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LT Jennifer Reid
NCC Jeffrey Garrett
OS1 Sharon Etheridge
     Career Transition Office (CTO)

                  Who is the CTO?

• The Career Transition Office (CTO) was established
  (NAVADMIN 229/09) to support the Chief of Naval
  Personnel’s Continuum of Service (CoS) initiative
  (NAVADMIN 114/10). This initiative supports rapid
  and seamless transitions from Active to Reserve
  Components (AC/RC) to encourage a lifetime of

             Recruit Once – Retain for Life
     Career Transition Office (CTO)

                     What do we do?

•   Increase transitions between Active and Reserve
    Components (AC/RC)

•   Decrease processing times to rapidly
    meet AC and RC needs

•   Educate Sailors on Navy Reserve affiliation and

•   Decrease cost requirements for Reserve training

             CTO Spiral Phases

• AC/RC Officer Transition (Spiral One)
  – Implemented 29May09
    Increased direct Officer transitions with reduced
    transition timeline for processing

• AC/RC Enlisted Transition (Spiral Two)
  – Implemented 24Nov09
  – Centralized NSIPS reserve gain processing and IDT
    order writing

• RC/AC Transitions (Spiral Three)
  – Implemented 10Oct 2010
  – Non-mobilization career transitions to support AC
    shortfalls                                          4
            Career Transition Office

        Who do we transition?

– E3-E6 Sailors approved for the SELRES via

– Sailors approved via Early Career Transition
  Program (ECTP) NAVADMIN 088/11

    Easier and Rapid Transitions – Total Force
                    Where it begins

• CCC submits PTS application with SELRES
  – In rate
  – Willing to Convert with three conversion choices

• Command/Sailor receives a SELRES PTS
  quota or ECTP approval.

• CCC/Sailor contacts the CTO to begin the
  transition process.
  – Sailors are assigned a Transition Assistant (TA) based
    on their current geographic region.
Transition Process

     Benefits of the Navy Reserve

• Two year mobilization deferment
• Montgomery GI Bill/Post 911
• Affiliation bonus (if applicable)
• Transitional Assistance Management Program
• Commissary and Exchange Privileges
• Advancement opportunity
• Reserve retirement

        Challenges to the Process

• When PTS applications are not submitted timely or not
  at all.
  Impact: No SELRES quota, or limits number of “looks”
  the sailor receives in PTS for a SELRES quota.

• When a Service member’s contact data is not current.
  Impact: Seriously impacts our ability to initiate the
  transition when it is difficult or impossible to contact the

     Reaching Sailors - Balanced Force
        How Can The Fleet Help?

Command Career Counselors:

• Submit applications in Perform To Serve (PTS)/Fleet
  Rating Identification Engine System within 15 - 4
  months of EAOS.

• Ensure contact information on service members is

• Notify the CTO immediately when the command has
  received the final ECTP approval message.

      Easier and Rapid Transitions – Total Force
                           CTO Regional TA’s

                                                                    YN2 Silas YN2 James
                 YN1 Rice                    OS1 Etheridge

                         * Navy Regions of
                         Europe Africa and
                         Southwest Asia

                                                                      BU3 Handley
             UT2 Olson                       AT2 Moffatt

                                               OS1 Etheridge   IC3 Anderson
BU1 Bolden    PS2 Porras    YN1 Chambers

            Contact Information

• Web-site/Links

• Email

• General CTO Phone Lines
  – (901) 874-4108 Enlisted
  – (901) 874-4192 Officer                           12
         Military Service Obligation (MSO)

•   Your MSO is EIGHT years
•   Based upon your Pay Entry Base Date (PEBD)
•   Applies to every service member
•   Mandated by Federal law (Title 10, US Code 10101,
    10142, 10143, 10145, and 10146 )
•   Upon separation from Active Duty, your remaining
    MSO is served in the Ready Reserve
•   Officers must resign reserve commission AFTER
    completing their MSO to be separated from IRR
•   Enlisted personnel in good standing may reenlist or
    extend to remain in IRR
•   Your MSO date is listed in Block 6 on your DD 214 or
    initial service contract

    Navy Personnel Command (PERS-93)

• PERS-93 - IRR Force Management,
  Mobilizations, and Muster Division
  – Manages the IRR
  – Primary point of contact for IRR Sailors
  – (800) 535-2699 (Call Center)
  – All personnel separating from Active Duty with less
    than 8 completed years of service must contact an
    IRR Counselor
 Navy Counselor Symposium
        June 2011

Enlisted Affiliation Bonus

                    Mr. Jim Johnson, (NCCS, Ret.)
      Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command
       Director, Education and Incentive Programs
                            ENLISTED AFFILIATION BONUS

– References: NAVADMIN 294/10
               COMNAVRESFORINST 1001.5F Chap 3

– Must have less that 16 years total service from PEBD

– Eligible “ratings” vice “rates”

– Bonuses paid for 3 or 6 year obligations

– Paid 50% upon affiliation/obligation and two or five equal
  anniversary payments

– Three Tier bonus program
                        ENLISTED AFFILIATION BONUS

– Bonus Amounts 6 year obligation
    Tier 1 - $20,000
    Tier 2 - $15,000
    Tier 3 - $10,000

– Bonus Amounts 3 year obligation
    Tier 1 - $10,000
    Tier 2 - $7,500
    Tier 3 - $5,000
                         PRISE-R (Formerly RESCORE-R)

– Reference: MILPERSMAN 1133-061

– Recruited in a TEMPORARY rate and pay grade
    “Direct convert” refers to OSVET converting to a Navy Rating

– Change rate ONLY (Not to qualify for an NEC)

– 6 Year contract required to qualify for bonus

– Bonus paid one half upon affiliation and one half upon completion
  of requirements to make rate permanent
                                  Special Considerations

– Members receiving Involuntary Separation Pay (ISP)
    If member signs 3 year IRR contract to receive full ISP
        o Must enlist SELRES (in drill pay) within 6 months of
          discharge date to qualify under MILPERSMAN 1160-030
          “Continuous Service” conditions.

– Zone A Separations
    Sailors with reserve obligation remaining (MSO)
       o Must enlist SELRES (in drill pay) within 6 months of
         discharge date to qualify under MILPERSMAN 1160-030
         “Continuous Service” conditions.

– Under current policy, if affiliating with USNR with reserve
  obligation remaining and not under continuous service conditions,
  must be within 1 year of EOS or get early reenlistment waiver
  from PERS 812.

Points of Contact:

     Program Director (Policy)
        o Jim Johnson
        o Comm: (757) 322-2244 or DSN 262-2244
        o E-Mail:

     Incentives LCPO (Execution)
       o PSC Clark
       o Comm: (757) 322-2002 or DSN 262-2002
       o E-mail:

     CNRFC E-mail:
       o E-mail:


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