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					                      Society of Toxicology
                   Southern California Chapter
July, 2008
2008-2009 Officers
President                         President’s Message
Husam Younis                      (Submitted by Husam Younis)
Pfizer Inc
Vice President                    The Southern California Chapter of
Michelle Horner                   the Society of Toxicology (SCCSOT)
Amgen Inc                         has had another great year. SCCSOT
Vice President-Elect              is the only dues free regional chapter
Robert Dunn                       and has successfully maintained this
Amgen Inc                         status since 2000. The chapter                  represents a diverse membership
Secretary                         from academia, biotechnology, the
Anthony M. Ndifor
Johnson & Johnson Inc             pharmaceutical       industry,     and               regulatory bodies, among others, to
Treasurer                         promote and support the discipline of
Tina Leakakos                     toxicology in Southern California.
Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Councilor                         I would like to welcome three new
Gregory J. Stevens                members to the SCCSOT council.
Pfizer Inc                        Robert Dunn will serve as Vice-
Councilor                         President Elect and Jacob Jabbour
Jacob Jabbour                     and Andrew Seacat have joined the
Neurocrine                        chapter as councilors. I appreciate           their commitment to the chapter and
                                  look forward to their participation.
Andrew Seacat
Allergan Inc                      Thanks Robert, Jacob and Andrew        for joining our council. I also want to
Councilor/Past President          thank the rest of the council members
Hisham K. Hamadeh                 for all their efforts in supporting the
Amgen Inc                chapter’s goals and mission over the
Student Representative            year(s). Special thanks are extended
Sudheer Beedanagari               to our fearless Past-President,
UCLA                              Hisham Hamadeh, for his unrelenting
www Liasion                       engagement and dedication to the
Brian H Mathison                  chapter.     He     has    significantly                  contributed to the chapter’s success.
K-12 Liaison
Diana Johnson
2007 Annual SCCSOT Meeting               Third Place ($100): Ilona Bebenek.
The 2007 SCCSOT Annual Meeting           Exploring the Link between HIF-1
was held October 26th, 2007, at          and Radioprotection. IG Bebenek,
Amgen Inc., in Thousand Oaks, CA.        WH McBride and O. Hankinson.
The       meeting’s     theme     was    Molecular Toxicology Program,
Contribution      of     Physiological   University of California, Los
Differences to Different Toxicity
Outcomes Across Species. Despite         2008     Annual      SOT      Meeting
the wild fires that plagued our region   Highlights
and limited participation of San         A joint reception between SCCSOT
Diego members, more than 80              and the Mountain West Chapter was
participants attended. This is a         held on March 16, 2008 during the
testament to the quality of the          Annual SOT meeting in Seattle, WA.
scientific meeting.                      It was held at a cozy venue. The
                                         reception was well attended and
Awards      were     presented    for    members of both chapters in
outstanding       student      poster    attendance had a great opportunity to
presentations at the meeting. There      get to know each other. We look
were 10 student posters with             forward to future joint functions with
participants representing UCLA, UC       other regional chapters.
Irvine, and UC Riverside.
                                         2008 Greater San Diego Science
First   Place    ($500):      Sudheer    and Engineering Fair
Beedanagari.    Characterization of      SCCSOT coordinated judging by
TCDD-Induced                  Histone    local toxicologists at this annual
Modifications      to    Study    the    event on April 2, 2008, as part of the
Differential Regulation of the Human     K-12 SOT Outreach Program. A
CYP1A1 and CYP1B1 Genes.                 special thanks to Diana Johnson (K-
Sudheer Beedanagari, Robert Taylor       12 Liason), Brad Hirakawa, and
and Oliver Hankinson. Molecular          Husam Younis for serving as judges
Toxicology Program, University of        at this event. We were all impressed
California, Los Angeles                  with the quality of the science by
                                         these local high school students.
Second Place ($250):         Yvonne      SCCSOT awarded a $100 prize to
Hoang.           Follicle–Stimulating    Alex Santillan (Effect of Caffeine on
Hormone      Increases    Glutathione    the      Fertilization    Rate      of
Synthesis in Primary Rat Granulosa       Strongylocentrotus purpuratus) and
Cells: Involvement of cAMP/PKA           Mirriam Baterina (Effect of Copper
Pathway. Yvonne Hoang and Ulrike         Contamination on Eisenia fetida
Luderer. Depts. of Medicine and          Redworms).
Develoopmental and Cell Biology,
University of California,
Upcoming Events                                A Mounting Concern for Novel
                                               Therapeutics. Please see the attached
2008 Annual SCCSOT Meeting                     meeting agenda and call for abstracts.
The SCCSOT is organizing a very                In    addition    to    the     poster
exciting annual meeting for the fall           presentations, we will also include
on October 2, 2008, at the UCSD                student/Post-Doc oral presentations at
Faculty Club in San Diego, CA. The             the 2008 annual meeting. I look
title of the meeting is Cardiotoxicity:        forward to seeing you there.
                              SCCSOT Annual Meeting

                     A Mounting Concern for Novel Therapeutics

                                  October 2, 2008
                                 UCSD Faculty Club
                             9300 Gilman Drive MC0121
                                San Diego, CA 92903

 Time           Activity                                       Speaker
 8-9            Registration/Breakfast
 9-9:15         Introduction & Welcome                         Husam Younis,
                                                               President SCCSOT
 9:15-11:45     Session 1: Cardiotoxicity of Novel
 9:15-10:15     Translational Ideas to Curb Side Effects in    Ariel Fernandez,
                Anticancer Kinase-Targeting Therapy:           Rice University
                Reducing Cardiotoxicity Through Inhibitor
 10:15-11       Cardiotoxicity Associated With Tyrosine        Bart Jessen, Pfizer
                Kinase Inhibitors                              Inc.
 11-11:45       Pre-clinical and Clinical Cardiovascular       Eileen Blasi, Pfizer
                Effects of the CEPT-inhibitor Torcetrapib      Inc.
 12-1:30        Lunch
 1:30-3:45      Session 2: Safety Testing for Cardiotoxicity
 1:30-2:15      QT Prolongation: A Look Beyond the             Aida Sacaan,
                hERG Channel.                                  Neurocrine Inc.
 2:15-3         Transcriptomics to Aid Evaluation and          Greg Falls, GSK
                Prediction of Compound-Induced
 3-3:45         TBD                                            Hugo Vargas,
                                                               Amgen Inc.
 3:45-4         Break
 4-4:45         Session 3: Student/Post Doc presentation
 4-4:15         Student/Post Doc presentation                  TBD
 4:15-4:30      Student/Post Doc presentation                  TBD
 4:30-4:45      Student/Post Doc presentation                  TBD
 4:45-6:30      Reception/poster session
 6:30           Student/Post Doc presentation and poster       Hisham Hamadeh,
                award announcements                            SCCSOT Past-

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