The Prophetic Judgment of Those In Secret Societies by ProphecyFactory


									The Prophetic Judgment of Those In Secret Societies
Scott Hofstee
September 3, 2001

To all of you who dwell in the secret institutions of the earth, your punishment
will be the greater. You have brought about death and destruction every place you
have gone You have judged with a sour stomach. Your bitterness has known no
shame. You have poured scorn from a bitter cup and shown no mercy, so no
mercy will be shown to you. You have sown seeds of
darnel and that shall be you harvest, but there are many among you who know
Me because you have judged all you life, but your judgments were not from Me.
You judged to save Babylon. You have tried to make your world a better place
and forgot I created this world. You have tried to save the world and your own
world for the sake of vanity. You have no power to save nor to judge. Who shall
save you? Certainly not this world. Only I your God can save you. Tell the
fathers of your institutions that you are leaving this world. Separate yourselves
from this corruption and you shall be saved. I see My light in you, so separate
yourself from your worldly institutions and come back to the land of your Father.
Come dwell in My Spirit that I may love you and bring you home to Me. To you
who have clothed themselves in uniform, you are an army of Judas. Woe to you
sons of perdition. When did you see Me, your Lord, send guns and swords from
the sky. You think yourselves lords of the earth and that is all you are, you are
protectors of soil and weeds. You know nothing of My kingdom. Do you not
know it was I who created the earth, that you now think you own? I AM the
author of life not you. Woe to you who
give orders to the armies of the world, I will scorch the land you so long to own. I
AM God alone and who shall dare to stand against My angelic army. I AM about
to bring heaven down to you because it is My love. It is My plan and it is My will.
Woe to you soldiers of Judas. Why do you say thy will be done on earth as it is in
heaven and then do the will of the great serpent? Can you not see in My language
that it is I your God that speaks? Listen, I say to you, open your ears, I no longer
plead or warn you, I command you to listen. Separate yourselves from your
serpent, satan and return to Me. Only I your God can give you life. Do not
deceive yourselves or be deceived, you are in the army of the lost. I hear you say,
but they shall kill me? So where is your courage now? If you die, remember you
die for Me, no greater love has any man that he lays down his love for his friend. I
AM your friend and I AM your God.

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