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					Questions and Answers for Parents and Guardians
What is the CAHSEE?                                    The writing section covers:                         not need to pass both parts of the CAHSEE
State law, enacted in 1999, authorized the             • Writing strategies                                during the same administration in order to
development of the California High School Exit         • Writing applications                              satisfy the CAHSEE requirement. Students
                                                                                                           who do not pass one or both parts of the
Examination (CAHSEE), which students would             • Writing conventions
have to pass in order to earn a high school                                                                CAHSEE in grade ten will have additional
                                                       The other part of the CAHSEE addresses state        opportunities in grade eleven and yet again
diploma.                                               mathematics content standards in grades six         in grade twelve, if needed.
                                                       and seven and Algebra I, including the following:
All California public school students must satisfy
                                                       • Statistics, data analysis, and probability        When do parents and guardians receive
the CAHSEE requirement, as well as all other
state and local requirements, in order to receive      • Number sense                                      their student’s results?
a high school diploma. The CAHSEE                      • Measurement and geometry                          About eight weeks after each CAHSEE
requirement can be satisfied by passing the            • Algebra and functions                             administration, school districts will receive
exam or, for students with disabilities, receiving a   • Mathematical reasoning                            two copies of the CAHSEE Student and
local waiver pursuant to Education Code Section        • Algebra I                                         Parent Report for each student who took
60851(c), or receiving an exemption pursuant to        Students must demonstrate computational skills      the exam. The school district will distribute
Education Code Section 60852.3.                        and a foundation in arithmetic, including working   one copy to the student’s parents or
                                                       with decimals, fractions, and percentages.          guardians and place the other copy in the
The purpose of the CAHSEE is to improve                                                                    student’s permanent record.
student achievement in high school and help            What kinds of questions are on the
ensure that students who graduate from high            CAHSEE?                                             Does passing the CAHSEE guarantee
school can demonstrate grade-level                                                                         that a student will receive a high school
                                                       The English-language arts part of the CAHSEE
competency in reading, writing, and                                                                        diploma?
                                                       consists of multiple-choice questions and a
mathematics.                                                                                               No. Passing the CAHSEE is just one
                                                       writing task. The mathematics part consists of
                                                       all multiple-choice questions. Exam questions       requirement for graduating from high
What subjects does the CAHSEE cover?                                                                       school. Students also must meet all other
                                                       are given only in English.
The CAHSEE is divided into two parts: English-                                                             state and local requirements to receive a
language arts and mathematics. One part of the         When is the CAHSEE administered?                    diploma.
CAHSEE addresses state English-language arts
                                                       The CAHSEE is administered at the school site
content standards through grade ten, including                                                             How can parents and guardians help
                                                       during regular school hours on the dates chosen
reading and writing.                                                                                       their students prepare for the CAHSEE?
                                                       by your school district. The English-language
                                                       arts part is administered on the first day of       The best academic preparation for the
The reading section covers:                                                                                CAHSEE is good instruction. Parents and
                                                       testing and the mathematics part on the second
• Vocabulary                                           day of testing. All students must take the          guardians should talk with their student’s
• Informational reading                                CAHSEE for the first time in grade ten.             teacher or principal to learn more about
• Literary reading                                                                                         the state academic content standards in
                                                       A scale score of 350 or higher is required on       English-language arts and mathematics
                                                       each part of the CAHSEE to pass. Students do        being taught at Burton.
Parents and guardians whose student needs                            student’s IEP or Section 504 plan for use on the
extra instruction to pass the CAHSEE should                          CAHSEE, standardized testing, or for use during
make sure he or she is enrolled in additional                        classroom instruction and assessments. Students who
learning opportunities provided by the school.                       use an accommodation and earn a score of 350 or
                                                                                                                                   Phillip and Sala Burton
The California Department of Education has
                                                                     higher have passed that part of the CAHSEE. Students          Academic High School
posted released CAHSEE test questions and                            who use a modification and earn the equivalent of a                400 Mansell St., San Francisco CA 94134
CAHSEE study guides on its Web site at                               passing score on one or both parts of the CAHSEE have
http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/hs/resources.asp.                        not passed. Eligible students with disabilities, who wish
                                                                     to meet the CAHSEE requirement by passing the
What is done to assist students with                                 examination and have earned the equivalent of a
disabilities when taking the CAHSEE?                                 passing score while taking the CAHSEE with a
Eligible students with disabilities are exempt from the              modification, may choose to apply for a local waiver of          California High
requirement to pass the CAHSEE as a condition of                     the CAHSEE requirement from their local school board.
graduation from high school (California Education Code               (Although the local waiver option is still in effect, the         School Exit
[EC] Section 60852.3). An eligible student, as defined in            exemption under EC Section 60852.3 eliminates the

How long will the exemption last?
                                                                     need for the local waiver for students who are eligible for       Examination
                                                                     the exemption.)
EC Section 60852.3 states that this exemption shall last until the
California State Board of Education (SBE) makes a                    What is done to assist English learners
determination that alternative means are not feasible or that        when taking the CAHSEE?
alternative means are implemented. On July 13, 2010, the SBE         English learners must be permitted to take the                        Information for
determined that alternative means to the CAHSEE for eligible         CAHSEE with certain test variations if used
students with disabilities are feasible and requested that the       regularly in the classroom. For example, if
                                                                                                                                       Parents and Guardians
implementation date for alternative means be extended from
                                                                     regularly used in the classroom, students must
January 1, 2011 to July 1, 2012. The exemption from meeting
                                                                     be permitted to hear the test directions in their
the CAHSEE requirement remains in place until alternative
means are implemented.                                               primary language or use a translation glossary.

the law, is a student with an individualized education               Students who are English learners are required
program (IEP) or Section 504 plan that indicates that the            to take the CAHSEE in grade ten with all other
                                                                     grade ten students. During their first 24 months
student has satisfied or will satisfy all other state and local
                                                                     in a California school, English learners are to               For More Information visit our website:
requirements to receive a high school diploma on or after
                                                                     receive six months of instruction in reading,
July 1, 2009. Eligible students with disabilities are                                                                                    www.burtonhighschool.net
                                                                     writing, and comprehension in English
required, in grade ten only, to take the CAHSEE to meet              (Education Code Section 60852). During this                                    or contact
state and federal requirements, but not as a condition of            time, they are still required to take the                              Tel: (415) – 469 - 4550
graduation. The CAHSEE regulations specify                           CAHSEE.
accommodations and modifications that students with
disabilities must be permitted to use if specified in the

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