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									                                                        Brentwood Union School District
                                                          Student Profile of Progress
                                                                            Second Grade

Dear Parents,
The purpose of this Student Profile of Progress is to provide information that will help
you to understand your child’s academic progress toward grade level academic
standards, and his/her behavior and work habits.
Academic standards have been established for each grade level in the Brentwood
Union School District, and reflect the standards established for California students by
the State Department of Education. A copy of these Student Standards for your
child’s grade level was given to each parent at Back to School Night or at registration.
Additional copies are available at your school office. Critical benchmarks for your
child’s grade level are listed on the back of this Profile of Progress for your reference.

  Proficient =          Your child is achieving the grade level standards and consistently showing
                       of the concepts, processes, and skills for the grade level

  Non-Proficient =             Your child has been introduced to the grade level standards, but is having
                              understanding the key concepts, processes, and skills for the grade level

  NA =         Not Assessed at this Time
               (Shaded boxes also indicate items were not assessed at this time)

    *     = Reflects Progress toward IEP goals
                                         Language Arts                                                               Mathematics
Second grade students focus on increasing facility with reading                           By the end of grade two, students understand place value and
and writing larger and more complex text, applying knowledge to                           number relationships in addition and subtraction, and use
decode unfamiliar words and increasing sight vocabulary                                   simple concepts of multiplication. They measure quantities
                                                                                          with appropriate units. They classify shapes and see
                                                                                          relationships among them by paying attention to geometric
                                                                                          attributes. They collect and analyze data and verify answers.

                       Standard 1: Word Analysis, Fluency,                                Standard 1: Number Sense
                                      Systematic Vocabulary Development                    Students understand numbers and place value in whole numbers up to
                       Students understand the basic features of reading and apply         1,000, solve problems involving addition and subtraction, multiplication
                       them to achieve fluent oral and silent reading.                     and division, and understand fractions.
                                                                                          Students make decisions about how to set up a problem, solve problems, and
                          Recognize and use knowledge of spelling patterns: Long                their reasoning.
                                                                                          justifyCount, read, and write numbers to 1,000 and identify place value
                           vowels, Vowel Combinations, Consonant Clusters,                       for each digit
                           Consonant Variants                                                 Decide how to approach a problem and what materials to use
                           Use context and picture clues to decode unfamiliar words         Compare and sequence numbers to 1,000, use symbols (>
                                                                                               Explain how s/he solved a problem
                            in story                                                      Find correct answers and know if the answer makes sense

                       Standard 2: Reading Comprehension
                       Students read and understand grade-level-appropriate material.          Understand and use Inverse Property of Addition and Subtraction
                       They draw upon a variety of comprehension strategies.                   Add or subtract two numbers up to 3 digits long
                           Restate facts and details in text to clarify and organize         Use repeated addition, arrays, counting by multiples to do
                            ideas                                                              multiplication
                                                                                               Use objects to understand concept of division
                       Standard 3: Literary Response and Analysis
                       Students read and respond to a wide variety of significant works        Commit to memory the multiplication tables of 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s
                       of children’s literature and distinguish between the structural
                                                                                                Recognize, name, and compare unit fractions
                       features of text.
                                                                                          Standard 2: Algebra and Functions or set
                                                                                              Recognize fractions as part of a whole
                           Students respond to stories, compare and contrast             Students model, represent, and interpret number relationships to
                            elements, generate new endings                                    Solve problems using combinations of coins
                                                                                          create and solve problems involving addition and subtraction.
                                                                                              Know and use decimals in money notation
                                                                                               Use Commutative and Associative Properties to simplify mental
                       Standard 4: Writing Strategies
                                                                                               calculations and check results
                       Students write clear and coherent sentences and paragraphs
                       that develop a central idea. Writing shows consideration of
                       audience and purpose.                                              Standard 3: Measurement and Geometry
                                                                                          Students understand that measurement uses units of measurement
                           Group related ideas and maintain a consistent focus
                                                                                          and identify attributes of common shapes and objects.

                       Standard 5: Writing Applications                                        Measure length of objects to nearest inch and/or centimeter

                                             (Genres and their Characteristics)
                                                                                               Identify, describe, and draw 2- and 3-dimensional shapes
                       Students write compositions that describe and explain familiar
                       objects, events, and experiences.                                       Put shapes together and take apart to form other shapes
                           Students write in narrative form using good sequence and
                            description                                                   Standard 4: Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability
                                                                                          Students collect numerical data and record, organize, display, and
                                                                                          interpret on graphs. They understand and describe number patterns.
                       Standard 6: Written and Oral English
                                              Language Conventions                             Represent same data in more than one way
                       Students write and speak with a command of standard English
                       conventions appropriate to this grade level.                            Ask and answer simple questions about graphs

                       Standard 7: Listening and Speaking Strategies
                       Students listen critically and respond appropriately.              Standard 5: Mathematical Reasoning
                       Speaking guides the listener to important ideas.                   Students make decisions about setting up a problem, solve problems
Listening & Speaking

                                                                                          and justify reasoning, and note connections between problems.
                           Give and follow 3- and 4-step oral directions
                                                                                               Decide how to approach a problem and what materials to use

                       Standard 8: Speaking Applications                                       Find correct answers
                                           (Genres and their Characteristics)
                       Students deliver brief oral presentations about familiar
                       experiences organized around a coherent idea.

                           Speak clearly
                           Retell experiences, stories using good sequence and

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