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					                                         Dayton School Board
                                       609 South Second Street

                             Regular Monthly Board Meeting – 7:00 p.m.
                                        November 4, 2009

   I. Call to Order
       -Board Chair Martin called the regular board meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Board members
       present were Steve Martin, Dave Bailey, Tamara Fritze, Marchand Hovrud. Garry
       Snyder was absent.

   II. Flag Salute
        -Jude Cornaggia led the flag salute.

  III. Recognition of Representatives- None

  IV. Additions or Changes to the Agenda- None

   V. Consent Agenda- Board member Fritze moved to approve the following consent agenda
       items: Approve the minutes from the October 21, 2009 regular board meeting; approve
       warrants #102519 to 102521 totaling $35,377.27 from the General Fund and warrant
       #102522 for $93,133.46 from the transportation fund; Accept $400.00 donation from RC&D for
       Camp Wooten; approve hiring Hire Nikki Fullerton as HS Girls' JV Basketball Coach; approve
       hiring Clayton Strong as HS Boys' JV Basketball Coach. Motion carried.

 VI. Reports
 Skills Center- Jerry Ringwood from Tri Tech presented information on the Skills Center. His role is
   to help people understand what a skill center does and what it can provide. Skills Center students
   attend a skill center 3 hours per day, and their regular school the rest of the day. A skill center
   must have 150 FTE to be a stand alone center. He presented information on the program that
   they run. They serve over 800 students in their Skill Center. They are serving about 11-12% of
   the students in their service area. Mr. Ringwood presented a video that showcased the students
   in the various programs that are offered through Tri-Tech Skills Center. Mr. Ringwood discussed
   the criteria for the skill center as well as the college credits that can be earned. Programs range
   from 5 college credits to 24 college credits. Mr. Ringwood discussed the SEATEC (Southeast
   Area Technical Education Center) that is being developed in Walla Walla. They are currently
   working on the capital project financing and looking into options that would not require a local cash
   match from the co-op participants. The Skills Centers are funded in a similar manner as
   Community Colleges. The SEATEC group is looking at 5-6 primary areas of focus for the area.
   Options originally included Ag programs and culinary programs but they determined that it would
   directly compete with local schools and WWCC if they offered those programs. There are
   numerous steps to the process of getting a Skills Center. There has to be a feasibility study, then
   a request for pre-design, evaluation of potential locations, get agreements for long term leases of
   50 years or more, and identification of programs. They were able to expedite the process, due to
   a one time capital project funding request. Laura Grant had made that request and it was
   approved to fund the pre-design, then they can move forward with design and construction.
   Design stage is about 9-10% of cost. The cooperative agreements must be in place for the design
   stage to continue. Mr. Ringwood discussed the current legislative atmosphere and considered
   that the project could fare well because of it being a capital project. Schools joining the
   cooperative are signing in for a 10 year commitment. Best case scenario is that the design project
   would be funded during the current legislative term. Realistically, capital money would not be
   available until the 2011-2013 bi-ennium. The earliest it might open in the best case scenario in
    2013, but it is more likely to be in 2015. WAC requires a 10 year commitment from participating
    districts that is in effect from the time the building is operational. The Skill Center is required to
    have a capital maintenance fund. The proposal asks for $10,000 from the schools the first year
    the students are in the building. The proposal is that WW would have an 80% share- Dayton,
    Prescott, Waitsburg and Touchet would be responsible for 5% each. For Dayton that would be
    $500. The proposal was based on anticipated enrollments. They only wrote the 1st year into the
    proposal. There is no cost to the school district other than that except that part of the student FTE
    does leave the district. Schools are funded for 5 periods per day, the Skill Center student can
    generate up to a 1.6 FTE. Generally, the .6 FTE would go to the school district, 1 FTE to the Skill
    Center. There were various FTE scenarios given that explained how the student FTE could be
    disbursed. After 10 years any school district can opt out of the cooperative. They are trying to get
    local schools on board prior to the end of December so they can proceed with requests for design
    funding. Potential programs include: I/T- possibly design/robotics, Construction trades related
    program; welding/manufacturing trades program, a medical related program-i.e. pre-nursing, and
    a program based around green technology. The goal is that the students would basically have
    three options upon completion of a program- move directly into the work force, move into higher
    education, or they determine that they may not want to pursue that field and have had the
    opportunity to determine that prior to spending time and money at a college. The intent is that it
    would potentially allow the WWCC to have a blended population of college/high school students.
    The original study did include the culinary program, but did not include the green technology field.
    Four of the original 6 proposed courses have remained intact. The study was based on student
    interest, community needs and local school district programs. The ag program was not left on the
    original agenda because they did not want to compete with what the local schools offer. Board
    member Bailey asked if there would be quotas from each district. The schools district “shares” are
    based on the estimated number of students. Excess costs could be passed back to the districts.
    Board member Fritze asked about the cost if we had more students attending than what our
    portion funded. Mr. Ringwood explained the procedure for how the funding costs can be
    distributed. Students register at their home school to attend the skill center. Cooperative districts
    have the right to fill the spots first. Non-cooperative districts, private schools, etc. have the option
    of filling any available space left if the co-op districts do not fill the spots. Board member Hovrad
    asked about the history of the Tri -Tech Skills Center and specifically about how many years there
    was a shortfall of funding. Mr. Ringwood stated that Kennewick funded the excess costs for the
    Skills Center for the first 5 years. A branch campus requires a minimum of 3 programs. Board
    member Hovrud asked about the excess costs after the first 5 years and the history for the Tri
    Tech Skill Center. Mr. Ringwood explained how the projected revenue and expenditures were
    developed and that the goal is to operate the Skill Center as a business and not run a deficit
    budget. Mr. Ringwood discussed the specific details of the proposal with the board. Board
    member Hovrud asked about the impact on the school for the courses that are currently offered-
    for example- welding. The current welding offered is a part of a multi faceted ag class, but the skill
    center would offer a full course that focused on just welding for the full term. The board thanked
    Mr. Ringwood for his presentation. Further action was delayed to allow more time to review the

