodsland Library is celebrating
                                   FAMILY LITERACY DAY
                                 Thursday January 19th 6:30- 7:30
                      Come Join us for GAMES, Popcorn, and Hot Chocolate
                            “Play with Literacy” for the whole family!!
              You are welcome to bring your own board game to share but not required
                   ** Important for family to visit the library together to develop
                        basic reading and number’s skills… the fun way.**

                                      Badminton at NWCS
                                      Monday nights at 7 pm
                                   Beginning December 19, 2011
                                       All Adults Welcome

                                        Adult Volleyball
                                       Wednesdays 7:30 pm
                                 Semi-competitive adult volleyball!
                                         “Kids in the Kitchen”
“Kids in the Kitchen” cooking program will be offered for students grades 3-6. There is 6 weeks or
lessons in the package. Class size would ideally be 6-8 but a few more would be fine. If your child
would be interested in this class, please send back the slip below. Classes are expected to be in
March after school for 1 ½ hours from 3:15 to 4:45. The last class will be longer and parent(s) are
invited to join.
To help keep costs down, students are asked to bring their own snack & drink for afterschool.
Students are in need of something while instructions are being given.
Last year’s estimated costs were too low to cover expenses, so the cost will be $40 this year.
Tentative dates are: Wed March 7th, March 14th, Monday March 19th, March 26th, Wednesday March
28th, Monday April 2nd, with alternate ( in case of cancellation) Wednesday, March 28th.
Please return note by January 25th.

Kids in the Kitchen
Student: ____________________________Parent’s signature: _________________________
Grade: __________ Year in Program (circle)   First          Second

                                       Sewing and Craft Classes
If students are interested in sewing classes and knitting/crocheting/needlepoint classes, they may start
up in February through April. These would be suitable for beginners or refreshers. If the note
below could be returned by January 25th, then a mini-meeting at school with students would
determine the dates and times and supplies needed. The cost is $15 per session. I would like to have
an adult craft club also, where we bring what we are working on and share patterns, etc. Cost-$2 to
cover coffee, etc.

Name: _______________________ Grade (if student):______
Any previous class? (circle) Yes No
Days of week preferred: ____________________________
(Check) Afterschool till ~5 ______ or Evening 7~8:30 ____________

                                    Body By Vi Taste the Shake Party
There will be a "Body By Vi Taste the Shake Party" Tonight (Thursday Jan19th) at the Seniors Hall
in Dodsland from 7:00 - 8-30, stop by and taste the shake that has every one talking and so many
health benefits. Whether you want to gain energy, lose weight, gain weight, build lean muscle, or just
feel all around better, healthier. Stop by and taste the shake, and learn what this amazing shake has to
offer YOU! If you aren't able to make it, but would like a sample feel free to contact, Shannon
Bannerman@ 356-2115 or Janice McCarthy @356-2221 or Jenni Coe @356-4704 for more
                                           Upcoming Events

Jan. 23          Free Pancake breakfast to those in their pajamas
Jan. 27          Grade 6-9 Ski day Table Mountain
Jan. 30          No classes
Jan. 30-31       CPR first aid Grades 10-12 (must be pre registered)
Jan. 31          Second Semester starts
Feb. 28          Are you Smarter than a NWCS Wildcat?
             EDT • 1:00 -3

                        Exam Schedule for Grades 10-12
                            January 25 to 27, 2012
                     January 24           January 25         January 26       January 27
                     9:00 to 12:00        9:00 to            9:00 to 12:00    9:00 to 12:00
Grade 10                                  ELA A 10           Workplace and    Science 10
                                          (Hill)             Apprenticeship   (Hill)
                                                             Math 10
Grade 11                                  ELA 20             Math
                                          (Hill)             Foundations      Chemistry 20
                                                             20 (Thomson)     (Biberdorf)
Grade 12             ELA A30                                 Math C30         Chemistry 20
                     Departmental                            (Thomson)        (Biberdorf)
                     Students must
                     be in their
                     seats by 8:45

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