; The Prophetic Judgment of Washington_ DC
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The Prophetic Judgment of Washington_ DC


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									The Prophetic Judgment of Washington, D.C.
Scott Hofstee
September 3, 2001

So says the Lord of the Earth, this day. The judgment that I have foretold of through My
servants the prophets, is at the doorstep. The devastation, the mourning, the death and
destruction is at hand. To the nations of the Earth I say, the day of My fierce anger is
upon you, behold what I do. I will begin on the coasts of your lands, the gateways to
your nations with cataclysmic events, the like of which has yet to be witnessed by this
generation or any other. I AM coming to the seats of power with a message of
repentance the Earth has never heard before. I will use these final days prior to My
appearance to all, to press out the wine from the grape, to gather the wheat from earth
and separate and burn off the tares with unquenchable fire. The beginning of the days
of My final plea with mankind are at hand. The striving with the powerful and mighty,
who have thought higher of themselves than they should have, is here.

To the city of Washington D.C., I say, your might and power are about to ripped from
you like a home ripped off its foundation in a mighty wind. Your foundation is flawed,
your leaders are liars and thieves and lovers of power and recognition. Messages of
judgment have been sent and not heeded, now I come with devastation and
destruction. The principalities of darkness that have been kept in check will no longer
be restrained and will begin to unveil the most subtle evils and darkness the world has
ever known. Those who have not known Me will not be able to resist it. It will make
perfect sense to the carnal minded fools that have stored up treasures here on Earth
and left their accounts in My Kingdom empty and unattended to. The masses will flock
to the deceptions like moths to a flame, only to be burned and destroyed. To the
president of this country I say, you have fooled many with your unassuming charms
and easy going mannerisms but I see your heart and it is not toward My will. It is
toward yourself and your legacy, not My Kingdom. Your house is ordained for
destruction unless you fall on your face before Me and cry out as Abraham cried out in
intercession for Sodom and Gomorrah. Your ideas are vanity, your pride has ordained
you for a fall and I AM coming to bring it to you unless you repent. Your place and
position cannot be saved, your great city cannot be spared but your soul can saved as
though by fire, so says the Holy One of Israel. To the leaders of the governments of
this nation I say, when most of you read this, it will have already happened, the
destruction and demolition of your seats of power and authority will be gone and you
will know that all those crazy men and women whom I sent to you, were the sane
ones, the ones who had indeed heard My voice and had carried the burden of the Lord
to you. You will look upon these words and others and know that My heart was toward
you and that it wasn’t willing that any would perish but you in your pride and arrogance
could not receive instruction from these messengers. They didn’t look right, they didn’t
sound right, they didn’t go through the proper channels. You will mourn the day you
scorned these and you will know that I reached out to you many times before I brought
My perfect justice and government to you and your people. So says the Lord of the

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