CLAIRE HODGKINS is an internationally respected violinist, teacher by 66pgoq


									CLAIRE HODGKINS is an internationally respected violinist, teacher, and
longtime associate of Jascha Heifetz. Miss Hodgkins prepared his Master Class students
at the University of Southern California, and played Chamber Music with Heifetz,
Piatagorsky, Brooks Smith, Leonard Pennario and others for many years.

She founded Chanterelle Music Festivals which are dedicated to the memory of Jascha
Heifetz, his love of teaching, and passion for Chamber Music. With festivals in Vienna,
Switzerland, and California from 1983 to present, musicians from students to
professionals and teachers play Chamber Music, study and perform concerts in inspiring

Miss Hodgkins has been on the faculty of five Southern California Universities. Her
Chamber orchestras have toured extensively throughout the West Coast and in 1980 the
Loma Linda University Chamber Orchestra toured Scandinavia on quite a similar tour as
Boris Sirpo and his “Little Chamber Orchestra” played in 1955 and 1957.

Miss Hodgkins, a student of Boris Sirpo, was Concertmaster of the Portland Chamber
Orchestra and the “Little Orchestra” from 1946-1960. Her violin studies began at the age
of four with James Eoff. At nine she studied with Eduard Hurlimann, Concertmaster of
the Portland Symphony. In 1961 she was accepted into Jascha Heifetz’ Master Class at
the University of Southern California.

She has performed in recitals and with orchestras in all the major European and
Scandinavian countries with reviews praising her brilliant technique and personal charm.
“…superb technique and a remarkable variety of tonal hues and timbres.”

                     “…Mastery, skill, elegance -“
                          -LA LANTERNE, Brussels

            “…Her magnificent playing had color and life.”
                    -FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU, Frankfurt

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