Marketing Strategies (MKT500) Industry/Company Analysis Presentation by d1uSz9lb


									Marketing Strategies (MKT500)

Industry/Company Analysis
              Southwest Airlines

              Cevdet KIZIL
              Gokhan BAYKAL
New Product/Service Development

   Expand service to Denver, Miami and Minneapolis.

   Short-haul, frequency, point-to-point and low fare service

   Similar in terms of daily departures and number of passengers
    (Phoenix, Las Vegas, Houston).

   These three cities are currently not served by Southwest
Target Market

   Moderate income

   No frill value minded

   No lower uppers, no upper uppers

   High raters of low price (consumer evaluation grid)

   Mainly consumer travelers rather than business
Marketing objective

   Increasing sales 3% in the first year up to 5%
    in the second year

   Entering Denver, Miami and Minneapolis
Pricing Strategy

   Penetration Pricing Strategy

   Higher volume with lower price.

   Best against price sensitive customers and
    existing & potential competitors

   No premium pricing.
Distribution Strategy

   Direct Distribution

   No Intermediaries (e.g.
    travel agencies)

   Total quality control and
    lower costs

   Website/Toll-Free Call
Marketing Budget

   Objective and Task Method

   On the basis of dollar amounts.
Advertising and Promotion

   Pull selling strategy
   Newspaper ads
   TV/radio
   Bulletin boards
   Websites
   Newly painted planes
   Public Relations Events
   E-mail advertising
Monitoring and Control

   Checking financials
   Monitoring market share in new markets.
   Analyze departure and arrival stats.
   Review safety stats
   Track website usage
   Control e-mail list subscriptions
   Online and face-to-face surveys
   Controlling plan as a whole annually

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