Joanne Smets by eYV9Eq


									                          Joanne Smets
                                 310.869.1723        employment
                                                     Freelance Web Designer
                                   education         May 2004
            BS Degree in Applied Art and Design      Designed and built
                 Concentration in Graphic Design
          California Polytechnic State University,   Capitol Records
                    San Luis Obispo, March 1999      Freelance Web Designer
                                      Cum Laude      Feb 2004
                                                     Designed and built
                                            urls     for original site design concept)
                     Goldhil Media Entertainment
                          Contracted Print Designer            November 2003-Jan 2004
           Designed DVD packaging/menus and advertisements
                Sony Music
                        Freelance Web Designer
                           August 2003
                                                     Designed and built
                                                     (archived at

                                    originals        Sony Music
                                                     Staff Web Designer
                     Illustration for Pearl Jam:
                                                     September 1999-March 2003 (entire Video section)
                                                     Designed and programmed complex websites
                                                     Concentration in Flash animation and advanced HTML coding
                     Photography for Incubus:
           Morning View - cover & tray images
                                                     Maverick Records
                  Wish You Were Here - cover
                                                     Freelance Web Designer
       The Morning View Sessions - DVD cover
                                                     September 2001-2002
             Morning View - re-issue slip cover
                                                     Designed and programmed websites/various types of animated
      When Incubus Attacks, Vol. 2 - DVD menu
                                                     advertisements for Alanis Morrissette, Stage, Meshell Ndegeocello,
         Numerous images on Incubus website
                                                     Wil Seabrook, Home Town Hero, Paul Oakenfold,
                                                     and Soul Hooligan
                Photography for Onelinedrawing:
                        Sketchy E.P. #1 – cover
                                                     Interscope Records
                                                     Freelance Web Designer
                                                     April 2000, September 2002
                                          skills     Designed and built (now offline)
                                  Advanced HTML      Comped up site design for Trail of Dead
                                  Basic JavaScript
    Cross-browser and platform site optimization     Priority Records
   Experienced with database driven middleware       Freelance Web Designer
     Extensive site architecture and organization    March 2000
              Proficient on Mac and PC platforms     Designed and built (now offline)
                                Macromedia Flash     (archived at
                                 Adobe Photoshop
                                 Adobe Illustrator   Autologic Information International
                                     QuarkXPress     GUI (Graphic User Interface) Designer
                        Allaire HomeSite | BBEdit    June 1998-May 1999
                               Adobe After Effects   Designed browser-based intranet interfaces
        Image optimization | Adobe ImageReady        for Autologic software
             Audio/video capturing and encoding
                                    SoundEdit 16
                         Adobe Premiere | iMovie
                       Macromedia Dreamweaver
                              Macromedia Director

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