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									                                                                    Ministry of Caring Parish
              Responding To The Word
                                                                          Nursery Attendant Needed
So freely and totally did Mary respond to God’s grace      SML Church is looking for a Nursery Attendant for
throughout her life, that in death she was divinely        children 5 years old and younger during the Sunday
honored. In the doctrine of the Assumption, the Church     Worship Service from 10:00 – 11:00 AM. The salary
proclaims and celebrates that in Mary there was no         for this position is $20 and $10 per hour for any extra
obstacle to deny her immediate passing through death       services. Please contact Vonda Naff to set up an
and becoming first after her Son to be raised body and     interview and background check if interested. 540-334-
soul to fullness of life with God.                         3369 or .
Mary prays that God’s presence will transform our                      Adult Class in Church History
world and reverse the impact of evil and injustice.        We are offering a 9-week course on the History of
What injustice does God want me to help change?            Catholicism on Thursdays, September 9 through
                                                           November 4, 9:45 – 10:45 AM and/or 7:00 – 8:00 PM
  Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time – Aug 22            depending on signups and preferences. We’ll be using a
          First Reading – Isaiah 66:18-21                  book, This Is Our Church by Michael Pennock ($25).
     Second Reading – Hebrews 12:5-7, 11-13                To sign up, call Chris or the Main Office at 297-5530 or
               Gospel – Luke 13:22-30                      e-mail .

                                                               Hope And Happiness For Those Who Grieve
                       Welcome                             Chris Barrett, Senior Pastoral Associate, will lead an
We welcome our newest registrants, the McGoldrick          evening session for those who are dealing with grief
Family, Kirsten, Anthony, Thomas, and Thyra. Thank         over the death of a loved one or some other loss, on
you for adding your spirit to our family of faith.         Wednesday, August 18, at 6:30 PM.
               Collection For Sorsogon                                 Christian Initiation Schedule
Bishop Bastes and Father Sal are very grateful for the     There is one more session remaining on the summer
generous outpouring of support last weekend.               schedule for those interested in learning about the
Resurrection donated $4,002.25 to the Diocese of           Catholic Church. Wednesday, August 25. The fall and
Sorsogon in the Philippines.                               winter schedule will begin on Wednesday, September
                                                           15, at 7:00 PM and will continue meeting weekly. For
               Heavenly Hash Deadline                      more information, call Chris at 297-5530.
All articles and photos for the next issue of Heavenly
Hash, our parish newsletter, should be submitted to               Joyous Junque – 2011 (Vacation Hiatus) by Saturday, August 28.           No Joyous Junque pick ups will be available for the
                                                           next few weeks. Our volunteers will be away on
    Hope And Happiness For Those Who Grieve                vacation. Pick ups will resume on August 24. Please
Chris Barrett, Senior Pastoral Associate, will lead an     save your treasures for us. All items are tax deductible
evening session for those who are dealing with grief       and a form will be given to each donor. For pickups on
over the death of a loved one or some other loss, on       the Franklin side, call Tony Cusumano at 721-3829 and
Wednesday, August 18, at 6:30 PM.                          on the Bedford side, call Don Fournier at 297-4126 after
                                                           August 24.. Drop off of smaller items can be made at
                        Thanks                             the “JJ” shed to the right of the church as you drive in.
Special thanks to Barbara Wright snd all the
Resurrection volunteers who worked so hard this past                        Global Faces of Christ
week for the Lake Christian Ministries school supply       Deacon Mike Ellerbrock from St. Mary’s in Blacksburg
distribution. Thanks, too, to all who donated supplies.    will present a slide show and discussion of his voyage
This was a great success.                                  around the world, focusing on the beauty and suffering
                                                           of our brothers and sisters on August 30, at 7:00 PM at
            Wednesday Women’s Group                        Our Lady of Nazareth. Discussion will include the
The Wednesday Women will be meeting throughout             hopes and challenges of our Church’s universal mission.
August to complete projects for the upcoming Fall
Bazaar in October. Please join in the crafting, chatting                    Spiritual Flowers
and coffee breaks which are always informative and                      In Memory of Joan Klass
enjoyable. New ladies, come on down!                              Requested by Denise & Orban Gregory
Ministry Schedule:                                                    Thomas More Center Update
Saturday, August 21, 5:00 PM                              Sister Joan is having a hip replacement on Tuesday,
Lectors: Loretta Lavanco & Denise Sterne                  August 17. Father Mike is having a cataract removed on
EM’S: Patti O’Bryan, Eleanor Self, Phil Servidea, Mary    Friday, August 20. Father Nick is working in a parish in
Sirera, Judy Spitz, Floyd Strelow, Bill Timmins           Connecticut. Please keep them in your prayers.
