September 14, 2009 - Pine Eagle School District by I0FVNFi


									                          PINE EAGLE SCHOOL DISTRICT #61
                              SCHOOL BOARD MEETING
                              September 14, 2009 AT 7:00 pm
                            PINE EAGLE SCHOOL LIBRARY

   Disposal of Richland Elementary Property Hearing @ 6:00 pm

Present: J. Minarich, Chair                       Audience: L. Bergeron, HCJ Reporter
D. Schmitt, G. Bunyard, M. Butler, C. Hearne,     C. Rouse, T. Brown, K. Young, M. Butler, A.
B. Johnson, B. Seal                               Butler, A. Butler, C. deCastro, S. Hanley
M. Corley, Superintendent
P. Hall-Brisk, Secretary

   1.  Call to Order and Patriotic Observance J. Minarich at 7:02 pm
   2.  Announce Tape Recording of Meeting
   3.  Introductions
   4.  Celebration of learning Cammie deCastro introduced herself and discussed her programs
       in SpEd and Federal Title Programs. She talked about using the inclusion model for SpEd
       and becoming a Schoolwide as opposed to Targeted Assistance Title school. She
       discussed the title staff trying the Push-in and Pull-out programs to see what will work
       best in our environment. She also pointed out that the emphasis for this year would be on
       writing skills which fits well with the district’s improvement plan. She described the RTI
       model where the student is assessed, given specific help, assessed again.
       J. Minarich added item iv. Under consent agenda High School Activity Coordinator
   – Chris deCastro and Item 9 Foreign Language under New Business
       a. Approval of Minutes
       b. Review Financial Report
       c. Change in Employee Status
            i. Jr. Hi football coach – Chris deCastro
           ii. Jr. Hi volleyball coach – Amanda McLean
          iii. Pre-school teacher – Kathy Peer
       D. Schmitt moved to accept the consent agenda. B. Seal 2nd. Vote unanimous except for
       J. Minarich who abstained as he was not at the last meeting.
   6. WELCOME GUESTS: 15 minutes for community testimony Mitch & Angie Butler
       signed up but will speak later under New Business item a.
   7. Correspondence – M. Corley read a letter from Perry Stokes of the Baker County Library
       District in support of the transfer of the RES building to NEOHA. Another letter from the
       Eagle Valley Rural Fire District stating their continued interest in obtaining the 1.5 acres
       m/l adjacent to RES signed by the EVRFD board of directors.
   8. Unfinished Business
      *a. Disposition of the Richland Elementary School Building J. Minarich recapped the
           happenings of the previous meeting for M. Butler who arrived late and stated that
       their desire was for PESD to be willing to transfer the school to NEOHA. J. Minarich
       suspended the item until later in the agenda.
   b. Charter School Report – M. Butler stated that it was going well and progress was
       being made. The conceptual model and an article will appear in this week’s paper. He
       feels they will be ready to submit for the application for an implementation grant by
       Oct. 31.
9. New Business
   *a Graduation Requirements Waiver Requests
        i. Technology – as keyboarding has not been taught since 2008 and M. Corley
           requests a waiver of this requirement for the graduating classes of 2010-2011 and
           allow it to be replaced by an elective. It is no longer a grad requirement for 2012
           and above. The state tech standards require tech competency by the end of 8th
          M. Butler moved to waive the technology requirement. B. Johnson 2nd. Vote:
       ii. Physical Science – M. Corley read a letter from Mitch & Angie Butler requesting
           a waiver for their daughter, Jamie who has progressed beyond what is scheduled
           during the math period so she would like to be able to enroll in HS Physical
           Science to satisfy that grad requirement. A. Butler represented that her daughter
           who has an open period be allowed to take a class that interests her. She is not
           asking for a waiver of the 26 credit requirement. M. Butler asked why Math &
           Language are allowed to go ahead but science is not. M. Corley explained that
           Math and Language Arts are sequential and built on knowledge garnered from
           previous classes. Jamie looked at the online offerings as was not interested. D.
           Schmitt asked what exactly was the request that she be allowed to take the class
           or that she get HS credit for taking this class. J. Minarich said that she would be
           able to take the class but not to meet HS requirements or 26 credits needed to be
           earned in HS. D. Schmitt stated that he feels that she has the option to take an
           online college class to meet the requirement that would also give college credit. J.
           Minarich stated that the policy was set so that kids would not be done with
           requirements and simply coast taking simple PE classes or something less. M.
           Corley framed the issue as we allow students to excel and move ahead in anything
           in HS and take dual credit college classes as soon as they wish but don’t allow
           students further down to go ahead. Angie said that M. Corley had told her that
           Jamie could not take the class. J. Minarich stated that a waiver could be granted to
           allow Jamie to take the class for 8th grade credit and to meet a unit of science grad
           requirement but not an HS credit. B. Seal moved to allow Jamie to take the
           Physical Science class. D. Schmitt 2nd. Vote: unanimous.
      iii. Foreign language – M. Corley read a letter from B. Morgan requesting a waiver
           of the 2nd year of foreign language for a transfer student Mariah Huff who would
           not be able to meet the requirement and graduate with her class this year. B. Seal
           moved to waive the requirement. C. Hearne 2nd. Vote: unanimous
   b. Policy IKFB - Graduation Requirement Policy discussion M. Corley asked for
       direction as he would be developing policy suggestions. 7th grade needs to be added.
   c. Mental Health Counselor – School Nurse
      M. Corley stated that we are anticipating H1N1. The school nurse costs about $4,500 per
         year and the mental health counselor costs about $10,000. We have paid for that with
         Medicaid claiming funds and have a balance of about $17,000. The question is
         whether we want to expand the services of the school nurse in lieu of a mental health
         counselor as we have used Mountain Valley Mental Health for crisis counseling in
         the past. B. Johnson asked if we couldn’t wait until we find out if the additional nurse
         time is needed. S. Hanley stated that she had children who had been helped greatly by
         our counselor before they reached crisis stage. C. Hearne stated that she was in
         support of a regular mental health counselor and that we could save money by dealing
         with a local provider. B. Johnson feels that it is important to have someone regularly
         available. We can’t risk one kid. D. Schmitt feels it needs to be on a regular basis to
         build trust and relationships. The direction is to find someone local to fill this need.
      d. Appoint budget committee members – B. Seal appointed J. Young, D. Schmitt
         appointed D. Mader,
  10. Administrators Report
       Interdistrict transfers – we do not have a policy
       House update on repairs. The tub leaks, the sink is trashed. Roof leaks on the new
       UBESD Meeting in LaGrande on Oct 6 for all board of directors of component school
       Oct. 12 Mike Sowder to attend our meeting
       Energy Audit will commit district to $5,000 of energy upgrades next year.
  11 Petitions and Requests
  12. Suggestions for Future Agenda Items – grad requirements, inter-district transfer

   RECESS INTO EXEC SESSION AT 9:09 PM conduct deliberations with person(s)
   designated by the governing body to carry on labor negotiations under ORS 192.660(2)(d)
   and to meet with legal counsel to discuss real estate transactions under ORS 192.660(1)(h)
   and ORS 192.660(1)(e)

   Reconvene at 9:52 pm

   D. Schmitt resolved that the PESD board of directors was supportive of the proposals from
   NEOHA and EVRFD in generality for use of the RES property, and agrees to convey the
   Richland School Property to them subject to an acceptable agreement between the parties
   involved. 2nd M. Butler Vote: unanimous

  13. Adjournment at 10:09 pm

*Board Action

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 Superintendent                                      Board Chair

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