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                                                    REGULAR MEETING
                                                     February 9, 2011
                                        Mendocino Works Employment Resource Center
                                        Mendocino Room, 631 S. Orchard Avenue, Ukiah

Members Present & Absent (A):
Lian Adams (A)         Candy De Los Santos                                Lee Kraemer                           Scott Schneider (A)
Don Ballek             Dottie Deerwester (A)                              Brooks Lockhart                       Camille Schraeder (A)
Emilia Bartolomeu      Brock Falkenberg                                   Kristine McKee                        Sandy Stolich (A)
Glenna Blake           Cathy Frey                                         Steve O’Mara (A)                      Scott Taylor (A)
Patty Bruder           Susan Goff                                         Pamela Patterson                      Ernie Waugh
Jack Buckhorn (A)      Pamela Jo Jensen                                   Fred Pepper (A)                       Wes Winter (A)
Teri Cirillo (A)       Bob Jordan                                         John Pinches

Guests Present: Steve Dunnicliff – Mendocino County Executive Office; Gabriel Garcia – Employment Development
Department Workforce Investment Division; Kay Nord – Employment Development Department, Tammy Gildea –
Employment Development Department, John Ulvila – MPIC, Boris Scherbakov – Alliance for Rural Community Health
Staff Present: Debb Donelson, Lenord Swope, Julie Soinila

 1. Review and approve agenda
    Moved/Seconded/Passed: approve Agenda.
  2. Approve meeting minutes of October 13, 2010 –
     Moved/Seconded/Passed: approve Minutes of October 13, 2010.
  3. Opportunity for public comment –
  4. Consent Calendar – General (Meeting of November 10, 2010): (Note: Due to the lack of a quorum at the November 10, 2010 meeting, the
       Consent Calendar items were not approved. Please refer to your November 10th WIB packet for copies of these previously distributed items.)
      a. Receive Minutes: Executive Committee Minutes of October 13, 2010; Partnership Council Minutes of September 9, 2010
      b. Approve applications for reappointment to the WIB as follows:
          Emilia Bartolomeu, EDD (Delegate providing mandatory representation on the WIB under the Wagner-Peyser Act);
          Patty Bruder, Vice President , Strong Mountain Inc. (Representing Business); and
          Teri Cirillo, Fetzer Vineyards (Representing Business)
      c. Approve WIA Administrative Unit Monthly Expenses September 2010
      Moved/Seconded/Passed: approve Consent Calendar – General, from the meeting of October 13, 2010.
 5. Consent Calendar – MPIC Related (Meeting of November 10, 2010):
    a. Approve MPIC monthly expenses for September 2010.
    b. Approve breakout of MPIC Professional Services expenses for September 2010.
    c. Approve extension of MPIC One-Stop Operator contract through June 30, 2011.
    Moved/Seconded/Passed: approve Consent Calendar – MPIC related from the Meeting of Oct. 13, 2010.
    Motion passed with Candy De Los Santos, Pamela Jo Jensen and Patty Bruder abstaining.

 6. Consent Calendar – General
     a. Receive Minutes: Executive Committee Minutes of November 10, 2010, December 8, 2010, and January 12, 2011; Youth
        Council Minutes of December 13, 2010; Partnership Council Minutes of January 13, 2011.
     b. Receive correspondence from Jessie Mar, Compliance Review Office: Draft Fiscal Monitoring Report, PY2009/10.

WIB Minutes – 02/09/11

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      c. Approve Extension of RFP timeline to January 14, 2011 (that date becoming the deadline for receipt of proposals).
      d. Approve Youth Council Application received from Michaela Barlow; Tami Mee, Mary Tindall, Ernie Waugh and
         Josephine Loomis.
      e. Approve WIB Letter of Support for MendoREV Project.
      f. Approve WIA Administrative Unit Monthly Expenses: October 2010 through December 2010.
      g. Approve Policy #35, Incumbent Worker Training Policy.
      Motion/Seconded/Passed – Approve Consent Calendar General.
 7. Consent Calendar – MPIC Related:
    a). Approve MPIC Monthly Expenses:
        October through December 2010.
        Breakout of Professional Services line item for October through December 2010.
    b. Approval of amendment to 10-125A, Multi-Close Contract with MPIC through June 30, 2011.
    c. Approve MPIC amended 12 month budget..
    Motion/Seconded/Passed – Approve Consent Calendar MPIC Related with Candy De Los Santos, Pamela Jo Jensen
    and Patty Bruder abstaining.

