Spring Semester 2006 Reader Appointment Letter Format by T6Goo3


									                                  Spring Semester 2010 Reader Appointment Letter Format

Dear __________________:

This confirms your appointment as an hourly basis Project Assistant (reader/grader) in course ______________ under the
direction of __________________________. The appointment is for the Spring 2008 semester which for payroll purposes begins
on January 8, 2010 and ends on May 23, 2010. You will be paid at the 2007-09 rate of $15.10 per hour. We have been
authorized to offer you up to         hours.

The following applies to your appointment:

1.      Hourly basis project assistants, as all graduate assistants, are required to be graduate students in
        good standing by university and department criteria in order to hold an appointment.

2.      The schedule of your grading responsibilities depends on class assignments and will be explained to
        you by the instructor named above. Hourly project assistants are not normally expected to work on
        holidays when University offices are officially closed, but some rescheduling of duties could be
        necessary, and you may need to carry out some of your responsibilities during periods when
        University classes are not in session.

3.      The authorized hours represent a maximum and you should not work more than this. If, as the
        semester proceeds, you think there will not be enough time to do all that is expected of you, see the
        course instructor right away.

4.      Your hours should be turned in on a            (weekly, biweekly, etc.) basis to            in
        Room      . Your final hours must be turned in by June 11, 2010 (one month after the end of
        spring semester exams) in order for you to be paid.

5.      This offer of employment is contingent upon verification of your identity and work authorization as
        required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. Please see the attachment for the
        explanation of the Form I-9, Section 1 of which must be completed and returned to the department
        on or before your hire date. The required documents must be presented in person, within three days
        of your employment begin date. If you do not have the originals of the necessary documents, you
        must present a receipt from a government agency for replacement document(s), within three days,
        and you must present the required document itself within 90 days of your employment begin date.
        The law prohibits the University from employing or continuing to employ an individual who has not
        provided the required documents within the relevant time period.

6.      This appointment does not convey benefits. See                       if you have questions about eligibility
        for benefits.

7.      You must register for a minimum of six graduate credits unless you are registered as a dissertator for
        three dissertator credits.

8.      This employment relationship is governed by, and subject to, the provisions of a collective bargaining
        agreement negotiated by the Teaching Assistants' Association. If this is your initial appointment as a
        teaching or project assistant under the 2007-09 agreement (the contract currently in effect), a copy of
        the collective bargaining agreement will be provided to you.

9.      It is the policy of the Department/School of                     to provide reasonable
        accommodation for qualified employees with disabilities. If you need accommodation to perform the
        essential functions of your position, please contact            (the employee=s supervisor) or
        Brian Bubenzer, the Division-Level Personnel Representative, at 265-0603

10.              We ask for your written acceptance of this appointment by                                           .

                                                                     Signed: ______________________________
                                                                                       Department Chair
xc:     Course Instructor

       If this format is used, it is not necessary to send a sample for approval. This format is available electronically; call Brian
Bubenzer at 5-0603 or e-mail bubenzer@ls.admin.wisc.edu. This format applies only to PA appointments, not to Undergraduate or Ad
Hoc Program Specialist (non-student) reader/grader appointments.

        If you want to make changes to this format or use a different letter, please have a sample approved first.

         Please be aware that the Fair Labor Standards Act applies to hourly reader appointments. Avoid assignments that will exceed
40 hours per week (alone or in combination with other University employment); the cost of all employment (not just the reader hours) may
increase greatly. If you or course instructors foresee such a problem, please share or schedule the assignments in a way that will
prevent this problem.

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