   Administrative Reports: In addition to the administrative reports presented in the board packet
    from Ms. Cornaggia and Ms. Leid, the board was given a presentation by Ms. Leid on the WA On
    line Testing Student Demos. The presentation shows what the new MSP will look like. The
    testing would be available for 6, 7 and 8th grades. Ms. Leid is working with the staff to determine if
    the process will be implemented. The 6th grade teachers are already prepared to implement the
    process. The board thanked Ms. Leid for the presentation.

    Community School Report- Tamara Fritze reported on the progress with the Community
    Classes that are being developed. She indicated that she is joining forces with the Touchet Valley
    Arts Council because they were also actively pursuing a community service program and when
    they saw the article in the District newsletter, they approached her about joining together to make
    the program successful. Ms. Fritze met with Reed about the process. They decided that the
    administrative costs would be shared by the two entities and that 20% of all proceeds would be for
    administrative costs. They intend to pay $15 per contact hour per instructor for teachers
    requesting payment. The cost of most classes would be $5 to $10 per student contact hour. The
   profits, if any, would be split between the school district and the TVAC or they could be kept in tact
   to fund future endeavors. We will gather additional information from ESD 123 on accounting and
   finance issues.

   Superintendent Report
    -Superintendent Johnson reported that graduation is scheduled for June 5th, 2010.
   - Special Education Consortium Agreement- Superintendent Johnson would like to table the
   approval of the consortium to allow time for more review.
   - M&O/Capital Projects Levy- Superintendent Johnson presented a spreadsheet on the levy
   schedule and the time lines that occur between elections, fiscal years and collections.
   Superintendent Johnson is researching options and gathering feasibility information on the best
   way to proceed. He is currently leaning towards staying with maintenance and operating levy
   along with a 1 year Capital Projects levy to help assess the community level of support. More
   information will be provided as the research is completed.
   -Immunizations- the process for excluding children for not having up to date immunizations has
   been somewhat lax. The state requires that immunizations are up to date or that current
   documentation is in place for exemptions. The district will be taking a stand on enforcing the state
   requirements so the board may be hearing from some of the impacted families.
    - Enrollment- the enrollment numbers are still staying around 475
    -Sale of Preschool House- the sale is complete and the funds have been placed in the capital
   projects account.
    -Food Service- Superintendent Johnson discussed the difficulties and complaints in regards to
   paying for food services. The state does not allow us to be a creditor, and yet we have been
   allowing people to charge their meals. Currently we show negative balances totaling over $1400
   for food services. Superintendent Johnson asked for guidance from the board on how they would
   like to pursue the situation. Board member Bailey stated that if it is something that could create an
   audit finding, we should not allow the situation to occur. Discussion ensued on the process.

 VII. Policy Adoption
      - Policy 3422 & 3422P- Student Sports- Concussion & Head Injuries
      - Policy 4260 & 4260P- Use of Facilities
    Board member Fritze moved to adopt policies 3422 and 4260. Motion Carried.
VIII. Action Items
       Board member Martin moved to approve Graduation Date for Class of 2010 for Saturday, June
       5th at 1:00 p.m.The board opted to table the approval of the Special Education Consortium
       Agreement and the Skills Center Agreement.

 IX. Public Comment - None

  X. Executive Session-None

 XI. Adjournment- Board Chair Martin adjourned the meeting at 10:02 p.m.

***Exempt Meeting – The board met in an exempt meeting to discuss negotiations.
Respectfully Submitted,

Doug Johnson
Secretary to the Board of Directors

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