 8. Special Presentation: Health Care Reform - Boris Scherbakov – Cathy Frey advised she also sits on the Statewide Health
     Profession’s Workforce Task Force which is examining shortages within the spectrum of all health care professions and
     expectations for the future as our healthcare industry continues to grow. She introduced Boris Scherbakov, ARCH Healthcare
     Reform Specialist, noting that Boris has been providing presentations on health care reform to various groups throughout the
     County. Cathy reported health professions in the workforce will be a growing sector thru 2014 and beyond and she stressed
     the importance of supporting this growth sector through the private sector, community colleges, healthcare professions and
     healthcare training. Copies of the slides from the PowerPoint presentation were distributed. Boris explained he would be
     providing a general overview of Health Care Reform (known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or ACA) and
     prefaced his presentation with the following quote by the Senior BT of policy and research for the National Association of
     Community Healthcare Centers Legislative Committee: “America has finally joined the League of Nations that guarantees its
     people access to affordable healthcare as a birth right”. Highlights of the presentation and discussion, included the following:
      Pros and Cons: Questions and discussion arose on the pros and cons of health care reform, the goals it seeks to
          accomplish, its sustainability, and controversy surrounding the ramifications and impact of the bill.
      Mandatory Insurance Coverage: The fact Healthcare Reform will become mandatory in 2014 is possibly the most
          contentious aspect of the bill. It was noted that 20 States are currently challenging the constitutionality of the reform.
          Conversely, several other States have already recognized its constitutionality.
      Health care exchanges and subsidies and who will pay for the subsidies were discussed.
      Supply and Demand: Mendocino County has difficulty attracting new and younger physicians who are willing to move
          here (and stay). Older physicians come here to work because they view this County as an attractive area in which to
          retire, only to work a few more years prior to retiring. Younger doctors cite the lack of an airport, Macy’s, affordable
          housing and employment opportunities for their spouses (i.e., jobs that pay more than slightly above minimum wage).
      More questions than answers and making “the shift”: While it was acknowledged the new law fails to address many
          questions and concerns, it was noted it was attempting at least, to create a paradigm shift that will include a redesign of a
          delivery system for providing heath care. This shift anticipates a reduction in the cost of healthcare through the
          implementation of sensible, cost-saving measures and by being more proactive. Examples included the use of more
          nurse practitioners and life/health coaches to address health-related issues such as chronic illnesses, wellness programs
          and preventative care. (It was noted this has absolutely nothing to do with the elimination of physicians).
      The sustainability factor: The theory behind the ability to offer affordable (and sustainable) insurance is similar to the
          concept of Social Security, i.e., young people contribute to the health insurance pool by purchasing insurance when they
          are young and healthy (with fewer medical issues), with the understanding that when they are older, the coverage will be
          there to depend upon when they need it most. Basically, each generation paves the way for the next.
      The “Three Pillars of Reform”: Insurance Expansion, Insurance Coverage Reform and Health Care Delivery Reform.
          Boris reviewed the five main goals of ACA and discussed the “Three Pillars”.

           In concluding the presentation, Boris acknowledged that while there are ongoing concerns and controversy surrounding
           the new law, this was at least, the beginning of an effort to ensure that all Americans will have access to affordable health

WIB Minutes – 02/09/11

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           care. The law is not “perfect” and amendments are expected along the way. Cathy noted that while this is all happening
           on the national front, much remains to be implemented by individual states. She noted California has already passed
           laws to implement the new legislation but due to the current financial crises, much of what we hope to see may not come
           to fruition until California attains some financial stability. The final screen of the PowerPoint presentation provided links to
           various resources for information on Health Care Reform. Boris was thanked for his presentation on the subject.

  9. RFP ad/hoc Committee Update – Debra Donelson reported the RFP schedule is on track with the scoring taking place
      tomorrow. The scoring will be conducted by outside entities consisting of two of her peers and the Interim Assistant Director
      of HHSA, Susan Era. Notification of the award is intended to be announced on April 1, 2011. The results of the scoring will
      be shared with the Executive Committee on March 9, 2011 and the resulting contract will be effective

 10. One-Stop Consortia Update – Debra Donelson reported the transition to the Consortia Model (becoming effective on July 1,
      2011) is progressing. Initial planning meetings are taking place between representatives of the three entities who will
      comprise the consortia (the Employment Development Department, West Company/SBDC and Mendocino College). She
      noted this is a well-rounded group representing Wagner/Peyser and unemployment insurance, economic development,
      education and training. However, with WIA law requiring that a consortia be comprised of a minimum of three workforce
      partners and in the event one of the three should ever have a need to pull out, Debb advised she would like to include at least
      one more and she welcomed feedback from the group. So at present, there are three members of the consortia with a plan to
      include a fourth as extra assurance we will remain compliant.
 11. Update on status of joint WIB/BOS meeting – Debra Donelson reported a change in the format for our annual dialog
      between the WIB and the BOS. The BOS has decided that in lieu of the joint annual meetings, the WIB (via staff or WIB
      members or a combination) will provide quarterly written reports to the BOS. Debb advised she feels this will ensure the BOS
      receives more information, more often. With regard to any special updates or matters of urgency that may arise, the WIB can
      always submit a request to be included on the BOS agenda.

 12. New members read Affiliations/Conflicts of Interest into the record – New members were asked to read their affiliations
      and/or conflicts of interest into the record as id required.
       Brock Falkenberg, Mendocino County of Education / ROP programs – Brock reported being the Executive Director of
          the Mendocino County Regional Occupation Program (ROP) and the Lake County Regional Occupation Program.
       Ernie Waugh, Department of Rehabilitation – Ernie reported his affiliation with MCOE/ SELPA through a shared
          DOR/SELPA program. He also noted Mayacama Industries is a DOR vendor.

 13. Adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

Submitted by: Julie Soinila                                                            Approved: April 13, 2011

WIB Minutes – 02/09/11


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