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									The Legislature

               POSC 140
    Introduction to CA Governments
State Legislature

• If you drove your car today, what
  documents or licenses were you required to
  carry? Why?
• What else did you need to do? Why?
• State Laws greatly impact even the simple
  act of driving
• If you study law, this is what you will study
State Capitol

                • Where is it?
                • Sacramento (middle of
                  the state)
                • Why?
                • Easier Transportation
                • Why does it look like
                • Important work goes
                  on here

•   80 Seats
•   Smaller Districts
•   2 Year Terms
•   Rough-and-tumble
•   led by Assembly
•   40 seats
•   Larger Districts
•   4 Year terms
•   More Independence
•   More Prestige
•   More Deliberative
•   led by President pro tem
•   Until 1960s, elected by
    county (gave more power
    to Northern CA)
Make Laws

• Why 2 Houses?
• 4,000 - 5,000 bills introduced each two-year
  session but most die before are passed
• Must be introduced at beginning of session
• Introduce “placers” that are filled later
• Very complex and even chaotic\
• Most work is done in Committees
CA Legislature History

Mid 1800s: Controlled by the Southern
  Pacific Railroad (SPR)
Early 1900s: Progressivism
• Led by Hiram Johnson
• Turned power to the people and weakened
  the power of legislature (and SPR)
Mid 1900s: Amateur Legislature
Proposition 140

•   1966: Professional Legislature (Jesse Unruh)
•   Necessary to meet California’s Demands
•   1990: Prop 140 Term Limits
•   three 2-year terms in Assembly
•   two 4-year terms in Senate
•   Advantages of Professional Model?
•   Why Term Limits?
•   Voter frustration and cynicism
Consequences of Prop 140

•   Ad hoc-racy? Can’t vote for who you want
•   Less experience, who will pick up the slack?
•   Staff and Lobbyists (are not elected)
•   Legislators more worried about next office
•   Less cohesion as legislators worry about
    running against each other in the future

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