Ushers: Jim Perozek, Jerry Eichhorn, Dick Hach, Mike
Wachter                                                                  Urgent Need F RCC Men
Server: Ashley Hancock                                    Lake Christian Ministries depends on donations of
                                                          household items to help meet the needs of their clients.
Sunday, August 22, 4:00 PM                                Currently LCM needs volunteers to pick up items and
Lectors: Anne Gibbons & Ron Ochal                         deliver them to LCM. 3 local Churches now provide
EM’S: Robin Starke, Carol Traen, Jeanne Wagoner,          volunteers. The churches take turns each month. The
Mike Wachter, Barbara & Greg Babiak, Pat Benosky          addition of a 4th church would help tremendously in
Ushers: Debbie Buccola, Jim Grabher, Lillie Head,         sharing the load. Pickups are scheduled for Monday,
Chuck Murphy                                              Wednesday, and/or Friday mornings when LCM is
Server: Amanda Holcomb                                    opened. There are 4-6 requests per week. LCM has a
                                                          trailer. Trucks with trailer hitches with a 2” ball are
Those who believed….shared                                needed to tow the trailer. If you are interested in helping
                                                          with this important need, please contact Dick Kleckner
 Offertory Income – August 2            $ 8,044.36        at 721-3616.
  Offertory Income – FY11 YTD           $ 47,145.96
  Offertory Income – Budget FYD         $ 42,014.04       Knights of Columbus 4th Degree Regalia Needed
  We are ahead of budget                $ 5,131.92        If you or a family member owns a set of KofC 4th degree
                                                          regalia (cape, chapeau, sword) that is no longer being
Thank you for your generosity in the regular collection   used and would like to donate it to the Roanoke
                                                          Assembly, please contact Brian Ripple at 540-776-8285.
Grocery Cards
Please support this fundraiser that costs you no money                    Diocesan Job Vacancies
and is a source of income for the parish                  Part-time accompanist:        Immaculate Conception
   Profit to date this fiscal year        $974.35         Catholic Church, Hampton, VA, Contact – Teresa
   Profit at this point last fiscal year  $709.75         Cobarrubia, Music Director, at or
   We are ahead of last year by           $264.60         757-240-8409.
                                                          Social Justice Coordinator: Church of the Incarnation,
  8/21 Julia & Bruce Peters                               Charlottesville, VA, full-time, job description at
                From Our Parish Nurse
Life For One – Guest Speaker Donna Proctor –                          Lake Christian Ministry Needs
Monday, August16, 1:00 AM, Trinity Ecumenical             The most needed items at Lake Christian Ministries are
Parish, Bring a lunch/drink                               tooth paste, detergent, dish washing liquid, bar soap,
General Cancer Support Group – Thursday, August           and 1 pound cans of coffee.
19, 4:00 PM, Resurrection
ABC’s of Dementia – Speaker Gary Oberlender,              Please pray for: Susie Parrish, Kerry Dolth, Abigail
Monday, August 20, 10:00 AM, Resurrection, Free,          Schons, Sam Schons, Dawn Schons, Eileen Adams, Joe
Must register, Tami at 297-5530 or 721-4330 or e-mail     Altadonna, Winnie Brittain, Raymond Crotty, Debbie                                       Clark, Sue Eckert, Doris Ferguson, Cherie Fletcher,
Multiple Sclerosis Support Group (open discussion) –      Adriana George, Ken Godwin, Jim & Marguerite
Wednesday, September 1, 12:00 noon, Resurrection,         Grabher, Rich Holcomb, Brian Kowall, Ted Lagoski,
Bring a bag lunch                                         Barbara Lenco, Michael Malone, Susan Marshall, Bart
Man to Man Prostate Support Group (open                   Matthies, Elaine Mosley, Joan Ollweiler, Judy Harmon
discussion) – Wednesday, September 8, 6:00 PM,            Phillips, Martin Philpott, Philip Thompson, Foyer des
Trinity Ecumenical Parish                                 Filles de Dieu Orphanage, Paul Liga, Dominic Buscani,
Alzheimer/Dementia Support Group Meeting –                Clare Luffman, Dwayne Martin, Al Kabalarcik, Matthew
Monday, September 13, 3:00 PM, Trinity Ecumenical         Myron, Ben Mosley, Tim Fenlon, Ian Kolmer, Vernon
Parish                                                    Ward, Johnny Flowers.
Breast Cancer Support Group Meeting – Monday,
September 13, 6:30 PM, Discovery Shop, Scruggs Road

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