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									             Elementary and Bilingual Education
             P.O. Box 6868, Fullerton, CA 92834-6868   / T 657-278-4736   / F 657-278-5133

                Insert Date

                Dear Office Manager and Master Teacher:

                This letter is to inform you that California State University Fullerton has
                one or more student teachers placed at your school. For our records, we
                need to gather the following basic information about each class a student
                teacher has been placed in:
                    Number of EL students
                    Number of GATE students
                    Number of RSP students

                In addition, during the five or eight weeks of student teaching, our
                students are required to attend the following school functions, if possible:
                     An IEP or SST meeting
                     Parent conferences
                     Back to School night
                     Open House

               Any assistance you can provide in gathering this information and facilitating
               our students’ attendance at these school events would be much
               appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact the university
               supervisor who has been assigned to the students. Thank you in advance
               for your time and cooperation. California State University Fullerton
               appreciates the relationship we have with you.

               Dr. Teresa Crawford
               Multiple Subject Program Coordinator

               Insert your name and contact information

Updated 6/11/2009

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