Flow chart for review of tracheostomies on the ward - DOC by T6Goo3


									  Flow chart for review of tracheostomies on the ward
    Any patient admitted to the ward with a tracheostomy in place*

            Has the patient been transferred directly from ICU?

                Yes                                                    No

 Patient will automatically be                     If patient not known to Outreach
   reviewed weekly by the                             team, bleep 1676 to ensure
Tracheostomy Support Team                            patient is reviewed weekly by
                                                     Tracheostomy Support Team

    The policy ‘Care of the patient with a tracheostomy on the ward’
     should be followed for all patients. This particularly refers to
     temporary tracheostomies, but the policy can be applied to
     patients with a permanent tracheostomy
    All patients with a temporary tracheostomy will be reviewed
     weekly by the Tracheostomy Support Team. Patients with a
     permanent tracheostomy can be referred to the tracheostomy
     support via Outreach as required by the ward staff
    Day to day care of the patient will remain with the patients’ own
     medical/surgical team with advice from the Tracheostomy
     Support Team as needed

 *Excluding patients directly admitted to the head and neck unit for a surgical procedure and
                                patients admitted to E5 (ICU)

                                Tracheostomy emergency

                          Call 2222 if any of following present:

                     Airway: No/minimal air passing through any route
                     Breathing: Extreme difficulty breathing/no breathing
                     Circulation: No/weak pulse felt
                     Disability: Patient unresponsive

                       Other tracheostomy problems phone:
               Outreach Bleep 1676 or out of hours ICU extension 5752

Flow chart for tracheostomies on the ward/Sept 2010

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